Re: aol file cleanup?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by trout, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. trout

    trout Guest

    LAH wrote:

    > Well, here comes what is probably the computer challenged question of
    > the month. Sorry if it seems just too stupid.
    > My kids (8 & 11) are always installing new games and it seems that an
    > invitation to try and install AOL is always on the CDs. I don't want
    > AOL and even if I did, given my phone system, it would entail a long
    > distance call. (I have a dial-up connection.) Over the years a
    > number of files and folders with regard to AOL have accumulated on
    > the computer.
    > Now the computer is old and the hard drive small and I'd like to
    > clean up some of what I'm sure is trash. However, I don't want to
    > delete something that will make the kid's games unplayable or delete
    > something that my browser needs to function properly. I even found
    > an aol file in the windows update setup. The kids games do not
    > require an internet connection to play so I don't understand why some
    > of the files I have found on the computer are even there.
    > Can someone give me a simplified explanation and tell me if there are
    > any AOL files that I may not want deleted or absolutely should not be
    > deleted? Here is a sample of what I found on my computer:
    > aolback.exe c:\program files\common files\aolback 1614KB
    > application
    > c:\windows options\cabs\content\aol 53KB
    > PowerArchiver CAB File
    > needwaol.gif c:\windows\options\cabs\content\aol\images 11 KB gif
    > file
    > awaoll. dll c\windows\intuit\shared 62KB application
    > c:\windows update setup files 166 KB powerarchiver CAB
    > file
    > aol c:\Tlcwin\Math6-9 file folder (contains Alias exe 14KB and
    > Alias ini 265bytes)
    > s-aol.htm c:\program files\pcfriendly\main\help 1KB html document
    > Thanks and I'm so glad this is largely anonymous as I'm terribly
    > embarrassed to be so unknowledgeable.

    They could probably all go. My advice is similar to "Unknown"s,
    except that I'd rename them, first, if you're at all uncertain. That
    way, there's no chance of an accidental deletion, if some program *does*
    say that it can't find something it needs.
    When enough time passes that you're sure they're redundant; you can
    dump everything, then.
    "Having said that, for safety's sake, it's *probably* okay to just turf
    the lot."
    trout, Aug 21, 2003
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