Re: Anti-Static Bags Obsolete?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Ira Drew-Boyles, May 21, 2005.

  1. Shep©, <> wrote:

    > On Fri, 20 May 2005 17:35:51 -0700 If I have seen farther it is
    > because I have stood on the shoulder of giants "johns"
    > <> wrote :
    >> Who knows? I sure got tired of Apple ragging me to
    >> bits when I worked at one of their repair centers about
    >> that. I was tied to the wall .. tied to the floor ... and
    >> every time something was wrong with a circuit, the
    >> Idiot Boss was yelling at me about static. These days,
    >> I'm more or less the Boss, so I pretty much ignore it.
    >> I can tell the days .. cold and dry ... when I feel static
    >> on my hands, and then, I simply don't touch a circuit.
    >> Otherwise, I practice normal caution about grounding
    >> my hands to the metal case, and not setting a video
    >> card or mobo on a plastic table top. I keep a box of
    >> anti-static bags in my shop, and lay parts on them
    >> ... like ram, or cpu. I don't think it ever was a big deal
    >> in a properly equiped shop. However, for the home-
    >> builder who does his work in the living room on a
    >> plastic coffee table. I think walking around on a synthetic
    >> rug is just asking for it. Also, that coffee table on top
    >> of that rug must have a big e-field standing off of it,
    >> and moving parts around on that thing is again looking
    >> to blow a mobo or ram for sure. And laying anti-static
    >> bags on that doesn't help at all. Best place to work on
    >> circuits is a smooth wooden table top. Even a cutting
    >> board would be OK.
    >> johns

    > Yeh but if you go and wash your hands and touch the metal Tap/Fawcet
    > you'll dump all static(well at least in the UK as the water system is
    > used as grounding for many of our houses electrical systems :)

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You fucking gormless nong - the moment you turn
    around and take less than half a fucking step, the static is building up
    again. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You fucking useless piece of shit.
    Ira Drew-Boyles, May 21, 2005
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