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Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Robert Aldwinckle, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. (cross-post added to 64bit general)
    "PC Pete" <> wrote in message news:...
    > I've been trying to solve this problem for 5 months now with MS support
    > staff, and I'm getting nowhere.
    > The symptoms are that when I log on as a "normal" user (admin priveleges,
    > not restricted), I can't ever validate windows using the website validator,
    > nor can I ever use the windows update tool to manually look for updates.
    > Before anyone says AHA!, let me add a couple things.
    > 1) I'm using a genuine copy of Windows XP Pro x64
    > 2) Don't get hung up on those three little characters - the x64 business is
    > almost certainly relevant, but no-one can ever actually explain how.
    > 3) I can validate using the downloadable local validator - works perfectly,
    > every time.
    > 4) I get updates automatically if I enable them, I just can't manually
    > connect to scan for updates.
    > 5) I can connect and validate if I log on as Administrator.
    > 6) If I'm logged on as Admin, I can a) create a new user account with admin
    > priveleges; b) logoff as administrator; c)log on as the new user account; and
    > then d) windows update and web-based validation immediately stops working!
    > 7) I don't get any of the usual error numbers in the update site when the
    > scan fails, it just fails and says oops.
    > This isn't a system problem, it's an OS problem. Why? Because I can switch
    > hard drives and boot XP x32 on the same system, and then none of these
    > problems occur!

    If it's an OS problem, perhaps you should be posting in a newsgroup
    which specializes in that OS? (Cross-posting for convenience.)

    > This is so much fun. Somebody stop me from laughing.
    > I'd be delighted to provide msinfo reports, dumps, screenshots, ACL lists,
    > whatever it takes. But I can't deal much more with MS support folks who just
    > lose interest because the standard, simple fixes don't seem to work.
    > I've followed almost every piece of advice published on this type of
    > problem, and I'm getting nowhere. This includes re-registering the wuweb.dll
    > trick (doesn't exist on this system!),

    That looks like a clue. What does your WindowsUpdate.log show about
    your version of WU/AU?

    If you just want to try installing it and related modules download and install
    the appropriate version of WindowsUpdateAgent for your OS.
    I'm not sure I have ever seen a link for a 64-bit version...

    Hmm... Supposedly there is one for X64 too?

    (Live Search for
    X64 windowsupdateagent

    <architecture= "x64" clientVersion=""

    Hopefully that link would get you a more current version than that example
    refers to! ; )

    Good luck

    Robert Aldwinckle

    > using security profiles, changing ACL
    > values for links and folders, etc, etc. So if anyone does know what the
    > problem is, and where and how I can fix it, I'd be much obliged, because I'm
    > at my wits' end. (Which actually isn't far).
    > System is WinXP x64, build 3790 SP2 (plus all hotfixes). I'm currently using
    > IE6, because IE7 is just way too unstable, and causes major problems on this
    > OS with 32-bit apps that rely on IE functionality.
    > --
    > Data is not Information; Information is not Knowledge; Knowledge is not
    > Wisdom.
    Robert Aldwinckle, Dec 4, 2007
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