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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Gram, Jan 13, 2004.

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    "]\/[etaphoid" <> wrote in message
    > danny wrote:
    > > Ahhh...the good old days. 3 quid in the kop, 50p in the boys pen,
    > > billy bremner letting us sit behind the goals during training, and
    > > vince hilaire bringing us a lucozade, having a kickabout with glyn
    > > snodin, david batty bussing it into town coz he couldn't afford a
    > > car, i can't fucking wait for the drop, it'll bring those fucking
    > > money grabbing prima bastard donnas down a peg or two, then we'll
    > > sort out the ones who want to wear the white shirt of MY football
    > > club, and which cunts don't.

    > Aye. Enjoy the last few months of Alan Smith in leeds jersey...
    > > we used to be the greatest team to grace a football pitch,

    > Never ever. Not even remotely close.
    > As opposed to say, Aston Villa, whose 1982 European Cup and Super Cup mean
    > they can rightfully claim to having been for a time, the world's greatest

    What utter rubbish. LOL with a capital L, you live in a dream world.

    > club side.
    > > with
    > > players proud as **** to wear the white shirt, peter lorimer once
    > > said he used to cry with emotional pride when he heard the leeds fans
    > > shout his name on a saturday afternoon, allan clarke said he felt as
    > > much pride at pulling on the leeds shirt as he did pulling on an
    > > england shirt..if not more.

    > You making this up bulldog?
    > > REAL football fans from this country WILL
    > > understand this, not fake and plastic ones from third world countries
    > > such as the australasian islands. their plastic football players are
    > > as loyal as their plastic fans.I was fed leeds united from birth, my
    > > dad, grandad, uncles, neighbours, ALL supported the club with pride
    > > and REAL passion, I myself only asked for back issues of leeds
    > > programmes as birthday presents, that's all i wanted, and that's what
    > > i got,

    > Such a pity when a toothbrush or some deodorant would have been a much

    > practical gift idea...
    > > from an early age, so, I can't afford to go to matches no
    > > fucking what? If i could afford it I would be there every
    > > week without fail. the pride I feel in this club is sometimes
    > > overpowering, especcialy on a matchday, the short term depression
    > > pangs I get are not from financial or family worries, they are
    > > because leeds have shit it...again.

    > Would have thought familiarity would have eased the pain by now.
    > Still, good to hear the plight of your penniless wife no longer burdens

    > consciousness. So glad you've finally got your life in perspective...
    > > players such as mark viduka, lee
    > > bowyer, hasselbaink, yeboah, brolin, and harry kewell are the scum
    > > of the earth in my humble opinion, they should NEVER have been
    > > allowed to hold this club to ransom, they should have been made to
    > > sit out their contracts in the fucking stiffs.

    > With that kind of sound financial reasoning, there's probably a seat in

    > Elland Rd board room reserved for you as we speak...
    > > so I say let's start
    > > this club again, nurturing local talent, (there's plenty of it). let
    > > viduka and co fuckoff to their choice of clubs..we will be much, much
    > > better off without them.

    > How is relegation from the first division any better than relegation from
    > the premiership?
    > > "Nigee" <> wrote in message
    > > news:...
    > >> I'm afraid we are fucked. I cannot see how we will stay up. Here
    > >> comes another few years in the wilderness I'm afraid.....

    Gram, Jan 13, 2004
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