Re: A day with an acer aspire 1

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by ~misfit~, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. ~misfit~

    ~misfit~ Guest

    Somewhere on teh intarweb "thing" typed:
    > oh neat I get to play with one...(I thought)
    > Day 1
    > First impression (this is the Linux version) nice styling, colour,
    > weight and shape...easily 9/10....
    > Linspire (aka fedora 8) a very nice desktop...easy to use on par with
    > XP IMHO....Internet is flawless, youtube works great....missing
    > codecs for some things .mov's and .avi's no joy so and would be
    > challenging for non-linux heads to fix (I dont even know if I
    > can!)...7/10
    > Connecting it detects and configures everything I can find
    > to plug into the USB ports (it has three) phone line/modem though
    > network flawless...2 sd ram card slots, one to expand its 8gb
    > of disk, the other is a multi-port for any typ.......9/10.
    > No bluetooth or pcmcia slot...real bad...but it does wi-fi
    > (apparantly)...?/10 (yet to try)
    > On board Graphics, feels a bit small, if your eyesight is a bit poor,
    > forget is definately a personal unit, forget sharing it to
    > view a movie (which it does) looks good though...have to use an
    > external dvd drive or mpegs on a usb key (great if you watch pirated
    > movies I
    > Adding an external screen...oh bugger, its stuck at 1024x600 which
    > sucks on an external LCD...its easy to use a full keyboard and mouse
    > but the sreen res makes it useless...0/10
    > Sound, tinny with onboard and its speaker(s?) is underneath, put on
    > the bed sheets to watch a movie and you cant hear anything, sound
    > from phone jacks is fine though...2/10
    > Battery life....maybe 2 hours, not good..3/10
    > I'd use it on the public transport this morning but the battery is
    > dead...ik...
    > Price....$634 online it seems.....uh no.....I can get a full laptop
    > for $700.....3/10
    > Overall on day 1 probably wont be a day 2...Acer can
    > have it back I thanks...

    Thanks for the review, always good to hear what someone you 'know' thinks
    about hardware.


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    offensive, inappropriate, or disruptive, please ignore it.
    If you don't know how to ignore a posting, complain to
    me and I will be only too happy to demonstrate... ;-)
    ~misfit~, Aug 28, 2008
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