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Discussion in 'MCAD' started by General Protection Fault, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. Tom Corcoran wrote:
    > I've decided to finally get going with this. I was looking at
    > I
    > see it has online tests, any comments on how they compare to doing it
    > off-line? It
    > doesn't really matter I'd say.
    > I got the visual studio .net beta 2 and the book for the
    > 70-316 (see attachment). I was looking at
    > and was
    > wondering if it was worth the $100 investment.
    > Any comments on whether a the book by a very experienced (delphi) programmer
    > might be enough or would anyone recommend springing for the
    > selftestsoftware?

    Avoid the Microsoft book like the plague. Don't bother buying Self Test
    Software. Buy Amit Kalani's Que book for 70-316.
    General Protection Fault, Jan 6, 2004
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  2. General Protection Fault

    Tom Corcoran Guest

    Thanks for the comment.

    "General Protection Fault" <> wrote
    in message news:...
    > Avoid the Microsoft book like the plague. Don't bother buying Self Test
    > Software. Buy Amit Kalani's Que book for 70-316.

    Sounds look you would not agree with an amazon reviewer? who states :

    If you want to pass 70-316, avoid this book, 5 September, 2003
    Reviewer: Adam from Colchester, Essex United Kingdom
    As an intermediate level book on C# and Visual Studio.NET, this book is
    fine. There is lots of code with few errors, and no time is wasted on
    explaining the fundamentals of programming. However, the book claims to be a
    complete MCAD Certification Solution, which quite simply it's not. The
    chapters don't seem to be weighted appropriately, with a large section at
    the beginning on windows forms and controls (with so-called 'important'
    members of each of the control class defined, which is unnecessary), and not
    enough on the classes of AD0.NET, a core component of the exam. Furthermore
    the layout is confusing too, with several key topics, such as event
    handling, ADO.NET and Assemblies split up and covered in different areas of
    the book. I think the aim was to provide a gentle introduction and cover the
    details later, but this approach just serves to confuse. Also, the practice
    multiple choice questions at the end of each chapter bear little resemblance
    to the real exam, as does the practice exam at the end of the book. Don't
    waste your time doing them. The most useful part of the book is the CD,
    which contains 60 practice questions by PrepLogic, and are an accurate
    reflection of the sorts of questions in the exam. If you've been unfortunate
    enough to buy this book to pass the exam, I advise working through the CD,
    and looking up every topic on the Much quicker than trudging
    through this 1000+ page manual.

    Cheers, Tom.
    Tom Corcoran, Jan 7, 2004
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