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Discussion in 'MCSE' started by Janice, May 28, 2005.

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    It's taking mulitple tries for even the sharpest candidates.

    I took the exam 3 times before passing. 600, 650, 688 and then
    passed. Prometric offers a graph on your score sheet showing roughly
    how well you did on each of the six objectives. I scored 100% more tha
    once on each objective but not all on the same test. This alone prove
    that the test is not fair.

    How can I pass the DNS objective at 100% twice and then "fail" dns th
    third test??

    If you are getting 600, you are close and I beleive that it's just
    matter of drawing up the right combination of questions. It stinks tha
    you will have to end up paying around $500 to pass this exam (hopefull
    less) but that's the reality.

    Think of it this way... There are allot of certification tests tha
    cost over $500 so if you take it multiple times and pass, you have
    cert that allot of phonies will just give up on. (Please, if you ar
    not a phony, I'm not accusing you of being one!)

    Study a little bit more each time and you will pass. I forced myself t
    set up and learn the terrible Software Restrictions Policy feature.
    wanted to barf just trying to make it work - finally did (it's a rea
    POS), and I ended up getting a couple of questions on it which I wa
    able to figure out on test #3. Failed again, studied a little bit mor
    and finally made it.

    There are over 270,000 MCSE 2000's. There are less than 25,000 MCS
    2003's. It's worth the extra effort and a few hundred bucks.

    The new tests are meant to really mess up the people who memoriz
    answers AND the people who've done their homework. the old tests had
    300 question databases while the new ones have over 1000 questions an
    they add new ones every week. It actually takes less time now to lear
    the material rather than memorize the whole thing.

    The questions are shorter (Thank God!) but are screwy and again th
    scoring is messed up. It ain't perfect but better than the horrid 200

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    Janice, May 28, 2005
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