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    I have never read anything so completely and totally worthless in my life.
    Wow. This is a new rock bottom.

    All I can say is "What a sham!" And "Nuthin but poo".

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    > It is certainly to your benefit to free the time needed to read this

    > entirely. Please post it to as many newsgroups as you can.
    > My name is M.C. Shampoo.
    > Many people have seen UFO's or claim to have been abducted by aliens.

    > and other paranormal things like remote viewing and psychic abilities are
    > programs of the people whom administrate the universe and to be even more
    > specific the "Matrix-like" network of Earth.
    > Some people whom have been control guided in their vehicles have been told
    > that it is the CIA, NSA or British intelligence doing the guiding, when in
    > fact it was the system operators of the Earth matrix. If you have ever
    > received communication in your mind much like thought that is without a

    > (microwave) feeling on your head, then you are not talking to any

    > on Earth or aliens in space - you are talking to people that administrate
    > the reality generator of Earth. These people tell blatant lies and are
    > often torturing people on Earth. It is inhumane. Aliens within the
    > universe that we could observe with the hubble space telescope do not

    > The universe is absent of life of all forms except for on Earth. Military
    > and Intelligence officials will also tell you that aliens do not exist
    > (meanwhile they are probably thinking that they communicate with them via
    > various numbers like 441 or 164 for "the greys" etc.). There is, in
    > reality, no cover-up about alien life, because there is no alien life.

    > officials that administrate the universe probably told places like the
    > Pentagon to keep the information they received secret or else there would

    > a war from aliens or something similar. I advise all people believing in
    > aliens or people talking with aliens to start a war of defiance of the
    > aforementioned lies and other lies and to understand that the reality
    > operators of Earth are stating falseness that people in almost all cases
    > would believe. The system operators do not want many people, or even one
    > person for that matter to know of anything beyond the "big bang" or what
    > created it. In reality, Earth matrix operators are racist, jealous and
    > envious of human life, since humans on Earth have increased complex
    > computational logic and are more superior than the system operators.

    > life on Earth is programmed to be more complex than the reality it is

    > upon. UFO's are simply holograms in the skie and are operating to

    > people that there is more life than Earth in the universe and that we are
    > not alone. This is done mainly for higher than Earth government reasons,

    > control society and for observation of highly knowledgeable and

    > people.
    > In reality, if aliens ultimately did visit Earth, they would need food and
    > resources and parts to fix their ships and everyone would know of the
    > glorious moment in time when they came J
    > This is a plea for all lies, torture and incorrectness to stop from the
    > people that created the reality that we live within. They would help
    > intelligence agencies with false names, pictures and altered states of
    > vision and senses to see that they exist when in fact they live from

    > a different life form and style of body. A word of advice: do not

    > everything that you see or hear about aliens or the government, when in
    > reality the governments are being told the same lies that I was told and

    > probably being lied to, restricted and/or tortured in much the same way.
    > The governments are innocent of this force for the most part but may

    > it somewhat in fear of what would be done if they did not.
    > The firm truth is that I have defied belief and orders from what I thought
    > was the government, aliens and system operators of Earth my whole entire
    > life and I have never been killed - just bothered to a high degree in my
    > mind.
    > Peace and prosperity to computer expansion at the CIA and NSA amongst

    > agencies or militaries around the world which may have been told to keep
    > things low key by false names and images from unknown people which are
    > declared as the Earth matrix administrators.
    > This message is keeping it real.
    > --
    > Matrix Matrix 4 fame forensic skunk plink kevin nadeau mel merv cel cia

    > mi5 mi6 pentagon norad dod forces air force navy coast guard aliens alien

    > e.t flux capacitor classified information top secret top held for canadian
    > eyes only for american eyes only fr british eyes only defence offense
    > nuclear atomic sigint mkultra mind control bran frequency surveillance
    > continuum transfunctioner Canadian intelligence American intelligence
    > British intelligence.
    > --
    > My name is M.C. Shampoo.
    > This message is for Matrix 4 people from myself: Shoutouts to Fame,
    > Forensic, Skunk and Plink. Good work :)
    > Thank you for your time to read this message.
    > Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Answer: The chicken came with
    > the egg. :) -- Shampoo.
    > Imagine one communications satellite between Canada and Britain that
    > connects both countries with lasers that are so small that the lasers

    > be the size and voltage of a laser found in a portable compact disc

    > The lasers transmit a digital signal from a satellite that is received,
    > analyzed and understood after being viewed by a telescope on Earth. The
    > reverse process could happen (with a telescope receiver in space) and

    > lead to extremely fast, multiple direction data communications in space to
    > interconnect Earth to space and space to Earth. The ideal process would be
    > to have a transmitter and receiver on the same satellite and to have a
    > transmitter and receiver at each terrestrial base station to save space.
    > This communications technology would work excellent to interconnect
    > communications satellites in space at the speed of light. Data
    > communications between satellites in space would be flawless in both
    > transmitting and receiving modes. Problems could occur for information
    > transmission to and from Earth. For instance: if there was cloud cover,

    > satellites and ground stations would have to route information to

    > locations for quality information transmission. The beam of light would

    > be seen by the naked eye on earth and would not produce light pollution.
    > This mode of communications is faster than all current satellites that use
    > radio frequencies to transmit signals which is much slower than the speed

    > light. This method of data transmission is faster than fiber optic

    > on Earth that use relays and repeaters which slow data transmission times
    > down and create latency. This technology was invented by Shampoo.
    > There is a fruitful idea that I have invented which is an Internet sperm
    > bank auction where people can see a photograph of the sperm seller as well
    > as a photograph or possibly even several photographs of the offspring from
    > the sperm provider (if he has any offspring). The client could then select
    > and place a bid on any available sperm from any specific seller to receive

    > child that will look similar to what the sperm provider looks like and

    > the female purchaser looks like. This idea was invented by Shampoo.
    > I have invented superior data compression that is vastly superior to any
    > other data compression available on Earth. This data compression algorithm
    > uses word or data set matching and backwards word or data set matching and
    > much more: such as diagonal, forward and reverse word or data set

    matching -
    > much like a crossword puzzle. This idea was invented by Shampoo.
    > I have invented a combined chess and checkers board. This board will allow
    > the playing of both games within the same board. This idea was invented

    > Shampoo.
    > I have invented the concept of a multicast device (all information sent is
    > the same for all people receiving it) that allows everyone on Earth with a
    > receiving station to receive the same information digitally. The same
    > information is downloaded to all receiving stations on a hard disk and

    > can be selectively viewed. Information could be the latest news that is
    > available and could be viewed, reviewed or not viewed under a user-based
    > selection system similar to the way you would view on the

    > After a period of 1 hour, all news and information is updated on the

    > that is receiving the signal. This device would be democratically
    > administrated so that people could vote on what they wanted to see most or
    > least on these information receiving devices. Information on these devices
    > could be music, video, images, text and would most likely be a combination
    > of all of these. The receiving device would be comparatively like seeing

    > news on television while being able to replay it anywhere in the broadcast
    > for up to 1 hour. You could read the latest sports scores, review the
    > weather and much more. This device is controlled by the population that
    > votes. It will be able to provide anything that people want to see or hear
    > from it. This device provides the worlds highest freedom when it comes to
    > broadcasting. This idea was invented by Shampoo.
    > I have proceeded to create a ISO standard (International standard) for
    > resource dedicating on computers to switch operating systems with the

    > of a button using multi-threading busses to have the multiple operating
    > systems simultaneously running on the same computer. This idea was

    > by Shampoo.
    > I also have invented a process for creating a rock inside of a computer,

    > that all of the people in the world could artificially engrave in a
    > tombstone-style text whatever they wish. If built, this rock would enable
    > all people on Earth to store one paragraph or more worth of information

    > would be permanently stored on the computer. The information stored would
    > outlive the person whom engraved the rock because the rock would be of a

    > micron process with 500,000 transistors in the space of a 486 Central
    > Processing Unit. A 486 Central Processing Unit actually has over 800,000
    > transistors. My design would be more reliable than a 486. Some people may
    > think that a 0.8 micron process is too slow - this is incorrect if it is a
    > 1024 bit or higher processor, then it could do more in increased volume

    > a smaller processor. The processor would last many hundreds of years and
    > this is why the space shuttle uses similar technology - where failure is

    > an option. The information engraved in the rock which is purple and blue

    > marble-like and is black in some areas where the operating system blocks

    > information that a person may chose to remove from the rock. The

    > people place on the rock is permanent. Data is stored in the style of
    > something similar to a Nintendo video game cartridge which is Read Only
    > Memory (ROM) and will almost certainly last many lifetimes before failure.
    > The rock is rectangular and information within it could be searched

    > or zoomed in and out of viewing range. The rock would cost based on the
    > price of data storage media. For instance: an 80 GigaByte hard disk can

    > 80 billion characters of information - this would give every single person
    > on Earth approximately 13 characters of information on the rock for about
    > $50 worth of failure prone storage like a personal computer hard disk. The
    > design intentions are to make the rock outlast 10's of lifetimes before
    > repair, to be redundant in all ways and last for eternity. The rock is for
    > love letters, poems, eulogies and anything at all. This rock is free and
    > will remain free and will never cost monetary values to use the contents

    > it or place information on it. Light from the fiber optic inter-connects
    > would be magnified and sent to to solar panels and then that energy would

    > used to power the system. It would be electrically efficient. This idea

    > invented by Shampoo.
    > I have invented a Central Processing Unit design that allows failed
    > components of the Central Processing Unit to be replaced without replacing
    > the entire Central Processing Unit. The massive Central Processing Unit
    > would be in a grid-like pattern and each failed quadrant of the grid could
    > then be replaced with a new quadrant. The primary failure prone areas such
    > as the Floating Point Unit and system Cache is designed to run on the
    > outside of the core Central Processing Unit. Beneath the primary failure
    > prone construction resides the backup infrastructure. Once a failure is
    > detected the processing moves closer to the Central Processing Unit. What
    > results is a faster computation during a failure. This schematic would

    > many layers of redundancy with many higher levels where the highest level

    > the one that gets re-routed to a layer closer to the Central Processing

    > during a failure and then, if there was a subsequent failure, the level
    > beneath it (which is closer to the core part of the Central Processing

    > is activated. Failed modules such as the Floating Point Unit and system
    > Cache could be replaced while the system is running and then would be
    > engaged to compute information. This idea was invented by Shampoo.
    > I have immense plans for creating artificially intelligent people within a
    > large computer called a reality generator and I am currently within the
    > study of intelligence. I can not afford the computer that is required to
    > demonstrate all of the physics and reality that Earth has within a

    > to create life within it. This idea was invented by Shampoo.
    > My invention of a reality generator would contain routable, addressable

    > combinable molecules and atoms. An example would be: any selection of

    > molecules could be combined into 3 molecules of Oxygen which would then
    > produce Ozone. For instance: this system would allow the selection of a
    > quadrant like a sphere of any size in any particular location within the
    > reality generator and could then provide the capabilities to change the
    > atomic or molecular structure within the selected region in the world that
    > resides within the reality generator. Any atomic or molecular volume which
    > could be air within this sphere could be changed into a ball of water or

    > other available atomic or molecular property that this reality generator
    > will compute within the operating system. Inside of this artificial world,
    > all molecules and atoms could be routed anywhere within the world inside

    > the reality generator by the system operator in real-time. I would allow

    > of the people living inside of this reality generator to have the power to
    > to move molecules or atoms to their requirements, interests and to feel

    > comfort - such as routing warm air around a person that is feeling cold.
    > Gravity or any portion of physics inside of this system could be

    > on a subatomic or submolecular grid-like system and on a level that could

    > continuously adjusted. This gravitational system could allow any portion

    > the artificial world(s) to have selected gravity, including zero gravity

    > the opposite of gravity at any place or altitude within the artificial
    > world. My reality generator would be more superior than the reality

    > on Earth. Most of the features of my reality generator are not available

    > citizens of Earth in the reality that we live amongst. Research has been
    > made by myself with regards to how people see and how emotion alters

    > and effects the central nervous system. I have done extensive research on
    > how people become sentient and become amused. I am willing and able to
    > emulate most if not all of the reality we are living within with little or
    > no help to create living people within the massive reality generator I
    > intend to build. I wish to perfect reality to the point so that it is full
    > featured to an increased amount compared to Earth for the things living
    > within the computer. The power subsystem would be similar to the rock

    > of a computer. This idea was invented by Shampoo.
    > I have invented a sport that is called pick put. This sport is ideal for
    > anyone to play. The object of the game is to throw a 10 pound weight with
    > feet firmly not moving on the ground or thrown from behind a line. The
    > method of the game is to throw the weight twice. Feet must be behind the
    > approximate center of the weight where the weight lands after the first
    > throw for the second throw to occur. The winner of the pick put game is

    > person with the longest distance thrown measured after the 2 throws. This
    > idea was invented by Shampoo.
    > I have invented a water control system that is usable in all water faucet
    > applications, such as bathroom showers and in kitchen sinks. This system
    > ensures that the water that exits the water tap is at the accurate
    > temperature that you desire. This is accomplished by transferring all of
    > the hot water that is remaining in the water pipe(s) after being used to

    > transferred to waste or sent back to the hot water heater, therefore
    > allowing the hot water pipe(s) to stay chargeless of cool or cold water in
    > the hot water line(s). Then, a computer controlled thermostat would mix
    > cold and hot water to any degree variation to the exact temperature
    > requirements of the user before the water exits the valve during the time
    > before the valve is controlled to open via the computerized thermostats'
    > calculation of proper temperature when the precise temperature has been
    > achieved. If a person enters a shower and "dials in" 85 degrees of water
    > temperature, then the water that is released onto the person would not be
    > any degree cooler or warmer than 85 degrees. This eliminates cold shower
    > entries which are uncomfortable. It also eliminates the need to set the
    > shower dial for warm or hot water and then having to step outside of the
    > shower for a moment to not get drizzled with unbearably cold water due to
    > the hot water transmission lines not being charged with hot water with

    > selected temperature controlled water flow. The water that exits the

    > flow control system would be automatic disbursement via the use of a
    > computer controlled servo. There would be no need to turn a handle or

    > for the water to flow once it has reached the desired temperature. This
    > idea was invented by Shampoo.
    > I found a law bug: The police say: Any information you provide can and

    > be used AGAINST you in the count of law. This is illegal to say. Against
    > can mean incrimination information or it can mean supplementary

    > For instance: To side with the defendant and to help him/her win a case in
    > the count of law. If you are police and do not supply information to the
    > defendant's benefit after stating you will provide information to be used
    > with the defendant's case, then you have the right to remain silent and

    > then not providing the "AGAINST" information and must state so. --

    > When I contacted the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Ottawa Region

    > telephone to disclose my inventions, it should be known that I was ignored
    > and that I was considered ridiculous. I was disbelieved, and for lack of a
    > better term I was "hung up on" via the phone by the Canadian Security
    > Intelligence Service Ottawa Region for allowing them to hear my

    > In fact, they only partially heard about 1 of my inventions (the laser
    > network) before communications was disengaged with me by the Canadian
    > Security Intelligence Service Ottawa Region toll free number.
    > I wish to receive a written apology from the Canadian Security

    > service and I would like to know about the disciplinary action that took
    > place for the people involved in the conversation with me as well as their
    > management, due to the conversation with me and the Canadian Security
    > Intelligence Service that took place on January 10th 2003: after 6:00 PM

    > before 7:15 PM
    > Everything that I have invented is just in thought and is not produced for
    > lack of money. These inventions are property of myself and are to be
    > patented, copyrighted and trademarked under my name: Shampoo.
    > --------------------------------------------------------------------------

    > -------
    > What follows is a brief portion of my study.
    > Where are people going to go?
    > Perspectives are to be directed to their intelligence and these and other
    > perspectives are gathered from knowledge (memory storage). After this,
    > priority levels are then set by the intelligence and the best response is
    > computed. After this calculation has been completed, the people know where
    > the most logical route to go is. People are going to go where their
    > intelligence (that gathers the input from their senses and their

    > calculates the most important and most logical journey to venture on to.
    > - or -
    > People are going to go where a computerized and researched ordeal (which
    > could be a dilemma that they know of) that advises them where to go within
    > their own intelligence. For instance: if 2 objects reside in front of you
    > and are separated by an arms length; your intelligence will compute a
    > pathway and potentially more than 1 pathway to navigate towards. The
    > direction that you could travel could be in the middle or around the left

    > right of the 2 objects or in any other orientation based on what your
    > intelligence feels is the best selection. -- January 12th, 2003 by

    > -------------------------------------------
    > What is pleasure?
    > Pleasure occurs when your senses understand a stimulation that interests

    > soothes the senses. Pleasure is a good feeling that can alleviate your
    > senses and thought processes from things. Too much pleasure could result

    > having a difficult time maintaining attention to the important things in
    > life. It is very enjoyable to feel pleasure and pleasure is what most

    > would prefer to experience while living. Pain can be pleasure in some

    > For instance: many people experienced pleasure during war even while being
    > in pain as they fought for what they felt was honorable and of paramount
    > importance. -- January 12th, 2003 by Shampoo.
    > -------------------------------------------
    > How do people do and see?
    > People do and people see but do people know by doing and seeing or does
    > their intelligence understand what is sensed it to be known knowledge? It

    > all senses and your intelligence that will do and see and control what you
    > do and see. It is your doing and seeing that will let you know and develop
    > knowledge with the assistance of your intelligence to filter and manage

    > database and knowledge within the brains of people. People doing and

    > are always doing things to create load on the machine that is the

    > Some people think that doing more than one thing at once is impossible,

    > have you ever talked to someone while driving in a vehicle while being the
    > driver - or - patting your head and rubbing your abdomen? -- January 12th,
    > 2003 by Shampoo.
    > -------------------------------------------
    > What is intelligence?
    > Intelligence is sentient logic that functions similar to a spider that
    > computes various channels of input and output. Intelligence selects and
    > transfers information that is knowledge while permitting a fluctuation
    > between senses (or sources to be managed by the intelligence within the
    > mind). Intelligent people have some or all senses as the main source for
    > computation to form what is to be considered knowledge. Intelligence can
    > also edit the knowledge within the mind and then correct the potential
    > incorrectness in most cases. In some cases, even after being well-informed
    > several hundred times, a person may still continue to say or compute

    > incorrectly, as their intelligence has not taken the time to create the
    > update of acquired knowledge. For instance: My mother has called kool-aid
    > "freshy" for her entire life. After several thousand times of myself
    > explaining to her that the drink she is serving me is named "kool-aid" and
    > that freshy went out of style 20 years ago, she still calls it freshy.
    > Limited intelligence will often lead to this scenario. People like this

    > such a low intelligence level that they probably do not know how or want

    > use a computer or the internet and are probably disliked by many people.
    > These people most likely have a mental illness history. -- January 12th,
    > 2003 by Shampoo.
    > -------------------------------------------
    > How people remember things.
    > When people understand topics, they develop memory in relation to those
    > topics and their intelligence can understand the memory. Memory is when

    > intelligence of people understands that their knowledge is of significant
    > importance and when people remember things they understand the things that
    > they know of within their memory. People have to remember things to
    > understand all of their knowledge to be absolute. People need to wonder
    > about things. When people wonder about things, they develop knowledge that
    > they did not have prior to the intellectual stimulation that is

    > and deep enough to allow more knowledge to flourish within the mind.

    > have to talk about things and/or understand things with repetitive or

    > thought patterns to remember things of high priority. Issues that pertain

    > something with significant importance or knowledge are things that people
    > remember vividly. People remember interesting things or things that

    > to success or survival and in all cases a lot of the remaining things that
    > people remember are instinct related and programmed into the mind. People
    > understand that important things are a requirement to remember. People

    > remember things to understand things at a different time. People have to
    > know things so that they can remember things within the mind. People have

    > make sure that some or all of the important knowledge that is to be
    > remembered is full of wisdom so that the person can then do intelligent
    > things and create new and previously non-existent thought patterns. People
    > have to talk about things so that other people can remember the things

    > were said. When people hear things or understand things being said with
    > repetition, then people will have a more vivid recollection of the

    > and then people will have better memory. In order for many people to
    > remember things, people need to talk with people about what they know and
    > then those people who understood the provided knowledge can allow the
    > information or news to propagate abroad for different people to know

    > a society. -- January 12th, 2003 by Shampoo.
    > --
    > What is religion?
    > Religion did its job for many thousands of years with regards to keeping
    > societies safe from crime and misbehavior. Now that police agencies

    > religion is not for the people of Earth. Police agencies presently keep
    > people safe. In most and possibly all cases, police keep people safe more
    > than religion. It would be wise to take what you know about being a good
    > person as aquired from a religion and apply that to your own personal
    > ethical laws. This is not required and people should not see anything

    > about a god inscribing the information about commandments or other
    > variations of necessities that a religion promoted you to abide by. These
    > commandments and other such religious requirements were created by

    > and reality administrators. I am not implying that people need to live

    > abide by any or all commandments or other such scripture, but it is common
    > courtesy to be a good person rather than a bad person. You shall feel
    > comforted that you do not have to explain yourself or pronounce your
    > problems or disclose your disobedience to anyone other than whomever you
    > wish. This will certainly not be god, and will certainly not be myself as

    > do not have the time to hear many people. I mainly can only hear my core
    > set of tightly nit intelligence officials. It should be noted that the

    > must be kept and people need to abide by the legal system.
    > Religion was created by the people that created the universe. Before
    > religion, there was chaos and no law. An inception of law was needed. In
    > primitive times, religion was a sufficient but not complete solution to

    > problem of chaotic states of civilization without law. In modern times

    > as today, religion is not required because of police and law enforcement
    > agencies.
    > Religion in some instances is concerning people because they do not know
    > what is the complete and proven truth with regards to their faith.

    > procreates people to fear the last day of living. People need to believe

    > what they know of to be the absolute truth and not what a religion tells
    > them about the many possibilities which are not real with regards to life
    > and death and how to behave while alive. Death is not the same as what
    > people are being told by religious leaders. When you are deceased - it is

    > simple and as complex as being shut off. -- January 12th, 2003 by Shampoo.
    > To all religious people:
    > God does not exist and everyone must kill the idea of god and the ideas

    > will convince them that god exists or will exist. People will consume

    > lives thinking of god and will die with no after-life and will have

    > to show for their belief. There is no good or bad people or any assortment
    > of after-lives and people will simply die in time thinking that there is.
    > If someone prays then they must stop praying because they worship lies.
    > Everyone has to stop telling lies and they need to stop communicating with

    > god or in some cases multiple gods that never has nor ever will respond or
    > be existent inside or outside of the computer which is the universe and

    > never pronounce itself as being real, which would be impossible due to the
    > fact that god or gods do not exist. People thinking that there are powers
    > beyond the capabilities of the computer that controls Earth and manages

    > human life which is android based and artificial intelligence need to

    > and desist doing things that people think are holy or evil. People need

    > stop seeing things that are unreal. People need to destroy what is unreal
    > that a religion provides in text and in worship buildings. It is advised

    > myself M.C. Shampoo that with all of the immaculate powers and life within
    > all living things in all places, that all people condemn religion and
    > religious leaders. God is already dead in most peoples minds within

    > whom are considered agnostic or are aware of the differences and anomalism
    > with regards to multiple religions and "many possible gods". People need

    > follow the direction of the majority of people in this society that do not
    > believe in a fantasy about nothing more than someone, something or some
    > place that does not exist within the universe or beyond. It is

    > that people stop thinking about holy things or living spiritually in

    > When deceased, people do not even see light when they die. When people

    > they are dead just like an insect being killed with a fly swatter and

    > is just darkness and nothing more. It should be noted that religion is

    > control by the people that operate the universe is designed was to calm,
    > control and police societies to prevent war and crime in ancient times
    > before police agencies existed. However, in modern times religion and

    > religious variations simply causes war. Nobody should worship or

    > religion to be more than a primitive form of police. There is no such

    > as eternal life and that is why we are mortal. We are also mortal so that
    > we value life and cherish the time that we are alive for. LIfe is started
    > and the life form knows nothing other than what is pre-programmed. This

    > called instinct. These people begin life as nothing and end life as
    > nothing, so in essence, during life people are nothing due to the fact

    > what surrounds them is nothing.
    > It took more than 1 person to create the internet, in fact, it took 10's

    > millions of people to create it. It is only logical to think that it
    > required a division or a government department to create each and every

    > of tree, fern or other plants that exists on this planet. Imagine the

    > and people required to create the periodic table of elements or an
    > intelligent being.
    > People sometimes think thinking that it is strange to believe in a "Fire
    > god" or "Earth god", isn't it the same strangeness for a person within the
    > faith of Catholicism or a derivative of Catholicism to believe in a

    > who art in heaven"? I would certainly think so - the story, the "holy"
    > bible, sounds far too much like a problematic mind control schematic to me
    > to me. Nowhere does a religion pronounce who or what created god(s) and
    > since we are of a sentient and intelligent nature as humans, everything we
    > think of and do is a computation - this is proof that we are a program
    > within a computer. In ancient times people did not understand the concept
    > of a computer so they were delivered a religion to preach to others about.
    > The people whom created reality for humans on Earth were created

    > by people that were exterior to their world and were inside of another
    > computer as well. The root of reality that created the first intelligent
    > thought is unknown by myself after 3 years of intensive study, but, what I
    > can tell you is that it is certainly not what created the universe which

    > a massive waste of system resources and contains no intelligent life
    > whatsoever other than in our own star system called the Sun.
    > Now; lets move on to Jesus Christ. Prior to the life of Jesus people

    > religion and feared god to an excessive level compared to after the death

    > Jesus. Jesus was a bug fix in the code of religion approximately 2000

    > ago to allow people freedoms and rights to sin, since, supposedly, Jesus
    > died for everyone's sins. If there was no Jesus and there was no bug fix
    > and savior game played on Earth, then 90% of the population would live a
    > life for god. My question to you is this: Why even live a second of your
    > life for something you do not know anything about other than clouds, vapor
    > and sperm injected into Jesus' Mother Mary by a beam from a system
    > administrator whom administrates the universe and manages societies. --
    > January 27th, 2003 by Shampoo.
    > Countries that are Catholic based like Protestant religions have a massive
    > economy because they do not spend 7 days a week worshiping like in other
    > countries without the "bug fix" (a savior).
    > Saviors = freedom, economy, more time, and a stable system for people

    > whatever they wish whether it be good or bad and it allows them to "throw
    > the book away" and not give a damn about sin or being improper. These
    > countries, cultures, societies or whatever you may call them that have a
    > savior are the most potent societies in the world. The savior thing is
    > outdated and should be known as simply a "boost" for all of the
    > aforementioned benefits of not living in sin while having a savior. With

    > savior people spend less time dwelling on being perfect or abiding by a
    > religion and they also spend less time or no time at worship places like
    > churches.
    > If religions were to collapse and all of the trillions of dollars were

    > to me that religions possess that are used in inept ways to build more
    > worship places, then I would donate trillions of dollars to The United
    > Nations and in particular UNICEF to fund world peace and provide clean

    > water, medicine and adequate housing to all people in every 3rd world
    > county. I would also donate trillions of dollars to the World Wildlife

    > to built Zoo's and sanctuaries for extinct species to hopefully be brought
    > back to this planet. -- Written by Shampoo.
    > --
    > How does shampoo plan on providing people to sense and live within an A.I.
    > machine?
    > To be honest it is based on how we, as humans on Earth, sense and live to

    > incorporated into the system code much like an enhanced emulator of the
    > reality that we see, feel and experience. This is part of my study of
    > creating Artificial Intelligence. What makes people sense is nerves or
    > nodes as they may be called that are accessed by varying intensity levels
    > that forward information to the "brain" or core logic as it is to be

    > This communication with the core logic will permit the perception of, for
    > instance, a hand being placed on a table. The intensity levels for how

    > force is placed on the table is sent to the brain.
    > People sense and know what they have sensed because of the acquired
    > knowledge pertaining to what was sensed. For example: You know the smell

    > a skunk because your core logic knows of the reaction that your central
    > nervous system and ultimately your body makes, which could be a strange

    > or gesture as soon as you smell it and that unique gesture is the

    > of the skunk smell. Senses that are varied in quantity and intensity in
    > different ways are how we interpret all that is to be sensed from any
    > sensory standpoint.
    > People seek comfort. It calms the nerves and deactivates the stress
    > (formerly mentioned as intensity levels) placed upon the nerves (or nodes)
    > that people have. This happens to all people whether being a human on

    > or to people in a reality generator as living beings created by the people
    > of Earth and residing amongst Earth. It would be much harder to sleep on

    > bed of nails rather than on a bed with a quadruple eggshell cushioning
    > mattress inclusive with soft cotton sheets and a satin comforter. In
    > comfort, your central nervous system is distant and muted from your mind

    > that you can relax and evidently sleep and "priority down" on the reality
    > generator. Wouldn't you say? :)
    > ------------------
    > Shampoo
    > Document revised at 4:42 PM on February 24th 2003.
    > Financial donations (since I am on disability) or questions may be

    > at:
    > Kevin Nadeau (shampoo)
    > 1 Lakeshore Blvd.
    > Ennismore Ontario, Canada
    > K0L 1T0
    john smith, Jul 21, 2003
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  2. Um, but what a courageous effort, nonetheless. All that text ...

    > Internet and drugs, what a wonderful combination! His website is a
    > real hoot.
    > "john smith" wrote:
    >> I have never read anything so completely and totally worthless in my
    >> life. Wow. This is a new rock bottom.
    >> All I can say is "What a sham!" And "Nuthin but poo".
    Jonathan Fisher, Jul 24, 2003
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  3. <<This is a plea for all lies, torture and incorrectness to stop from
    the people that created the reality that we live within. They would help
    intelligence agencies with false names, pictures and altered states of
    vision and senses to see that they exist when in fact they live from
    within a different life form and style of body.>>

    This is what we have been saying all along.
    Odai and Qusai, Jul 25, 2003
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