Rare horror on DVD Phantasm II Final Terror slasher and more

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    DUST DEVIL - Richard Stanley does it once again, with one hell of an
    undderated horror
    film. Robert Burke stars as a killer shapeshifter. Sexy Chelsea
    Field (Teela of "Masters
    Of The Universe") makes the mistake of picking him up. Uncut version.

    SCARECROWS - Classic horror film with a group of thieves who crash
    land in a cornfield
    where the local inhabitants practiced black magic. The scarecrows
    come to life and start
    taking out the thieves. Incredible flick. Underrated as hell. What
    happened to this
    director, man?

    BLOOD AND DONUTS - Directed by Holly Dale, this rare vampire flick
    from Canada
    stars Gordon Currie (The Anti-Christ from the LEFT BEHIND movies) as a
    named Boya, who returns to society after 30 years in sleep. Co-stars
    David Cronenberg
    as a mob boss.

    THE FINAL TERROR - Slasher classic from the 80's. Features big time
    stars like Daryl
    Hannah and Rachel Ward. Sort of like "Just Before Dawn", but better
    music and scares.
    Joe Napolitano of "The Matrix" co-stars.

    TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE - 3 DVD set of 30 episodes of the popular
    Features stories by George Romero, Stephen King and Clive Barker.

    C.H.U.D. II - 80's horror/comedy sequel. Not as good as the original,
    but it has its

    MERIDIAN - Full Moon Entertainment classic starring Sherilyn Fenn of
    "Twin Peaks".
    This erotic thriller features a cursed man who turns into a beast
    (looks like a werewolf)
    when he has sex. Serious hot stuff.

    MANIAC COP II - William Lustig's over the top sequel. Surpasses the
    original. In

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME - Classic slasher flick of the 80's. The blind
    girl from "Little
    House On The Prarie" stars as a teen about to celebrate her 18th
    B-day. Unfortunetly a
    serial killer starts taking her friends out before they can party.
    Great gore scenes. You'll
    never eat shick-a-bob again.

    STUDENT BODIES - Very rare parody of slasher films. Will keep you
    laughing. Big

    PHANTASM II - The best of the "Phantasm" sequels.

    PHANTASM III - The worst of the "Phantasm" sequels.

    DIE WATCHING - Snuff horror as Christopher Atkins films women and
    snuffs them out
    at the same time. Lots of sex and bondage, etc. Tim Thomerson of
    "Trancers" is a cop
    out to stop him.

    PHANTOM OF THE MALL: ERIC'S REVENGE - 80's horror with a serial killer
    at the
    cornerstone of society: THE MALL, dude. Lots of cool horror and sex
    in this one. Oh,
    yeah. Pauly Shore is in this. Too bad he doesn't get killed.

    CELLAR DWELLER - Classic Empire (Charles Band) flick directed by
    special effects
    wizard John Buechler. Stars Jeffrey Combs. Killer monster.

    BEASTMASTER II - Marc Singer return as Dar in this time traveling

    CHOPPING MALL - Big ass robot security system for local mall goes
    haywire. That
    with a bunch of horny teens equals lots of gore and more. Sexy
    Barbara Crampton of
    "Re-animator" is nude once again.

    HOTEL ROOM - Rare David Lynch anthology flick. Lots of weirdness,
    only the way
    Lynch can do it.

    DUNE: UNCUT - 2 DVD uncut version of the sci-fi classic. Over 3 hours
    long. $24.95

    AMITYVILLE HORROR II - Creepy sequel that features spirits, evil,
    incest and more.
    Prequel to the original actually.

    OFFSPRING - Horror anthology directed by Jeff Burr (director of BUB
    HO-TEP). Stars
    Clu Gallagher and Vincent Price.

    HOWLING II - Love it or hate it, here it is. Werewolves, a naked
    Sybil Danning and a
    cool theme song.

    HIDE AND GO SHRIEK - Rare slasher flick with lots of sex and gore.
    Creepy moments
    in this one.

    REST IN PIECES - Another rare slasher film that you may have seen on
    video shelves in
    the 80's. Young woman (killer blonde from the series "The
    Hitchhiker") thinks she's
    going insane as people drop like flies around her. This girl has
    , Apr 7, 2004
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