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    "I closed my store because everything just went dead after the major
    search change awhile back. (I know, I know--I am bringing up a sore
    subject...) I was thinking about opening another one but wanted to see
    how you other store sellers were doing before I did. Thanks in advance
    for your input"

    "Im not selling anything and have very few hits. I actually am getting
    more traffic on another venue with much less traffic than is here. I am

    still scratching my head as to why stores are hidden. I too probably
    will close my store and move on. I can no longer justify being here. I
    basically have a closed store anyway in my opinion, Im just paying to
    have a shuttered door."

    "When stores were included in search, I had no appreciable increase in
    looks or sales. Since they have been removed, my looks and sales have
    dropped off the face of the earth. When ebay removed stores from search

    they did something MORE and refuse to fix it."

    I didn't look here before I opened my store. I thought they were still
    in search, they still show up for me when I look for something else. I
    would never have opened one if I would have known they weren't coming

    I run more auctions than ever. But my sales are considerably down from
    last year. And so are my hits. I am invisible.

    I'm in the same position as Carolina Girl I could no longer justify
    being here. No sales and hardly any hits for about 2 months I closed
    the store like she said it might as well be closed being hidden the way

    they are and all the glitches did not help either.

    The same thing is happening to me I'm actually getting more hits and
    more sales in my store on another venue that has far less traffic then

    Oh I forgot to mention I was running auctions but for the past couple
    of months that did not seem to matter still no traffic.

    When store items were in the search, I did quite well, even though my
    store was new. When they changed it, my sales dropped immediately. I
    don't even get traffic anymore, its like being invisible. Even running
    auctions has not helped.
    I am waiting for eBay Live to see if there is any hope of improvement
    and if not, I will be closing my store by the end of summer. Its just
    not worth it!

    I agree with all of the above posts. Our sales are way down since the
    so called change back to the way they were Jan-Feb 06. Something is not

    working the way it was in ebayland as it was at the first of the year.
    We were all prepared to open another store in March but ebay talked us
    out of that! Other family members have shut down 4 stores in the last
    2-months. Our web sites are not linked in anyway with ebay and have out

    sold our ebay store every month this year !! Something is wrong and
    ebay refuses to fix or address the problem!! I guess the question is
    Why? Dan

    This has been a hard one for me. When i started the store it was
    October of last year. Things slowed at Christmas and took off after the

    holidays. Once the search capability went away my store sales dropped
    from 10 a day to 1 every two days. I have tried the following things
    and so far no change in the last 3 months:

    Upgraded to feature store
    Opted out of Express
    Added auctions
    added items and sub category's
    added keywords and push heavily to external search engines.

    With all of that it has been VERY slow. I am not sure what to do next.
    No one at eBay seems to care that all of us have been trashed by their
    changes. They have to be losing money as well which is really weird!!!
    But canceling my account will not even show up on there radar. It is
    pretty sad.

    my watchers have increased but I have less sales
    I hope for sales, then the watchers disappear
    My sales are almost non existant since May

    My sales also have been down about 60-70% from last year
    at this time.

    April, May and June have never been slow selling months for me in all
    my five years in selling.

    I sell mostly new items but I also opted out of Ebay Express two weeks
    and and sales picked up somewhat and now are back in the dumper.

    Even buying Keywords has not helped.

    Anyone know of another good site - please email me.

    Keywords have been no help either. I am very surprised at how many
    people are having issues and ebay does nto seem to want to help.

    "I closed my store when they raised the fees from 5% to 8%.
    Ebay sellers are clueless".

    "I wish Google would get their sh_t together. Fed up with eBay.

    "You know...I have to agree with the OP, Ebay. It's tough asking me to
    pay 8% FVF on my store, expect me to make the monthly payments and then

    keep me out of the general search on the main site.

    >From the moment you guys pulled stores from the general search my sales

    have dropped over 60%. Either do something to make this less painful
    (reinstate the old FVF until either Express is the hit you say it will
    be or add us back to the search). "

    "Well I can honestly say my store is a real waste of money. Ebay is
    just like GM the only differnce was it took years for that culture to

    "I have to add my 2 cents in this discussion - although I am a little
    late on the topic. I, too, have not had any sales since April. I just
    now have 2 sales on items I put in the auction - surprise! Nothing from

    the store since April - just dropped off to absolutely nothing. I am
    presently working on another website and am going to completely delete
    off of eBay. It makes me sick to keep giving this company money ... for

    what! It sure doesn't have anything to do with us! I lost my
    powerseller status and am going to the end of the month. Oh well! It's
    time to move on."

    "And what is there to do with ebay stores to promote them????? They
    took away the search and that is what made the store run. So why pay
    the monthly fee to keep it open when there are no sales. That is beyond

    me. I do all I can for the store and it is useless now. Might as well
    get out."

    "Promote stores while eBay hides the store listings and excludes them
    the main search. Another eBay farce."

    "I'm frustrated. No one can figure out why sales have died. And nothing

    I know how to do is helping any. The sellers who are doing well say
    it's our fault. But it's deeper than that.

    Sure, we could all have our own websites and not depend on Ebay for
    sales, just as a conduit to feed sales to our websites. And many of us
    would like that. But it's not feasible for everyone and that is why we
    have stores on Ebay---for the traffic Ebay SUPPOSEDLY is offering but
    we are not getting.

    Is it because of Ebay search, Ebay glitches, Ebay slow pages or no
    pages, Ebay reputation, Ebay non-customer service, Ebay scammers, Ebay
    constant enhancements and changes that turn off buyers? All these
    things s*ck! Are buyers fed up? Are they fed up with high shipping
    costs? Inept sellers? Bad packing? Maybe all of it. And that is Ebay's

    It isn't the season, nor tornadoes, nor floods, nor graduations, nor
    spring yardwork ---or every month would have the same type of problems.

    People are still buying expensive merchandise, still buying SUVs,
    expensive and bigger houses, still going on vacations, and planes, and
    cruises. Rich people still have money, and poor people still have

    Whatever it is, it is a bummer and hard to take. We work so hard,
    invest so much money, disrupt our real lives, make sacrifices to sell
    here, and then we can't sell much.

    We are not in a country-wide depression, only here on Ebay."

    "eBay sales totally sucked since the search change for me, so today I
    closed my store.

    Sales on my other sites are OK and my farmers market sale have been
    fantastic this year. It's just eBay. When they fix things MAYBE I'll
    concider trying it again, but for now, I'm gone.

    OK so I'm just a small fry as far as eBay is concerned, but if more of
    the small frys vote with their wallet and quit, eBay will take a good
    sized hit."

    "Ebay is dying. Its run by greedy a___oles that will run it into the

    "The hell with eBay. I won't spend another penny on that site.
    F_ck eBay and the dipsh_ts who support them.

    "I'm up to 4 sales for June totalling $24" EBay stores is a complete
    , Jun 19, 2006
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  2. Guest

    "EBay is made up of idiot sellers that don't have the common sense to
    list elsewhere. EBay takes full advantage of their stupidity."
    , Jun 19, 2006
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