QuikFliks scam?

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by reggaereviews@hotmail.com, Apr 9, 2006.

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    I am curious if anyone has tried QuikFliks? I was unfortunate enough
    to give them a try and was shocked at the level of underhandedness.
    If this company was the size of Netflix, it would have had several
    class-action lawsuits by now. My experience:

    I only subscribed because they claimed to have a rare DVD that no
    other rental service has (Black Like Me), and it was "Available," so
    I did the minimal 2-at-a-time, 4 rentals/month plan and put it at the
    top of my queue. I was filling out my queue with alternatives when I
    saw that 2 movies had already been marked as "Shipped," only 5
    minutes into the process, not giving me time to even order the queue
    properly. OK, annoying, but not crooked. Then I notice that the
    movie I really wanted was not one of the two "Shipped" and suddenly
    had a wait. Hmm.

    The site claims that shipping time is 1-2 days for Southern
    California (I'm just outside of LA), and usually 3 days for most
    others, although they allow for 4-6 days to the Midwest and the
    East. It took a good 5-6 days for me to get my movies. I sent the
    first one back after keeping it for a week. Coincidentally, I
    returned a Netflix DVD in the same manner (through a mailbox at my
    job, which I've used for a year) at the same time. Netflix received
    their movie a day later. A week went by before I emailed QuikFliks
    to see why they hadn't sent another film. Their much touted customer
    service reps responded (after 2 days) that they never received it and
    even said that they can't control theft within their company(!).
    They "graciously" said that they'd ship the next DVD in my queue. I
    made sure to check the availability of Black Like Me before I emailed
    QuikFliks, and it was again "Available". After they decided it was
    time to ship the next DVD, it suddenly had another wait.

    Because QuikFliks has a policy that they must physically have the
    DVDs before you can cancel or else they'll charge you (A GOOD SIGN TO
    RUN AWAY), I wrote to make sure that their theft-related delay would
    not affect my ability to cancel, since by the time I received the
    next DVD and returned it, I would likely have been on the plan for
    over a month and into the next billing cycle. When I mentioned
    cancelling, their tone changed and they put the blame on me, saying
    that I should be careful where I mail their movies.

    I have mailed back all movies, but I fully expect that they will try
    to charge me, although I will dispute it will my credit card
    company. Since then, I've done some research on QuikFliks and found
    a few customers who've had similar issues. Apparently, the company
    makes a habit of touting movies as "Available" until it comes time to
    ship. I seriously doubt they even have Black Like Me or many other
    title they use to boost their proclaimed inventory. And they
    intentionally delay shipment and reporting of receipt (if they don't
    outright "lose" the DVD altogether) because it's in their best
    interest if you don't get the DVDs back to them before you cancel
    (and you WILL cancel).

    Has anyone had a similar experience?
    , Apr 9, 2006
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  2. Bernie Woodham, Apr 10, 2006
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  3. "Bernie Woodham" <> wrote in message
    > <> wrote in message
    > news:...
    >> I only subscribed because they claimed to have a rare DVD that no
    >> other rental service has (Black Like Me),

    > I haven't even joined Netflix although I've received several offers and
    > have been thinking about it.
    > I just don't like clubs.
    > Anyway, here's where you can buy "Black Like Me":
    > http://www.houseofnubian.com/IBS/SimpleCat/Product/asp/hierarchy/0C0K/product-id/573841.html

    Of course, it's a bootleg.
    Bernie Woodham, Apr 10, 2006
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