Queen "Greatest Video Hits 2" DVD details!

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Michael Allred, Sep 6, 2003.

  1. from www.queenonline.com (Queen's official site);

    Disc 1:

    1. A Kind of Magic (04.17)
    2. I Want It All (04.01)
    3. Radio Ga Ga (05.42)
    4. I Want To Break Free (04.18)
    5. Breakthru (04.17)
    6. Under Pressure (03.51)
    7. Scandal (04.37)
    8. Who Wants To Live Forever (04.55)
    9. The Miracle (05.11)
    10. It's A Hard Life (04.05)
    11. The Invisible Man (04.17)
    12. Las Palabras De Amor (04.32)
    13. Friends Will Be Friends (04.23)
    14. Body Language (04.31)
    15. Hammer To Fall (03.45)
    16. Princes Of The Universe (03.44)
    17. One Vision (04.12)

    DTS 5.1 Surround Sound & PCM Stereo Mixes
    Audio Commentary

    Disc 2:

    Hot Space Section
    Bonus Videos :
    Back Chat (4.09)
    Calling All Girls (3.52)
    Staying Power – Live from Milton Keynes '82 (3.45)

    The Works Section:
    Montreux Golden Rose Pop Festival (approx 16 mins)
    The Works Interviews (11.45)
    Freddie Mercury Interview (15.28)

    A Kind Of Magic Section:
    Montreux Golden Rose Pop Festival (tbc - approx 16 mins)
    The Magic Interviews (12.18)
    One Vision Documentary (19.09)
    Extended Vision video (6.37)

    The Miracle Section:
    The Miracle Interviews (9.08)
    Making the Miracle Videos Documentary (15.04) Making The Miracle Album
    Cover (4.44)

    Bonus Video : Who Wants To Live Forever? for the Bone Marrow Donor
    Appeal (approx 4 mins)

    and yes, there WILL be a "Video Hits 3" DVD.

    What's left to include on a VH3 DVD you ask? The following is NOT a
    complete listing but it'll give you an idea;

    Innuendo album:
    These Are the Days of Our Lives (two versions, one with animation, the
    other without)
    The Show Must Go On (though this is unlikely as Queen have stated they
    want to include "proper" videos, not clip fests which TSMGO most
    certainly is.)
    I'm Going Slightly Mad

    There is making of material for some of these videos, specifically for
    "...Slightly Mad" to be used as bonus footage.

    Made In Heaven album:
    The "official" videos were sadly clip fests so again, these are
    unlikely to be used. However, Queen had the British Film Institute
    bring together some of their students to create "Made In Heaven: The
    Films" so chances are these are the videos they would use.

    The 1997 video for "No One But You"

    Then there are the Queen+ videos which include;

    Queen+ Five "We Will Rock You"
    Queen+ Elton John "The Show Must Go On" (from the Bejart Ballet, the
    last live performance of the 3 surviving members)
    Queen+ Vanguard "Flash"
    Queen+ David Bowie "Under Pressure" (rah mix)
    Queen+ Wyclef Jean "Another One Bites the Dust"

    Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if they devoted a healthy chunk of
    space on a 2nd disc towards the "We Will Rock You" musical.

    Also possibilities as bonus material, solo videos by Brian May and
    Roger Taylor.

    but a volume 3 won't see the light of day until late 2004 so there's
    plenty of time to unearth more good stuff.
    Michael Allred, Sep 6, 2003
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  2. Michael Allred

    Chris Banzai Guest


    First off, glad to hear about 2 (and 3) on the way.

    But now the bad bits...I recently picked up volume 1. It had skips and
    dropouts and freezes and was pretty unwatchable. I exchanged it for
    the only other copy in the area (trust me, I looked) and it has
    problems, too, tho not quite as bad.

    Were there problems with a pressing? Any hints on how to try and get a
    replacement from the company?


    "Yeah yeah yeah, patience. How long will that take?" - Ed Grubermam
    Highlander - Buckaroo Banzai - Buffy - Kolchak - Jon Sable - Ceirdwyn
    The Sims - Doc Savage
    all can be found at:
    Chris Banzai, Sep 6, 2003
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