Problems with PS CS2 Merge to HDR function?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. Guest

    Having a problem with the Merge to HDR function. At the Merge to HDR
    window I browse the folder I want, choose the images and Open them
    which returns me to the Merge to HDR window where they are displayed in

    the window, I hit OK and the process begins, however the thumbnails
    show as blank white boxes during this process and at the end, after
    returning to the Merge to HDR window and the Curves function runs I get

    a window stating that there isn't enough Dynamic Range to produce a
    photo, which makes sense because the images are blank white.

    The images open fine in Bridge and PS CS2. I've tried entering the
    sequence through Bridge and get the same result, I've chosen the images

    from a folder On my Mac Desktop (a G4 running the latest OSX) and from
    a folder in Finder>Pictures. I've tried RAW images converted to TIFFs
    and I've tried JPEGS and still the blank white thumbnails come up.

    Any suggestions?
    , Dec 14, 2005
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  2. Annika1980 Guest

    The Merge to HDR function was one of my most highly anticipated new
    features when I switched to CS2. After playing with it for awhile it
    has become the most disappointing. I've yet to find a series of pics
    that could be substantially improved by it, and I've shot plenty just
    for that purpose. I have recieved the same error message as you about
    not having enough dynamic range to produce a photo and have been
    equally puzzled.

    As for the blank white image, that's a new one. Do you have the images
    checked in the boxes on the Merge to HDR window? Also, you can adjust
    the white point before starting the process.

    Note that you can even run this function on RAW files from Bridge
    without converting them first. I believe the sequence is (I'm working
    from memory here) Tools/Photoshop/Merge to HDR.

    i did a lot of reaing on this function just last night and I'll be
    doing more research tonight and maybe I'll be able to have a better
    answer for you then.
    Until then, look at this feature as a work in progress that they
    probably rushed in there just to get people to upgrade.
    Annika1980, Dec 14, 2005
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  3. Guest

    I have them checked in the "Open" box and they move to the next Merge
    to HDR box but I am unable to highlight more than one at a time in the
    box with the OK button. I passed this feature by in my first overview
    of PS but took a closer look the other day. It answers a lot of things
    I've been trying to do in Digital. When working with film last I spent
    a lot of time on long exposure low light images using very low iso film
    and lots of burning and dodging to get range.

    This looks to be a mechanical glitch in opening the files?
    , Dec 14, 2005
  4. Guest

    Solved the major problems. The images I was working with were
    bracketed 0, +2 stops, -2 stops with each set shot at five minute
    intervals from just after sunset till forty-five minutes after. There
    were trees way in the background and there was some wind blowing, not
    enough to see movement with the naked eye, but...

    In another forum people were talking about movement so that may have
    been a problem. Additionally I chose photos displaying a lot of
    exposure latitude but over a broad period of time. Another forum
    suggested that the program reads EXIF data and rejects photos over a
    broad span of time or not in a bracketed squence. Either way I think
    you end up with the same Insufficient Dynamic notice no matter what
    the problem.

    On the other hand I shot some indoor photos that merged properly. I
    shot an interior shot in a white walled room with no light except that
    from a north facing window in late afternoon. The shot was into the
    window with the window taking up roughly 50% of the frame. After the
    merge and adjusting the white balance I was able to get detail from the
    window that included the screen sandwiched between two dirty panes of
    glass with additional color and detail from the foilage outside. What
    made it amazing was I was also able to get detail in the white wall
    that surrounded the window frame. This wall could only have been lit
    by light coming through the window and reflecting off the walls behind
    the camera.

    Later I shot a sequence out the window and was able to capture the
    brilliant blue of a cold winter evening along with lots of forground
    detail. All in all pretty interesting.
    , Dec 15, 2005
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