problems with Daredevil

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Arkon24fps, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. Arkon24fps

    Arkon24fps Guest

    Wow, I didn't realise how bad this film was till I saw it recently for the
    first (and trust me, only time). Here are the problems that I noticed.

    1. Collin Farrel's character has a serious staring problem.
    2. Ben Afleck gets stabbed through the chest but manages to do a quarter
    mile faster than a CGI cheeta.
    3. Farrel's charactor, Bullseye, who never misses except when he is having
    his ass kicked by a babe, always seems to find people he is after with
    little effort.
    4. For a film that seems to feature only 3 or 4 primary charactors, this
    movie has lots and lots of actors..

    Ben Affleck ... Matt Murdock/Daredevil
    Jennifer Garner ... Elektra Natchios
    Colin Farrell ... Bullseye
    Michael Clarke Duncan ... The Kingpin/Wilson Wisk
    Jon Favreau ... Franklin "Foggy" Nelson
    Scott Terra ... Young Matt
    Ellen Pompeo ... Karen Page
    Joe Pantoliano ... Ben Urich
    Leland Orser ... Wesley Owen Welch
    Lennie Loftin ... Manolis
    Erick Avari ... Nikolas Natchios
    Derrick O'Connor ... Father Everett
    Paul Ben-Victor ... Jose Quesada
    David Keith ... Jack Murdock
    Frankie J. Allison ... Abusive Father
    Joe J. Garcia ... Meat Packer
    John Rothman ... Quesada Attorney
    Jim Fitzgerald ... Ring Announcer
    Casey McCarthy ... Angela Sutton
    Louis Bernstein ... Judge #1
    Josie DiVincenzo ... Josie
    Jorge Noa ... NY Cop #1
    Levett M. Washington ... Kid #1
    Alberto Gutierrez ... Kid #2
    Lakeith S. Evans ... Kid #3
    Stefanos Miltsakakis ... Stavros
    Pat Crawford Brown ... Sweet Old Lady
    Carrie Geiben ... Flight Attendant
    Luke Strode ... Little Boy
    Bruce Mibach ... Rookie Cop
    David Doty ... Drunken Englishman
    Ron Mathews ... Sharpshooter
    Kevin Smith ... Forensic Assistant
    Daniel B. Wing ... Quesada's Friend
    Jeff Padilla ... Quesada's Friend #2
    Dan Brinkle ... Referee
    Jack Reiss ... Boxing Referee #2
    Stan Lee ... Old Man at Crossing
    Sonya Didenko ... Quesada's Friend #3
    Greg 'Christopher' Smith ... Swat Leader
    Christopher Prescott ... Policeman
    Ari Randall ... Waitress
    John S. Bakas ... Greek Priest
    Greg Collins ... Fisk Bodyguard
    Robert Iler ... Bully #1
    Chad Christopher Tucker ... Bully #2
    Jamie Mahoney ... Bully #3
    Jorn H. Winther ... Stavros' Friend
    Frank Miller ... Man with Pen in Head
    Kane Hodder ... Thug
    Boyd Kelly ... UPS Man
    Mark Margolis ... Fallon
    Raasean Robinson ... Street Kid #1
    Jude Ciccolella ... McKensie
    Dina Rosenmeier ... Biker Girl

    5. I can never recover the time I lost watching this film.
    6. This film was made to highlight the features of DVD-that's it.
    7. Michael Duncan seems to get his ass kicked fast for a guy that could
    literally crush Ben Aflecks body in two.
    8. If he is the Daredevil, why is Afflecks charactor always saying he isn't
    the bad guy. Devils of any sort usually seem to be bad, no?
    9. The ending is maybe one of the worst endings I can remember except for
    the fact that you can now leave the movie behind you. Do I smell sequel.
    Let's put it this way, if did it was freakin' smellovision it was so
    10. I would eat Nachios with Jennifer Garner anytime. Sorry, I meant Nachos.
    11. Does Kevin Smith really need to do a cameo in this one for his buddy
    12. Joe Pantoliano has played the same role for about 10 years now. I am
    glad he is off the Sopranos and will hit his "theatre" stage stage of his
    13. Ben Affleck makes more money than I do for walking through a film set.
    Arkon24fps, Aug 13, 2003
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  2. Arkon24fps

    d a v e Guest

    > 5. I can never recover the time I lost watching this film.

    or the time spent bitching about it ; )
    d a v e, Aug 13, 2003
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  3. Arkon24fps

    Peter Briggs Guest

    jayembee <> wrote:

    > It wasn't that your opinion was contrary to mine that was the problem.
    > You might notice that while I gave my (positive) opinion of the film
    > in one of the other threads on the subject, I didn't mock the contrary
    > opinions of others.

    Yup. I loved the movie, also.

    It was certainly better than, say, "Terminator 3". (God, what a
    Peter Briggs, Aug 17, 2003
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