Problem with GPO and OU

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by Hy, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. Hy

    Hy Guest


    I have problem with GPO and OU. I created OU and named
    OU1. Then I create user1 and put in OU1. And specialy for
    that OU I made new GPO and made some changes in that GPO.
    I removed Run... and Help from Start menu.

    But if I logon with user1 (only member of Domain Users),
    there is still Run... and Help in Start menu.
    If I made user1 member of Domain Admins group all work
    properly. If I logon with that user ther are no more
    Run... and Help in Start menu.

    user1 is romaining user. If user is only member Doman
    Users group, I cant logon over network. If I just put
    user1 to o Domain Admin group, user can log on over
    network (and work properly, ther arn no more Run... and
    Help in Start menu).

    So my problem is that user1 (or any other user) must be
    member of Domain Admins group to work properly (to work so
    like GPO is setup).
    But I cant put every user to Domain Admins group! User
    must be only in Domain Users group...

    And I tried to put Administrator user to some other
    container. GPO for Domain, Domain Controllers and OU1 are
    diffrent. I put Administrator user to each container
    (Users, Domain Controllers, OU1), and all work properly.
    But if I do so with user1 (member of Domain Users only)
    dont work properly...

    Actualy I worked for 2 days and that is all what I found
    out. I now that I must made somethig so, that will apply
    GPO not only for Domain Admins group but for Domain Users
    group too. But where is that?!?!

    And I made excercises for GPO from book (MS Press, 70-
    215), and dont work properly...

    Please, can anyon help my? Can tell me, what to check,
    where to made some changes? What is most likely mistake in
    setup for that behaviour?


    BTW, I can made some print screen pics and put them on FTP
    if that helps...
    Hy, Apr 7, 2004
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