Prices for Verbatim DVD+Rs and DVD+RWs

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by, May 17, 2006.

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    Hey all

    Just did an fairly quick analysis comparing the prices of Verbatim
    DVD+Rs and +RWs at Dragon, AquilaTech and Acquire. Choose these 3 based
    on the fact previous experience suggests they were usually the cheapest
    although if you give me any other names I'll look in to them as well.

    Dragon actually doesn't seem so cheap anymore. Acquire is the cheapest
    but their shipping appears to be $8.00+GST to Auckland (website doesn't
    say but it's the shipping that shows when I check out) whereas
    AquilaTech is $4.00+GST to Auckland from Warehouse W1 (all appear to be
    in W1). So Aquila is probably better if you're in Auckland but it
    depends on the quantity and price diff I guess.

    (Dragon is free shipping for a limited time only which appears to mean
    for ever since it's been like that for nearly a year it seems)

    Interestingly, 50 and 100 isn't necessarily the cheapest (although the
    difference is not that great) since 25 and 30 packs are mostly cheaper.
    However the 50 and 100 packs are inkjet printable or thermal anyway
    (which the 25 & 30 usually aren't) so it depends on your needs. It's
    good to see prices have dropped well below $1.00/DVD which wasn't the
    case last time I bought DVDs (which was quite a while ago and they were
    only slightly under $1.00 then I think and only for 50 or over). They
    still don't come close to the 50 cents or less/DVD of some of the cheap
    (& crappy) stuff but you pay for what you get I guess. Noticed that has some GMIT with MCC003 media code for $25.00 for 50 if
    anyone feels like taking a risk :p

    Here are the prices /DVD. All prices GST exclusive. Also, while I've
    included info on whether it is jewel case, has LS or whatever, there's
    a chance it might be wrong since it wasn't particularly important to
    me. I think there are two kinds of moviereel DVDs some with a special
    case and some with normal cases but I didn't consider the difference.
    I've also excluded DL as well as some very expensive 2.4x +RW (guess
    they're some special kind).

    DVD+RW 4x 1.698 for 10 (jewel)
    DVD+R 8x 1.562 for 5 (jewel)
    DVD+RW 4x 2.69 for 5 (jewel)
    DVD+R 8x 0.815 for 10 (spindle)
    DVD+R 16x 0.9 for 25 (spindle)
    DVD+R 8x 1.902 for 10 (videogard)
    DVD+R 8x 1.346 for 10 (jewel
    DVD+R 16x 1.384 for 10 (jewel)
    DVD+R 16x 1.254 for 10 (jewel)
    DVD+R 8x 0.80167 for 30 (spindle)

    DVD+R 4x 1.26667 for 3 (moviereel)
    DVD+R 4x "
    DVD+R 8x 0.974 for 5 (jewel)
    DVD+R 16x 0.99 for 5 (jewel)
    DVD+RW 4x 1.376 for 5 (jewel)
    DVD+R 8x 0.712 for 10 (spindle)
    DVD+R 16x 0.727 for 10 (spindle)
    DVD+RW 4x 1.674 for 5 (jewel)
    DVD+R 4x 0.634 for 15 (spindle)
    DVD+R 8x 0.99 for 10 (jewel)
    DVD+R 4x 0.99 for 10 (moviereel)
    DVD+R 16x 1.005 for 10 (jewel)
    DVD+R 16x 1.037 for 10 (spindle LS)
    DVD+R 4x 1.392 for 10 (jewel)
    DVD+R 8x 1.501 for 10 (videogard)
    DVD+R 16x 0.6916 for 25 (spindle)
    DVD+R 8x 0.696 for 30 (spindle)
    DVD+R 16x 1.03633 for 30 (spindle)
    DVD+RW 4x 1.14467 for 30 (spindle)
    DVD+R 8x 0.7054 for 50 (spindle, inkjet)
    DVD+R 8x 0.7208 for 50 (spindle, inkjet wide)
    DVD+R 16x " (spindle, printable)
    DVD+R 8x 0.7364 for 50 (spindle, wide thermal)
    DVD+R 16x 0.7008 for 100 (spindle, inkjet)
    DVD+R 8x 1.464 for 5 (? Mitsubishi)
    DVD+RW 4x 1.952 for 5 (? Mitsubishi)
    DVD+R 8x 0.9268 for 25 (? Mitsubishi)

    DVD+R 16x 0.736 for 10 (spindle)
    DVD+R 8x 1.002 for 10 (jewel)
    DVD+R 16x 0.7092 for 100 (spindle, inkjet)
    DVD+R 16x 1.049 for 10 (spindle, LS)
    DVD+R 16x 1.018 for 10 (jewel)
    DVD+R 4x 0.642 for 15 (spindle)
    DVD+R 16x 0.7204 for 25 (spindle)
    DVD+R 8x 0.704333 for 30 (spindle)
    DVD+R 16x 1.04867 for 30 (spindle, LS)
    DVD+R 16x 1.002 for 5 (jewel)
    DVD+R 8x 0.7296 for 50 (spindle, inkjet wide)
    DVD+R 16x " for 50 (spindle, inkjet)
    DVD+R 8x 1.519 for 10 (videogard)
    DVD+R 8x 0.714 for 50 (spindle, inkjet)
    DVD+R 8x 1.2055 for 20 (slim case, LS)
    DVD+R 4x 1.002 for 10 (moviereel)
    DVD+R 8x 0.7452 for 50 (thermal)
    DVD+R 4x 1.2833 for 3 (moviereel)
    DVD+R 4x "
    DVD+R 8x 0.986 for 5 (jewel)
    DVD+R 8x 0.721 for 10 (spindle)
    DVD+RW 4x 1.409 for 10 (jewel)
    DVD+RW 4x 1.392 for 5 (jewel)
    DVD+RW 4x 1.15833 for 30 (spindle)
    DVD+RW 4x 1.694 for 5 (jewel)
    , May 17, 2006
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  2. ~misfit~

    ~misfit~ Guest

    > Hey all

    <snip---xpost to looney-bin removed>

    What? Has it become mandatory to cross-post to nz.gen?

    I'd heard that it had quietened down there recently but this is getting
    ridiculous. A large portion of posts in nz.comp have been crossposted
    ~misfit~, May 18, 2006
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  3. Guest

    ~misfit~ wrote:
    > wrote:
    > > Hey all

    > <snip---xpost to looney-bin removed>
    > What? Has it become mandatory to cross-post to nz.gen?
    > I'd heard that it had quietened down there recently but this is getting
    > ridiculous. A large portion of posts in nz.comp have been crossposted
    > recently.

    No but DVD writer's are now common enough that the price of Verbatim
    DVD+R/RWs are no longer likely to be solely of interest to nz.comp
    readers. I thought of only posting to nz.general but then again,
    writeable DVDs are probably of interest to a number of nz.comp users
    who don't bother to check out such nz.general or do so but infrequently
    enough that they could easily miss my post...
    , May 22, 2006
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