PPPoE dialup/tunnel/nhrp driving me nuts ...

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by gkg@gmx.de, Nov 30, 2003.

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    After (halfway) successfully setting up a PPPoE backup link on one
    router, another one is totally driving me nuts, and I'm mostly out of
    ideas of where to look anymore ...

    Maybe a quick sketch of the infrastructure:

    Line C
    Router A ==== Router ==== Router #### Router ====== Router
    | # #
    | # #
    PPPoE Router B HubRouter

    | is DSL, = a digital leased line, # Ethernet link

    Routings are distributed with OSPF (and partly BGP4)

    OK, both routers with PPPoE links involved (and the hub router for NHRP)
    are running the same IOS. Both routers set up the tunnel just fine, I
    can ping through the tunnel, get my OSPF updates through the tunnel,
    everything. When I shut down my main link at site A, the backup link
    through the tunnel is taken just fine, too, without any noticeable delay
    (show ip ospf neigh shows both the internal backbone router, as well as
    the tunnel to the hub router). I have defined a static route to the
    eth-IP of the HubRouter going to Dialer1 on both A and B, while keeping
    that route out of the OSPF and BGP announcements through a distribute-list.

    The PITA begins when I try to actually use the backup link at router B.
    When "Line C" is shut down, though the PPPoE link is still up, pings
    from router B to the hub router stop working for some 20-30 seconds
    (doesn't happen at router A) - with that, the OSPF connection is
    cleared, too, keeping the routing from switching over relatively
    seamlessly to the backup link. After about a minute or so, the OSPF
    session/link through the tunnel is back up, but routing to outside still
    won't work again (unless the backup link at Router A is working and seen
    from router B - then all the routes are switched over to that link right
    after Line C goes down, though that backup is more or less reserved for
    the site at router A)

    The basic thing I don't understand at all and that I'd like to have
    resolved - why does the static route to the hub router work on router A
    and give me problems on router B - show ip route will on both routers
    correctly list dialer1 as the destination, both when the regular link is
    up and down. The PPPoE link is not affected by the rest of the network
    and goes through a different provider ... I guess if this would work on
    router B, I wouldn't have any more problems with the rest of the setup ...

    Any ideas about where to look are greatly appreciated ...

    , Nov 30, 2003
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