Port Channel different slots 6500

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Seth, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. Seth

    Seth Guest

    Seth, Dec 4, 2004
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  2. Seth

    Make Guest

    If you have SUP 2, native ios 12.1(23)E2, you have no problem with
    Read your software release notes/General Limitations and Restrictions.

    But if you hane native ios older than 12.1(13)E you have some poblems:
    Release 12.1(13)E supports these software features, which were previously
    supported in 12.1(11b)EX releases:
    ..Configuration of Layer 2 EtherChannels that include interfaces on different
    DFC-equipped switching modules (see CSCdt27074 in the "Resolved General
    Caveats in Release 12.1(13)E" section.)

    "Seth" <> kirjoitti
    > Any problem making a port-channel on a 6500 using 2 GigE ports on 2
    > different modules in 6500 chassis?
    > http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products...ide_chapter09186a00800eb765.html#xtocid174716
    > doesn't mention this, but an earlier article mentioned that in some cases
    > you had to use ports in the same group on an access switch. I'm assuming
    > this doesn't apply on the 6500?
    Make, Dec 5, 2004
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  3. Seth

    Seth Guest

    Thank you Make. I have 12.1(20)E3, but only dual SUP1A modules. (not SUP2)

    Any comments on that?
    Seth, Dec 5, 2004
  4. Seth

    Make Guest

    I am running SUP2/MSFC2 native IOS 12.1(20)E1, L2 and L3 port-channel with
    no problem.

    But read this:

    General Limitations and Restrictions
    ..All Ethernet LAN ports on all modules, including those on a redundant
    supervisor engine, support EtherChannel (maximum of eight interfaces) with
    no requirement that interfaces be contiguous.

    ..With a PFC2 and DFCs, QoS ignores policy maps attached to an EtherChannel
    formed from interfaces on different DFC-equipped switching modules.

    ..For EtherChannels, you can configure the QoS trust state and default CoS
    directly on the EtherChannel interface with the mls qos trust or mls qos cos
    commands, respectively. These two parameters must be the same for all
    physical interfaces in the channel. No other QoS queueing configuration
    commands can be applied to EtherChannel interfaces. Other QoS queueing
    configuration commands can be applied, however, to individual EtherChannel
    physical interfaces. After the physical interfaces are bundled into an
    EtherChannel, QoS classification, marking, and policing by the Policy
    Feature Card (PFC) for the channel packets is determined by the
    service-policy attached to the EtherChannel interface. The service policies
    attached to the individual physical interfaces of the EtherChannel do not
    matter. The same is true for the port-based and VLAN-based QoS state of the
    EtherChannel interface. You can disable the PFC QoS features using the no
    mls qos interface configuration command on the EtherChannel interface.

    ..With a 13-slot chassis, a bus error and reload might occur if you configure
    EtherChannels that include any slot 13 ports. This problem is resolved in
    Release 12.1(22)E. (CSCec49438)

    ..With a PFC2 and with EtherChannels configured to include interfaces on
    different DFC-equipped switching modules, ARP traffic from a
    WS-X6066-SLB-APC Content Switching Module (CSM) that is running software
    version 3.2(2) and earlier might not be forwarded correctly. This problem is
    resolved in Release 12.1(22)E. (CSCed35745)

    ..Following switchover to a redundant supervisor engine, any EtherChannels on
    the newly active supervisor engine are not active and the newly redundant
    supervisor engine does not enter the standby state. This problem is resolved
    in Release 12.1(22)E2. (CSCee44248)

    ..While traffic is flowing, CPU utilization might increase to a very high
    level if you reconfigure an EtherChannel from Layer 3 to Layer 2 and
    configure a Layer 3 VLAN interface for the EtherChannel. This problem is
    resolved in Release 12.1(22)E3. (CSCee41100)

    "Seth" <> kirjoitti
    > Thank you Make. I have 12.1(20)E3, but only dual SUP1A modules. (not SUP2)
    > Any comments on that?
    Make, Dec 6, 2004
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