Pioneer Announces PRV-9200 Professional DVD Recorder

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    Pioneer Announces PRV-9200 Professional DVD Recorder

    "Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. announced today the availability of
    the PRV-9200 professional DVD recorder. Boasting a 160-gigabyte
    built-in hard disk drive (HDD) and 48X high-speed copying, the
    PRV-9200 offers speedy, simplified and convenient creation of
    compliant DVD-Video discs without the need for a computer or authoring
    software. This professional DVD recorder is available for recording
    and playback in NTSC and PAL standards for a manufacturer’s suggested
    retail price of $1,025.

    “When archiving video content to DVD, the PRV-9200 can quickly copy
    files directly from the hard drive without any loss of video quality,
    drastically reducing recording times, saving valuable time and money,”
    said Linda Toleno, vice president for Industrial Video and Mass
    Storage at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “Unique features such as
    high-speed copying, combined with ease-of-use and the targeted price
    point of the PRV-9200 make it a natural extension of Pioneer’s
    powerful line of professional DVD Recorders,” she added.

    In addition to drastically reducing copy times, DVD-R/DVD-RW discs
    recorded on the PRV-9200 are highly compatible and can be played back
    in most DVD players including industrial players, consumer players,
    in-car systems, portable DVD players, as well as computers.

    For added flexibility, the recorder allows high-speed copying of
    content from a DVD-RW disc recorded in Video mode to be directly
    recorded back onto the internal HDD, allowing users to re-purpose
    content, making edits or changes before recording it to a new
    DVD-R/DVD-RW disc. Users also can re-encode original HDD recording
    while making a copy simultaneously to a DVD disc in real time.

    Additional product highlights include:

    Extended Recording Times – four optional recording levels offering
    varying picture quality (Extended Play, Long Play, Standard Play or
    FINE mode, allowing up to six hours on one DVD-R/DVD-RW media in the
    extended play mode);
    Convenient Copy Modes – including one-touch copy, copy list
    management, disc backup and simultaneous high-speed copying and

    Exclusive Disc Backup and Bit-for-Bit Recording – using the HDD,
    identical discs can be copied at high speeds without the need to
    recompress the video to another format;

    Chase Play – allows users to simultaneously watch, stop or pause the
    content while recording;

    Smart Variable Bit Rate Recording (VBR) – lets the user choose or
    automatically sets the best possible recording quality level suiting
    the content and project;

    Advanced Disc Navigator – user-friendly menu system for all key
    functions and options;

    Full Motion Thumbnails with Sound – for simplified previewing,
    locating and editing material;

    Built-in Tuner – combined with Pioneer’s timer record, allows added
    flexibility for recording sources and automation;
    Sophisticated Video Playback – featuring PureCinema 2:3 Progressive
    Scan for more film-like presentation, a full set of connections
    including component video output for higher quality signal, and a JPEG
    photo viewer compatible with Fuji and Kodak discs and CD-R/RW discs
    burned from a PC;

    Superior Audio – built-in Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround Sound
    outputs and AV D/A converters;

    IEEE-1394/DV Input/Output (i.LINK) – allowing users to record digital
    component video content from a DV source such as a DV camera, tape
    deck or DV output from a computer;

    Three-pin AC Power Cable – for simplified connection and use with
    relevant vertical market components;

    NTSC, PAL/SECAM TV Format Support

    “From basic editing and compliant DVD-Video copying to more integrated
    vertical market applications, the PRV-9200 provides an ideal range of
    features, reliability and convenience unmatched in the marketplace,”
    said Toleno."

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    Allan, Feb 11, 2005
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