Picked up the R2 version of Bayside Shakedown International Version

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Ant, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. Ant

    Ant Guest

    Heyas all.

    Ordered this a few days ago off of CD Japan, and it just got here today.


    First, it must have been a first pressing even though the site said there
    weren't any left because it came in Digipack packaging. It has the same
    photo of all of the main characters in the front, just with a white
    background instead of the hand drawn 'comic' style as the non-international
    edition. As you open the digipack, you reveal photos of the characters in
    different action poses that were taken off of the hand out preview pamphlets
    (sp?) given away at Japanese theaters before the first run of the movie hit.

    It came with a postcard, a second DVD with some interestiong things on it.
    (If anyone wishes to know what deleted scenes they put in there and how they
    tied into the movie, just reply to this post. It was kinda cool.)

    It seemed to have a nicer insert/book which, may or may not change with
    future pressings of the movie.

    Also, I made my own cover for this to match the rest of my movies and not
    use the easily damageable digipac. Anyone buys this and wants a standard
    cover, let me know as I can send out a file to you. Kinkos does nice


    Five years after the worst three days the Wangan Police Division has seen,
    the Odaiba area has built up to a tourist and business hotspot. Thanks tot
    his, the Wangan division feels they are nothing more than glorified tourist
    guides and ache for serious police work. They get their wish when a strange
    murder occours leaving everyone excited about cracking the case.
    Unfortunately, the Metro PD are called in and the Wangan police are turned
    into noting more than babysitters again. But things change as another body
    is found, one of the Bayside officers is kidnapped and the Metro PD's senior
    officer, Hitomi Okita's shortsightedness hampers the bayside divisions
    chances of success.. It's up to Sgt. Aoshima to step up to the plate and
    solve the case, before it's too late.


    Available only in widescreen, the transfer of this movie is quite good. The
    colours don't seem to bleed too much, there aren't any artifacts that I was
    able to see and there really isn't any rainbowing save for one or two
    scenes. Some night scenes seemed a little grainy, but that may have been
    due to the film that was used moreso than the actual transfer itself.


    DTS ES Matrix. Sounds tight on my setup. Voices are clear, explosions are
    lound and this baby is THX Certified. (also re-edited at Skywalker sound!!)
    5.1 wasn't bad either, but why bother if you have DTS capable equipment. My
    only gripe was that the option for DTS gave you 5.1 and vice versa.

    Overall, I am happy that I bought the International version of the movie. I
    am curious to see how the Japanese cut differs from this other than being 18
    min longer. In the menus for the I.E., you can actually see which scenes
    were cut when you go through the scenes, but can't access them. I won't buy
    the Japanese release, but may see if a Korean release comes so that I can
    see the differences between the two. The movie already cost me 50+ bucks, i
    need money for Sayonara Kuro (T0T)

    Great movie.

    Ant, Jun 7, 2004
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