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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Pat, May 11, 2006.

  1. Pat

    Pat Guest

    We are finishing up a community report card for a local charitable
    organization. The report card looks at the demographics for many
    sectors of the county.

    The client was to supply pictures. They recently did, but the pictures
    are about 700 by 450, so they won't work for nearly full-page images on
    section dividers. The charity has no time or money to have pictures
    for the report.

    I am wondering if anyone would be interested in donating images to the
    organization for use in the report. If so, I will privately identify
    the organization, but it is a local branch of a well known group and
    they have an outstanding track record. They are non-religious.

    The images should be about 8 mpix and in the portrait orientation. The
    group is semi-rural, so pictures should not be overly urban in nature
    if they include outside scenes (no urban skylines). They should be
    fully released.

    Printing will be full color for the cover and b&W for the section

    Design atandards call for the photos to be of people, whenever
    possible, with a preference for people interacting with each other.

    The images we need, need to represent various sections as well as the
    cover of the report. The section are:

    Demographic/Economic Trends
    Community Diversity
    Family Economic Security
    Disabilities and Secondard Conditions
    Maternal and Chilc Health
    General Health and Wellness
    Tobacco, Alchohol and Substance Abuse
    Child Abuse, Domestic Violance and Homelessness
    Safe, Affordable Housing
    Community Engagement
    Ecology and Environment

    An example of what we are looking for under crime would NOT be a cop
    slamming a person against the trunk of a car. We would like something
    more like a cop with a dog interacting with a bunch of kids.

    For the weirder items, such as demographics, we will probably use some
    sort of general picture of people. Maybe a shot of a sidewalk full of
    people or a bunch of kids playing.

    As I said, unfortunately this is an unbudgetted item. We can offer
    people placement in the report, a PDF copy of the report which you are
    free to reproduce, acknowledgement (photo credit) in the report, and a
    thank you note from the executive director of the not-for-profit.
    Sorry I can't offer you more. We are expecting to print between 200
    and 500 copies of the report and post it on the not-for-profit's web
    site as a community resource. Distribuition of the hard copies will be
    to the leaders of other not-for-profits, elected officials, and other
    community leaders.

    We will pick pictures as they come in. We have not specific deadline
    other than we would like to wrap this up within the next few days.

    If you are interested, and I hope you are, please post a link in this
    thread or email me at
    I will leave that mailbox open until
    the junk mail starts to be annoying. If you do not want to publicly
    post a link, you may email me a link or email me a photo (or thumbnail)
    Muliple phots in the same or different category are okay. This isn't
    a contect or anything.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this rather long post. Good luck
    with your future photography projects.

    Pat, May 11, 2006
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  2. Pat

    Rooty Guest

    I would like to help with a photo but only have just got a new photo
    camera not used it yet
    have lead to link my shots to the computer
    will let you know how I get on
    Rooty, May 12, 2006
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