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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Conrad Weiler, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. Hi,

    I've been extremely pleased with the printing results at PhotoAccess
    ( and became curious about their printing equipment. I do
    not work for PhotoAcceess nor have any connection with them other than being a

    The following was received from Jan at PhotoAccess:

    We use Gretag Sienna printers. The process we use to produce prints from your
    digital images is very similar to that used in traditional film processing. The
    digital image is re-sampled (or scaled) at 200 dpi and then is exposed to
    photographic paper using a fiber optic printer. We currently use Fuji Crystal
    Archive paper (a choice of glossy or matte) for high quality results. The
    photographic paper is processed in exactly the same way that traditional prints
    from film would be, after the image is exposed onto the paper. No inks are used
    (as in printing digital images directly from a computer via a color inkjet

    PhotoAccess prints made on Fuji Crystal archive paper will last for 60 years
    without noticeable fade under normal display conditions. The shelf-life of a
    print is affected by numerous factors including exposure to sunlight, heat, and
    storage conditions. Prints stored in vinyl pouches will not last as long as
    prints stored in polypropylene envelopes or other archival material. Exposure
    to direct sunlight or excessive heat will also reduce the longevity of your

    To get a good idea of how your pictures will look when printed through our
    process, you can use the following settings in PhotoShop to calibrate your

    The gamma value of photographic paper is around 2. Different monitors can vary
    quite a bit in how they display the color balance of the same image. We can
    recommend settings for your computer monitor which would allow you to calibrate
    it to match the output of our printer. If you have Adobe PhotoShop you could
    set up your monitor as follows:

    For PhotoShop 5:
    Under "edit/color settings"
    "working space"
    RGB: with sRGB selected, choose "custom RGB" from the drop-down menu
    set gamma at 2.2
    set white point at 6500K

    For PhotoShop 6 or above:
    Under "edit/color settings"
    "working space sRGB"
    (gamma and white point settings are not available to select in version 6+, but
    selecting the colorspace of sRGB assumes values for these parameters which will
    closely match our print profile)

    This should give you a good idea of how your prints will look, and if you want
    to do any adjustment to color or contrast, this would allow you to preview your
    print results.

    For any further questions about PhotoAccess products or services, please reply
    to this email or contact us using one of the following methods:


    Jan, Customer Service, PhotoAccess
    Conrad Weiler
    Camp Sherman, Oregon
    Conrad Weiler, Dec 18, 2003
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