Passed The Core, and Why I think It's Important to Get Certified Now

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by RE Ausetkmt, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. RE Ausetkmt

    RE Ausetkmt Guest

    I passed the Core this week with 700,
    and I've been reading the posts here today
    so I decided to talk a little about my feelings on
    Why Take the Certification Exam ?

    1. it will help the Industry to adhere more firmly to a higher standard for

    2. Far Too many US jobs are going "away" because of lack of certification
    lack of recognition of skills by employers.

    3. If all US A+ Technicians formed a Union - Wow..

    Awesome Thought Indeed..
    it would be like the Air Traffic Controllers union.
    We could literally set standards for all kinds of things,
    especially Certifications, Salaries, and Educational Upgrade Standards.

    These are all areas where A+ is breaking ground into a new frontier.
    I predict "WE" will be the push for certification of Technicians, that will
    undoubtedly lead
    to a resurgence of American Workplace Pride and Ethics, starting from the
    Tech to the CEO.

    imagine how they freak when their Machine has a blank screen -
    or God Forbid, they loose contact with their network. YIKES !!!

    These simple issues to us, are monumentous to the end-user and we should
    never forget that,
    especially when it comes time for our rightful compensation.

    We Get Too Little and any advances are always supposed to be accorded to us
    as required regardless of how much the upgraded training or certs will cost

    I wonder if all those offshore technicians who are doing techchats for
    the larger Tech companies, are A+ Certified ?
    Hmmmm this sounds like something to investigate;
    Maybe even challenge a few of these employers to face up
    to their destructive actions - in regard to the tech industry,
    and their customers.

    We are all in this for the Money regardless of what anyone says.
    I have never met a person who walks away on payday when they
    have worked all week - with a smile on their face
    and an empty hand - free of any compensation..

    as tax payers we are all walking away empty handed at the end of the day;
    when our jobs are shifted to offshore locations, for US companies who are
    selling primarily to US consumers and not employing US workers/consumers.

    Wow,, a rant that just came out

    wish me luck on the OS as I know I'll need it,

    Cheers All,

    "TechChic - A Woman and Her Computers"
    RE Ausetkmt, Nov 10, 2003
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  2. Coolmint

    Coolmint Guest

    Hi, are the exams still adaptive or is the new format in place? Also, did
    the exam cover the latest technologies? Thanks.
    Coolmint, Nov 12, 2003
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