OT, what kind of digi-camera device do I need to start a vlog?

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by The Sun Tribe, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. help
    The Sun Tribe, Jun 18, 2009
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  2. "The Sun Tribe" <> wrote in message
    > help

    Any webcam should do the trick. WalMart and Target both sell a pretty nice
    MicroSoft Web-cam. You are going to want one with a built in microphone,
    else you have to wear a headset while filming yourself. I have several web
    cams, and I like the features of the Microsoft VX3000 the best. I might like
    the VX5000 better, but I'm too cheap to buy one and find out. (Maybe the
    model is XV, I can't recall now.) The XV3000 is $40-ish at WalMart and

    I suggest the type of camera that hangs from the top of your monitor as
    opposed to one that has its own stand. The reason is, the one with a stand
    looks up at you, the one that hangs on the monitor looks straight at you.
    Jeff Strickland, Jun 18, 2009
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  3. The Sun Tribe

    Paul Guest

    The Sun Tribe wrote:
    > help

    "what kind of digi-camera device do I need to start a vlog?"


    "YouTube accepts videos uploaded in most formats, including
    .WMV, .AVI, .MKV, .MOV, MPEG, .MP4, DivX, .FLV, and .OGG.
    It also supports 3GP, allowing videos to be uploaded directly
    from a mobile phone."

    Something like this, would give you a basic recording capability.
    The more you pay, generally, the better the quality gets. You get
    optical zoom, autofocus, white balance, longer recording time,
    recording at lower light levels, when paying more for a camera.
    Don't go overboard, because YouTube doesn't always convert the video
    and give good results. You may offer outstanding video quality to
    them, to get a crappy result shown on the web page.


    When you want to Skype, that is an application for a webcam.
    The webcam has no storage, and sends its video directly to the
    computer. If you have a portable computer, like a laptop,
    a webcam could also be used as a (pathetic) camcorder. You
    can capture in Windows Movie Maker for example, using a webcam.


    Note - how these sit on top of your monitor, on top of your computer
    and so on, for a webcam, is important. If the webcam falls off,
    sometimes the lens gets smashed. Ask me how I know :-(

    Using conversion software, you can convert from one video format
    to another. With a video editing program, you can "snip" out the
    bad bits of the video, and splice together your story. Again,
    something like Windows Movie Maker, bundled with WinXP Pro,
    is an example of a barely adequate editor. (I've used it, but
    I hate it.)

    Wikipedia has lists of stuff, so you can get a general idea what
    tools are available.


    So the very cheapest I could do a video for YouTube, would involve
    lugging a laptop around, with a $19.95 webcam connected to it.
    Spending $100 on a video camera with flash memory, is a bit
    more convenient, even if the video quality leaves a lot to be
    desired. The length of the video might be limited by the size
    of the internal camera flash memory.

    Always find as many reviews as you can, for the camcorders.
    Some record in formats that don't make editing and conversion
    easy. Even some expensive products do that, so price is not
    the only ingredient, to obscurity.

    Paul, Jun 18, 2009
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