[OT] Seeking assistance with "Natural Language" translation for French;Italian;Russian of a FAQ doc

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    I am asking those here who have cultural ownership of any of the
    three languages mentioned to please consider assisting in
    translating the text I copy below. I am not looking for a
    "babelfish" type translation. The finished product needs to be
    very clear in conveying "the message" of the document.
    Dictionarys and on-line translation services do not do that well.
    As you will read the concept I am embarking on implementing is
    new for UseNET, it is therefore very important for the best
    chance of being of use to UseNET that the FAQ "gets it right".
    Myself I have no way of checking the finished product, I am
    Australian with LOTE skills for SE Asia and a poor understanding
    of "bush French". What is eventually developed I have to trust is
    accurate for the ethnic group the translation is intended to
    Please consider my request in a kind light. I apologise for any
    disruption to normal NG activity.

    The email address given in headers is valid.

    Thank You.

    Kind Regards.


    FAQ--0 alt.binaries.vj.tester 0-- FAQ

    This FAQ is a "Work in Progress".
    As the need arises additions and alterations will be made.
    Please make sure you are reading the latest version by
    checking the "Update List" written as an addendum.

    This FAQ is not to be taken as a complete FAQ for all binary
    groups. When subscribing to a Newsgroup you are
    encouraged to read the FAQ for that Group before posting
    any files or text messages.

    This FAQ is only intended as a guide to Group operations.
    The Charter for alt.binaries.vj.tester [ABVJT] sets out the
    justification for the Groups existence. You are requested to
    always follow the spirit of the Charter in any posting you do
    make here.


    Before you begin, a few points to consider.

    Users of WWW Browsers [ Netscape, Firefox Internet
    Explorer - etcetera] expect to be told to find and use a utility
    designed for UseNET. Universally known as Newsreaders
    there are many developed utilities available.
    Forteincs "Agent" is the most widely supported for general
    UseNET use. Power users often migrate to using PowerPost
    as an archive posting utility.
    New users can download Agent V2+ here:
    A temporary code to gain full use for testing is:
    UserID = ABVJT_Newbie
    Code = 8PPD576X-U2JNLBSC-G272R3W6-FF6K3FHJ-C8LN8MKD
    [Note] When you have completed the task you set out to do here
    it is highly recommended you do one of two things. Send
    Forteinc a cheque for the utility registration [or] unload the

    New users can download a patched clone of PowerPost by
    following the links below. To succeed search for
    NNTP YENC-POST 2002 v1.02.
    Be sure to read the nF0 file on the page. Do not download
    the <plugin.exe> as asked on loading the page.
    [Important] Do not download any other version of Powerpost.
    many other clones are "broken".
    There is an excellent clone of PP known as "SharkPost".
    Development is currently suspended so support for it is hard
    to find. A request for an upload will generate a post of a
    utility that will ease the stress in posting large archives.
    Sharkpost is Great!

    [Important] Browsers with HTML formatted messages as the
    default setting are to be adjusted for "text only" to post into
    this NewsGroup. You will be told when a post is submitted in
    HTML and asked to correct the error. ABVJT tutors will not
    provide support for Browser configurations, consult the support
    sites for your Browser.


    What is the posting netiquette for ABVJT?
    Tutors will supply any assistance within this Group. Those tutors
    are skilled in extracting "the real message" from LOTE postings.
    When your post [or] response is plainly abusive [or] obtuse you
    will not be helped. Anything else is fair play as every post will
    be assessed on its merit.There are links to follow in searching
    "proper netiquette". All that is asked in ABVJT is you treat
    others as *you_would_wish _to_be_treated* in any conversation.
    Reap what you sow.

    What can be posted here?
    ABVJT is a training initiative for Usenet Binary posting,
    specifically focused on those having difficulty understand
    written instruction from "help files" or Usenet posting
    directions that fail in addressing a language barrier.
    No one in ABVJT is to "judge" the actual content of your
    postings.The samples you post are to comply with only two
    1. No binary post will be considered if it exceeds 5MB in total
    posted size.The post submitted does not have to have a
    "beginning" or a "closure". Part posts can as easily be assessed
    as can complete archives.
    2. Positively *_NO_* material in any way related to child
    pornography. Encrypted files are BANNED.
    Posters submitting such material for testing will have their data
    immediately forwarded to investigative Authority. No notice will
    be issued. No discussion conducted.The criteria for child
    pornography includes but is not limited to any computer imagery
    or sound bytes of any file format which contain material that is
    illegal to possess in developed Western Countries.

    There are no other restrictions on binary content for this
    version of the FAQ.

    What is not to be posted here?
    Posts in Text [or] Binary that promote or encourage any and all
    "schemes", "scams", "carpetbaggers" - aka - craft material
    suppliers, pornography [soft or hard core], "Henny Pennys", "My
    grandson has cancer", religious material and or political
    material. Posters may use sig.files with links provided
    the post carries a delineator and the sig.file is no more than
    4 (four) lines. Posters are reminded of the spirit of the Charter
    and requested to conduct any acerbic or grievous comments by "one
    to one" email. Should the recipient block your email the
    discussion is *not* to be bought to ABVJT.
    *_One_* post requesting the parties to move the discussion to
    another Group is acceptable.

    How do I start?
    ABVJT is a training initiative for Usenet Binary posting. Your
    training starts now. Before posting into the forum get yourself a
    "throw-away email address".
    Despam the address in this manner:
    The two words "null" and " invalid" must be placed exactly as
    shown. The rest is up to your imagination when getting your new
    address. That format is the standard for this Group. anything
    else and you will not be able to be contacted privately should
    that be necessary. Posters not using a valid email address will
    not be assisted after the initial advice of a first response.
    When you have your address set, add the group to the "Newsgroup"
    field of your posting utility. Type in a Topic to the Subject
    field, "Hello Group"is acceptable.
    Type your message in the Body field and submit (send) your post.
    If you do not see your post appear in the Group within 24 hours
    you may email <> for assistance in
    configuring your Server connection.
    Do *not* send any account details or login information with your
    email to rofl.haress.The rest will happen once you are subscribed
    and posting into the Group.

    The writer trusts you will both enjoy ABVJT and take away what
    you seek.

    The ABVJT Charter follows.

    [..] for brevity
    From usenet Wed Mar 22 20:50:03 2006
    Subject: cmsg newgroup alt.binaries.vj.tester
    Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 20:43:30 -0000
    Organization: Newbie SKOOL 4D Cosmopolitan
    Message-ID: <>
    Comments: This control message attempts to validate an empty
    newsgroup, creating a useful NG

    CHARTER: This group is a pipe to education for virjin [sic]
    cosmopolitan aspirants insensitive to failure, driven to maintain
    binary posting convention in seeking that "freedom to share".
    alt.binaries.vj.tester seeks to rationalise the discrepancies
    created in variations of Engrish as a communication tool in
    describing implementation of the NNTP protocol and associated
    RFC's. The discussion of available FAQ volumes in developing, for
    the [L]anguage [O]ther [T]han [E]nglish poster, a meaningful
    implementation of those conventions together with providing space
    to practice the concepts being communicated, this is the prime
    focus of alt.binaries.vj.tester.
    Technologies that are associated with or complementary to binary
    posting are relevant to this group.
    To participate in activities any contributor must provide all
    syntax in English [or] a best attempt at Engrish. Comprehension
    is the responsibility of the Reader/Support Person. Use of
    "translation engines" is discouraged.To participate in activities
    any contributor *must provide* a valid email address with every
    post. WebMail addresses are highly recommended with gMail and
    Hotmail being least preferred.Followups to any post made by a
    poster undertaking experimental posting should only provide one
    or both of these values in communication:
    a.) kudos [ congratulations]
    b.) clear constructive suggestion/clue/tip/alternative
    All posters are to check their twin pistols of
    sarcasm and cynicism at the door - no exceptions.

    The newsgroup will not be moderated.
    Crossposting for any reason is banned.
    Discussion of hacks, cracks, warez, serial numbers or the
    exchange of enabled copyrighted software is banned. Any freeware
    offered must carry full attribution for its origin.
    Flame wars are not relevant to the group and should be conducted
    by private email. Any attempts to vigorously flame any submission
    will action an abuse complaint to the Provider/s of *all* parties
    participating - no exceptions.
    There is no provision for "off topic" posts. Submissions that
    vary from the focus of the newsgroup will not be tolerated.
    Repeat offenders will have an abuse complaint filed with their
    Advertising of services, home pages or links to any commercial
    product is banned. Where a helper wishes to direct the newbie to
    other resources available, a pointer to another newsgroup where
    that information can be found is to be made.

    [..] end

    What would be, "nice to have before you start"?
    [Note] The applications below work as advertised and you will
    be up and running quickly if you use them. Do not request
    "patches/cracks" for these utilities in ABVJT. The first runs for
    a trial period. The second is a free download.

    WinRAR - the best archive tool out there. It can handle RAR,
    Zip, ACE and many other formats, and more importantly, it will
    unzip multiple files inone mouse click.

    QuickPAR - you need this for PAR files.
    Some general hints at what it is all about - Binary posting.

    In any Binary newsgroup.
    You cannot force anyone to post Binaries. If you expect anyone
    to "trade" you will often be disappointed. If you got it for
    free, give it away.

    In any Binary newsgroup.
    Binaries is like fishing - patience pays off.

    In any Binary newsgroup.
    Everything is eventually reposted.

    In any Binary newsgroup.
    Leech, lurk, learn - it's ok to just download for several months
    and you never need to "give back". You do not need to "post
    something" to "get something".

    In any Binary newsgroup.
    Protect your identity at all times. Use a unique posting name
    (nym) for each of the Binaries groups you decide to post to. If
    you use the same nym everywhere you will find KooKs following you
    around UseNET.

    For the "fast track Newbie" some links to search in helping
    rH, Apr 13, 2006
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