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    This is from a newsletter I get from the Help Desk Institute. I know a lot
    of MCSE here are involved with helpdesks one way or another, so it may be of
    What Techies Want

    Mel Gibson learned "What Women Want" in a movie of the same title and it
    changed his life forever. How would it change the performance of your
    support organization if you learned "What Techies Want?" By "techies," I
    mean those individuals that handle the really difficult issues. Sometimes
    they are in your support organization, sometimes not. We often refer to them
    as Level 2 or Level 3 support.

    Techies Want:

    To work on interesting things-If you can improve your ability to route calls
    based upon skills, you not only benefit the end-user by getting a quicker
    and higher quality resolution, but you increase "techie happiness." This is
    actually important. Happy "techies" are more productive and will stay with
    you longer.

    Also, if you implement tools that make end-users more self-sufficient as
    well as the frontline analysts (technical, but not "techies" for purposes of
    this report), then the "techies" will not have to deal with the common
    stuff. This is called "repetitive stuff syndrome" by "techies." They are
    unhappy when this happens and their brains (and interest) begin to dissolve
    almost immediately. (After a period of time they may begin to drink more and
    marital problems could increase. We don't want that.)

    Interesting tools-Ask them what they want. Tools for "techies" are not
    always expensive. Give them some cookies and milk and get them to relax. Let
    them dream their dreams of the perfect set of tools. Ask them what you can
    do to make them more productive and make their work more interesting. The
    conversation may actually turn to process, training, and quality improvement
    in addition to the tools.

    For people to appreciate them for who they are-Continue the discussion you
    are having with your "techies," and let them know how important they are and
    how their role impacts the overall quality of support and organizational
    productivity. They will care a little bit about the spiel, but mostly will
    feel better that you are talking to them.

    "Techies" love to be used for what they are really good at. They really do
    like to be productive. Discuss with them what is working and what is not.
    Let them know what the customer satisfaction levels are and how they affect

    Let "techies" work on the support issues that allow them to look smart or
    stretch their skills in areas of their interest. Provide technology and
    processes that allow them to communicate solutions back to Level 1 for those
    issues that are repetitive. (If a complete answer is made available to the
    frontline, then the "techies" will likely not have to deal with it in the
    future, thus preventing "repetitive stuff syndrome.")

    Techie Web Sites

    There are a number of technical Web sites that "techies" go to when dealing
    with complex issues, such as:


    HDI has always been known as the leading site for information on support
    organization best practices and how to be a better support professional. In
    the next few weeks we will be launching (re-launching) a new (free) Web site
    for the "Techie Side of Tech Support." We have been doing a lot of research
    and collaboration as to what it is "Techies Want" from a "techie" Web site.
    Challenge: Send me 3 to 5 things you think a "techie" Web site should have
    and you could receive a prize. I will select the top three entries and call
    you to discuss your ideas and you will receive a certificate for a free HDA
    class in September in Chicago. Send to:


    Knowing what "techies" want can be as valuable as knowing what customers
    want. "Techies" are a key resource in (or to) the support organization. You
    must understand their mentality and their needs. They are just like the rest
    of us, they want respect and to be valued. Often times respect is shown by
    providing them the tools they want and other times it is finding ways to
    protect them from repetitive calls. Avoid "repetitive stuff syndrome" if at
    all possible.


    Ron Muns, CEO and Founder
    Help Desk Institute
    Brian, Jun 25, 2004
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