Norton System Works Premier on Vista 64

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Howard Swope, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. Howard Swope

    Howard Swope Guest

    I recently purchased Norton System Works Premier 2008 to run on Vista 64.


    1. Save and Restore 2.0 originally listed itself as a 30 day trial. This was
    very confusing. I spent a lot of time with tech support trying to figure it
    out. I woke up the next morning and it had activated itself. I am not sure
    how this occurred.

    2. Norton System Doctor, part of Norton Utilities, will only read up to 4 GB
    of RAM. All my other system tools show my full 8.

    3. Norton System Doctor's live update monitor always shows me needing an
    update even though I ran live update recently and had all updates.

    4. Defragmenter tool interface is less than desirable.


    1. Cleaner interface

    2. Antivirus seems less intrusive, more performant. (no real evidence to
    back this up, just a feeling).

    3. Save and Restore 2.0.
    I now have my backups running the way that I want. I was not really
    happy with the shadow copy stuff in windows. This tool is fairly versatile.
    I haven't tested the restore (I really should do this).


    The new interface is much better than previous versions. I was at first
    taken back by the simplistic interface. I am not a big fan of dumbed down
    interfaces full of hyper links. I still can't figure out why everyone wants
    to make software look like a web page and shove everything down port 80.
    However, once I looked past my prejudice, I realized that this particular
    interface was clean and elegantly simple. It is much better organized than
    pervious versions. The protection center and antivirus integrated well
    together. The other products bundled were not part of the integrated
    interface. I would like to eventually see them integrated, but not until
    they figure out how do do it correctly. I am glad they didn't force the
    issue to soon.

    Norton Utilities was clearly not given a lot of priority in this release.
    The interface is getting old and tired. There were several things that are
    broken and I have a message into tech support. They also completely
    eliminated the drive map of the disk defragmenter. I was always found of the
    map representing the different file fragments. I like to see them
    rearranging themselves. Now there is just a progress bar. I am disappointed
    in the utilities. This used to be Norton's bread and butter and the reason
    why people even looked at their products. They really ought to spend the
    time and bring old faithful back into the fold.
    Howard Swope, Mar 26, 2008
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