No ideas? Win XP Pro SP2 OE6 attachment open warning "strangeness"

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by All Things Mopar, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. Sorry to repost my own request for help, but this is such an
    acttive NG and ideas flow so quickly, I'm wondering why no one
    has talked about this problem. It has me stumped.

    I just recently took delivery of a high-performance custom-
    built PC. It has an AMD 3700 CPU, a 4 gig memory, a 260 gig
    Maxtoor HD, both a CD/DVD reader and CD/DVD burner.

    My Windows version is /retail/ Win XP Pro SP1 on the CD, but I
    installed SP2 from the free CD Microsoft mailed me. This is
    retail, and /not/ OEM. And, it is activated and /all/ updates
    have been applied on top of SP2.

    On my older SP1 PC, /all/ graphics file types coming to me via
    E-mail in Outlook Express 6 as attachments (not pasted into
    the body of the message) automatically gave me the "do you
    want to open or save?" dialog box when I click on a graphics
    file under the "paper clip" button.

    The non-graphics types, including TXT, DOC, XLS, PPT/PPS, etc.
    never gave a warning, they just opened. However, on my new SP2
    box, all the non-graphics attachments /do/ give a warning.
    That is fine. I feel more secure this way.

    My connundrum is this: /all/ the graphics formats, /all/ of
    them, /except/ JPGs issue the warning before open, which again
    I like. However, /all/ the JPGs will automatically open in
    whatever app I have associated to them (usually that is Jasc's
    Paint Shop Pro 9.01.1).

    First, how do I get the JPGs to trigger the warning, as they
    useed to? Then, how do I get the radio button back as in SP1
    allowing me to choose between "open" and "save"? Yes, there is
    a menu choice to "save attachments" but I like the SP1 way

    I remember seeing somewhere that the XP Registry contains a
    list of "safe" and "unsafe" file extensions which both IE6 and
    OE6 use to decide whether to warn me or not. But, alas, I
    cannot put my finger on that. However, I've since been told
    that whoever told me this, was referring to Outlook, and not
    Outlook Express.

    I /have/ verified that warnings are fully turned on for /all/
    extensions, by looking at Explorer's Tools>Folder options>File
    types, but do not see anything at all amiss. Ditto for Tweak
    UI, X-Setup, and some other utilies I have.

    Surely I am missing something easy here, but I have searched
    for hours in the MS KB using all possible search strings to no
    avail. Ditto for Google.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    ATM, aka Jerry

    "Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately
    explained by stupidity!" - Hanlon's Razor
    All Things Mopar, Nov 3, 2005
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