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    If you are in (or visiting) the SF Bay Area, come check out COBA.

    We are a friendly group of photographers who get together once a month,
    have a friendly contest (the prize is a free 1-year PRO account on
    SmugMug), learn more about photography businesses or services, etc.
    There is no "membership" or "dues" - meetings are open to anyone.

    Details about this month's meeting follow:

    The April meeting for the Camera Owners of the Bay Area (COBA) user
    group will be held on Wednesday, April 9, 2008, in Cordura Hall 100 at
    Stanford University from 7:30-10:00 pm.

    == Agenda ==

    19:00-19:30: Sign-in and mingling period
    19:30-20:30: Albums by NayaCo
    20:30-21:00: Aperture 2.1
    21:00-21:30: China
    21:30-21:45: Monthly Assignment: Fool, Full, and Fuel, and Fool

    == Albums by NayaCo ==

    Naya Yacko will present her company, NayaCo, which produces
    professionally designed albums for professional photographers.

    NayaCo has the heart of a photographer, mind of a technologist and
    creativity of an innovator. That's how we started -- a team of three.
    The photographer was frustrated with album companies and their complex
    price lists, unreliable quality and poor service. She couldn't run her
    business that way and wondered how they could. With the help of the
    technologist and product innovator, NayaCo was founded in 2002. This
    small team rapidly grew and revolutionized the expectations of
    photographers with simple and easy personal service. They introduced a
    family of vibrant products and services that enable photographers to
    expand sales to clients and build lasting relationships.

    Naya will cover the following topics in her talk:

    - Introduction:
    Our Motivation and Philosophy
    - Products and Services:
    Flush Mount Albums
    Custom Design Services
    Creative Photo Products
    Flush Mount Frames
    Photo Crystal
    Signature Rolls
    Personalized Proof Albums
    - Marketing Strategies
    Positioning and Up-selling Products to Clients
    Photography Package Tips
    - Hands-on Product Demo

    == Aperture 2.1 ==

    Apple recently released version 2.1 of its professional photo
    management tool. I'll cover what's new in this release, how it
    compares with the previous version of Aperture, and its performance on
    hardware from a Quad PowerMac G5 to a MacBook Pro to a Mac Pro.

    == China ==

    During my presentation on Aperture 2.1, I will be displaying photos
    from my recent trip to China, where I was photographing and filming
    scenes for an upcoming documentary film. I will also cover various
    equipment and transportation topics, including

    - Traveling with a Pelican 1510 Carry-On Case
    - Hiring a driver
    - To bring or not to bring a backup camera?
    - Limiting your lens choices
    - Backing up

    == Monthly Assignment: Fool, Full, and Fuel, and Fool ==

    This month's contest is no April Fool's. The winner will get a free 1-
    year Pro account subscription on SmugMug for having the best photo of
    the group! Only new photographs taken from the previous meeting date
    to the next meeting date will be accepted.

    == Location ==

    Cordura Hall 100
    210 Panama Street
    Stanford, CA 94309, stanford, ca

    Cordura Hall is on the corner of Campus Drive and Panama Street. Park
    in the lot across the street. Cordura 100 is next to the courtyard
    between Ventura Hall and Cordura Hall.

    == More Information ==

    For more information about COBA, please visit:
    JC Dill, Apr 1, 2008
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