No available wireless networks detected, even when connected to one

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Karl Engel, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. Karl Engel

    Karl Engel Guest

    My wife's Centrino laptop just had its hard drive replaced, and I was
    setting it up so it could reconnect to my wireless ADSL. Weirdness ensued.
    First it connected straight away to my neighbour's wireless ADSL.
    When I went to disconnect in View Available Wireless Networks (which always
    used to show mine and the neighbour's), I got:
    "No wireless networks were found in range". The only way I could disconnect
    was to disable the wireless.
    Then I temporarily disabled my encryption and Mac address filtering,
    re-enabled the wireless and it connected right away to my router (stronger
    signal) but still with nothing showing in Available Wireless Networks. As
    soon as I re-enabled encryption the laptop would just connect to the
    neighbour's again, no way to force it to try to connect to mine & bring up
    the password dialogue.

    Incidentally, the laptop's MAC address had changed too - when I re-enabled
    address filtering in my router it wouldn't connect until I discovered and
    entered in the new Mac address of the laptop. Changing a HD shouldn't have
    changed this, should it? Does this indicate they've swapped it for an
    entirely different unit?

    So now the only security I have is the MAC address filtering which I'm
    obviously not comfortable with. Any ideas why it should be happily
    connecting but showing no available networks? I read a recommendation to
    disable SSID broadcast in the router as a security measure, and maybe this
    could cause the networks to not show up, but I doubt it because [a] my
    router manufacturer D-Link told me this couldn't be disabled in my unit (DSL
    G604-T) and what a coincidence that my neighbour would suddenly disable
    his at the same time that mine's gone, when he doesn't seem to know or care
    about security at all! Oh, and [c] the name of my router (or my
    neighbour's) shows up in Settings>Network Connections>Wireless Network
    Connection>Details when connected.
    Karl Engel, Nov 9, 2005
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