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    If you are interested in the sport of fly fishing then Bennett-Watt Media
    has several instructional DVDs for you. On December 23rd they will release:
    Fly Fishing Video Magazine: Utah's Green River Trout
    Hooked On Fly Fishing: Life Cycle of the Caddis Fly With Rene Harrop
    Hooked On Fly Tying: Basic Saltwater Fly Tying With Jamie Dickinson
    Hooked On Fly Tying: Classic Wet Flies & Nymphs With Dick Talleur
    Hooked On Fly Tying: Hoppers, Ants & Beetles With James Bowen
    Hooked On Fly Tying: Introduction to Tube Flies With Dick Talleur
    Hooked On Fly Tying: Mayflies: Drake Series With James Bowen
    Hooked On Fly Tying: Rene's Favorite Flies With Rene Harrop
    Hooked On Fly Tying: Stonefly Patterns With James Bowen
    Hooked On Fly Tying: Tube Fly Patterns & Techniques With Dick Talleur
    Hooked On Fly Tying: Tying With Turkey With Rene Harrop
    Each title will list for $24.95.

    Announced by Columbia/Tri-Star for release on February 7th:
    Cary Grant (5-Disc Box Set)
    Cutting Edge: Going For The Gold
    Hitch / Bewitched (2-Pack)
    Net / Net 2.0 (2-Pack)
    Net 2.0

    Fox has some titles set for March releases. There are some things for the
    kiddies, Shirley Temple and a few classic mysteries from the forties,
    fifties and sixties.
    March 7th:
    Anastasia (Family Fun Edition)
    Fallen Angel
    House On Telegraph Hill
    No Way Out (1950)
    White Shadow: Season 2

    March 14th:
    David & Bathsheba
    Ferngully (Family Fun Edition)
    Five Weeks In A Balloon
    Rusty: Great Rescue
    Simple Life 3: Interns
    Story Of Ruth
    Thief Lord

    March 21st:
    Over There: Season #1
    Roach Approach: Slingshot Slugger
    Shirley Temple Collection #3: Dimples / Little Colonel / Littlest Rebel
    Shirley Temple: Dimples
    Shirley Temple: Little Colonel
    Shirley Temple: Littlest Rebel

    Paramount will release the Nicholas Cage flick, Weatherman on February 21st.
    There are separate Pan & Scan and widescreen versions, both with Dolby 5.1
    audio listing for $29.95.

    Announced by Anchor Bay for release:
    February 7th
    Crunch: Super Slimdown
    Crunch: Total Resculpt
    Demon Hunter
    Grounded For Life: Season #1
    Loving & Cheating
    Rockin' With Roseanne: Calling All Kids
    Thomas & Friends: Comes To Breakfast
    Thomas & Friends: Comes To Breakfast (w/ Train)
    Thomas & Friends: Really Brave Engine
    Thomas & Friends: Really Brave Engine (w/ Train)

    February 21st:
    3rd Rock From The Sun: Season 3
    Vice Squad

    Fox has announced that they will be releasing more UMD titles for PS2
    January 3rd:
    Alien Vs. Predator (UMD)
    Behind Enemy Lines (UMD)
    Day After Tomorrow (UMD)
    Elektra (UMD)

    February 7th:
    Speed (UMD)
    There's Something About Mary (UMD)
    Each title will list for $19.95.

    Coming soon from Paramount:
    March 14th:
    MacGyver: Seasons #1 - #5
    MacGyver: The Complete 5th Season
    Time Management From The Inside Out

    March 21st:
    Blue's Clues: Blue's Room - Fred's Birthday
    Coney Island
    Eugene O'Neill
    Mind Of Mencia: Season #1
    South Park: The Complete 7th Season
    Stalag 17 (Collector's Edition)
    Ten Commandments (50th Anniversary Edition)
    The Way West

    Shout Factory has a couple more classic television season sets:
    April 25th:
    Inspector Gadget: Animated Series

    May 2nd:
    That Girl: Season #1

    Sony Music has some new announcements for the kids:
    March 7th:
    Family Classics: Adventure #1
    Family Classics: Princesses
    Go Go Gophers: Best Of
    Lassie: Flight Of The Cougar
    Peter Cottontail Collection
    Return To Oz
    Tennessee Tuxedo: Best Of
    Veggietales: Sheerluck Holmes & The Golden Ruler

    The latest Cameron Crowe flick, Elizabethtown, staring Orlando Bloom and
    Kirsten Dunst, will be released by Paramount on February 7th. There will be
    separate Pan & Scan and anamorphic versions both with Dolby 5.1 audio and
    listing for $29.95.

    Also on February 7th is the video game inspired action film, Doom. There are
    four separate versions, Pan & Scan, anamorphic widescreen and UMD, all
    unrated and a R rated Pan & Scan release. The list price will be $29.95.

    Coming from Buena Vista on March 7th:
    Crimson Tide (Unrated Extended Cut)
    Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (Little Black Book Edition)
    Remember The Titans (Unrated Extended Cut)
    Each will list for $19.99.

    Delta Entertainment will release several discs of the Sunday Morning
    Sunday Morning Shootout: Executive Shuffle / And The Oscar Goes To.
    Sunday Morning Shootout: The Best Of Season 1
    Sunday Morning Shootout: The New Breed Of Leading Men / Women In Film
    Sunday Morning Shootout: The Triple Threat - The Directors
    All are set to street on December 27th.

    Warner Brothers will release Dog Day Afternoon (Special Edition) on December
    28th. Details such as extras are forthcoming. The list price will be $26.99.

    Please note: UMD refers to Universal Media Discs, a variation used by
    Playstation 2 devices.

    Stop by for a complete downloadable information list of all region one DVDs
    in several formats as well as daily changes. Currently the main database
    contains 76,485 titles. Changes and additions this week number 485 and there
    are 2,402 due to be released titles. Updated lists for discontinued,
    cancelled, postponed and rescheduled titles as well as lists for DTS, ES/EX
    and Superbit titles. UPC numbers and original release dates are included in
    the fields. There is also a comprehensive list of titles that were
    rescheduled or reissued. Search function for the database, (including UPC
    search) complements of site partner and friend, Michael's Movie

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    Begins.Desperate Housewives, The Interpreter, Charmed: Season 2, Brady
    Bunch: Season 3, Inside Deep Throat, SCTV: Vol. 4, Carlito's Way, Coal
    Miner's Daughter, The Deer Hunter, To Kill A Mockingbird, Childstar and
    Lost: Season 1. Updates to the DVD database, including release
    specifications usually made twice daily.

    Please stop by and visit.
    Thank you.

    Doug MacLean
    Doug MacLean, Dec 6, 2005
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