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    Some anime from Bandi Entertainment.
    May 1st:
    Fantasma #1

    May 15th:
    Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny #8
    Tide-Line Blue #1

    May 29th:
    Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya #1
    Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya #1 (Special Limited Edition)

    June 5th:
    Blue Submarine No. 6 #1 - 4: Complete Collection (Anime Legends Edition)
    Eureka Seven #7
    Eureka Seven #7 (Special Edition)

    Due out soon from Blue Underground.
    May 29th:
    Circle Of Iron (Special Edition/ 2-Disc)

    June 26th:
    Going Under (2004)

    Announced for a release on June 5th from Columbia/Tri-Star:
    Cruel Intentions (Blu-ray)
    Few Good Men (Blu-ray)
    Hellboy (2004/ Blu-ray)
    Hex: The Complete 1st Season
    Jerry Maguire (Blu-ray)
    Meatballs (Columbia/Tri-Star/ Blu-ray)
    Meatballs (Columbia/Tri-Star/ Special Edition)
    Messengers (Blu-ray)
    Messengers (UMD)
    Rescue Me: The Complete 3rd Season
    Rescue Me: The Complete 3rd Season (Blu-ray)
    Secrets Of The Code
    Seinfeld: The Complete 8th Season

    Added to the release list from Fox.
    April 10th:
    Guide For A Married Woman
    Perfect Couple
    Picture Perfect (1997)
    Working Girl

    May 8th:
    That Thing You Do! (Extended Cut)

    May 22nd:
    Epic Movie (PG-13 Version)
    Epic Movie (Unrated Version)
    Porky's (One Size Fits All Edition)
    Porky's: The Ultimate Collection

    June 5th:
    Abyss (Director's Cut)
    Alien (Lenticular)
    AVP: Alien Vs. Predator (PG-13 Version/ Widescreen)
    Dark Angel: The Complete 1st Season (ThinPak)
    Dark Angel: The Complete 2nd Season (Special Edition/ ThinPak)
    Fall Guy (1981): Season 1, Vol. 1
    Fall Guy (1981): Season 1, Vol. 2
    Fall Guy (1981): The Complete 1st Season
    Fantastic Four (2005/ Widesecreen/ Extended Edition)
    Fantastic Voyage (Special Edition)
    Neptune Factor
    Predator (Widescreen/ Lenticular)
    Sand Pebbles (Special Edition)
    Twelve O'Clock High (Special Edition)
    Von Ryan's Express (Special Edition)
    Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (Global Warming Edition)

    June 12th:
    Cast Away (Widescreen/ Special Edition/ Steelbook)
    Charley's Aunt
    Day After Tomorrow (Widescreen/ Collector's Edition/ Steelbook)
    Die Hard (Special Edition/ Steelbook)
    Fight Club (Collector's Edition/ Steelbook)
    Hustler (Collector's Edition)
    Independence Day (Pan & Scan/ 1-Disc Special Edition/ Sensormatic)
    Independence Day (Widescreen/ 1-Disc Special Edition/ Sensormatic)
    Jeeves Collection
    Man On Fire (Collector's Edition/ Steelbook)
    Omen (1976/ Collector's Edition/ Steelbook)
    Practice: Season 1, Vol. 1
    Three Musketeers (1939)
    Verdict (Collector's Edition)
    X2: X-Men United (Widescreen/ Special Edition/ Steelbook)

    June 19th:
    Devil Wears Prada (Widescreen) / 9 To 5 (a.k.a. Nine To Five/ Widescreen)
    Die Hard (O-Ring)
    Die Hard 2: Die Harder (O-Ring)
    Die Hard 3: Die Hard With A Vengeance (O-Ring)
    Die Hard Collection (w/ Movie Money): Die Hard / Die Hard 2: Die Harder
    Everyone's Hero / Robots
    Everyone's Hero / Sandlot
    Flicka / Because Of Winn-Dixie
    Flicka / Man From Snowy River
    Flicka / Where The Heart Is (2000)
    Gray Matters
    Illusionist (Widescreen) / The Order (2003)
    Illusionist (Widescreen) / The Visitation
    Marine (PG-13 Version) / Behind Enemy Lines
    Marine (PG-13 Version) / True Lies
    Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea: Season 3, Vol. 1
    X-Men: The Last Stand (Widescreen) / Daredevil (2003/ Widescreen)
    X-Men: The Last Stand (Widescreen) / Elektra (Widescreen/ PG-13 Version)

    Announced by Home Vision.
    June 5th:
    How To Eat Your Watermelon In White Company [And Enjoy It]

    June 12th:
    Zatoichi The Blind Swordsman 01 - 04

    Juen 26th:
    Darwin's Nightmare

    Image has a number of titles announced for release.
    June 5th:
    Alone In The Dark (1982) / Afraid Of The Dark / Relentless 3 / Relentless 4
    Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari (2005)
    Cherry Ridez, Vol. 1
    Cherry Ridez, Vol. 2
    Greg Lake: In Concert
    Hurricane On The Bayou
    In Search Of A Golden Sky
    Joe Rogan: Live
    Milistary: Combat Ready: War Games / Insurgency
    Military: Gun Camera
    Passport To Europe: France & Italy
    Prince Of Pennsylvania / Pros & Cons / Bodies, Rest & Motion (2-Disc)
    Ultimate Fighting Female Boxing
    Unholy Matrimony / My Third Wife George

    June 12th:
    Clown Murders
    Doc Martin: Series 1
    Madam City Hunter

    June 19th:
    Bugs!: A Rainforest Adventure: IMAX / Making Of Bugs
    Deadtime Stories / Tales Of Death
    Last Run (2004)

    Juen 26th:
    New Statesman
    Sammy Hagar And The Wabos: Livin' It Up!: In St. Louis

    Announced by Lion's Gate.
    May 29th:
    Weeds: Season 1 (Blu-ray)

    June 5th:
    4 Musketeers
    Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck
    Comedy Club Greats
    Dead Zone (2002/ TV Series): The Complete 5th Season

    Some more double feature packs are due out on May 8th from MGM/UA.
    Easy Money (1983) / Back To School (1986)
    Fargo (MGM/UA/ Special Edition) / Rain Man
    Magnificent Seven (1960) / The Alamo (1960)
    Out Of Time (2003/ Special Edition) / The Mighty Quinn
    Platoon (MGM/UA) / Windtalkers
    Semi-Tough / Gator

    Pan's Labyrinth will be released by New Line Cinema on May 15th with both
    widescreen and a special edition.

    Due out from Paramount.
    May 22nd:
    El Dorado / Hatari (Double Feature)
    In Harm's Way / Donovan's Reef (Double Feature)
    Sons Of Katie Elder / The Shootist (Double Feature)

    June 19th:
    Perry Mason: The 2nd Season, Vol. 1

    Universal will release the romantic comedy 'Can't Hurry Love' featuring
    Diana Keaton, Lauren Graham, Mandy Moore and Piper Perabo on May 8th. There
    will be both Pan & Scan as well as widescreen releases on that date. The
    list price will be $29.98.

    Universal also has the fifth season of Monk and the first season of Psych
    from the USA Friday night lineup due out on June 26th. You can get them
    separately or together in a two pack.

    Some HD-DVD releases are planned by Universal for May 29th:
    Big Lebowski (Universal/ Widescreen/ HD-DVD)
    Frighteners (Director's Cut/ HD-DVD)
    River (HD-DVD)

    Announced by Warner Brothers.
    May 8th:
    Astronaut Farmer
    Painted Veil

    May 15th:
    Fountain (Pan & Scan)
    Fountain (Widescreen)
    Fountain (Widescreen/ Blu-ray)
    Fountain (Widescreen/ HD-DVD)

    June 19th:
    Best Foot Forward
    Big Street
    Critic's Choice
    Dance, Girl, Dance
    Du Barry Was A Lady
    Lucille Ball Film Collection: The Big Street / Critic's Choice / Dance Girl
    Dance / Du Barry Was A Lady / Mame

    June 26th:
    Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman
    Big Cube
    Colossus Of Rhodes
    Cult Camp Classics, Vol. 1: Sci Fi Thrillers: Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman /
    The Giant Behemoth / Queen Of Outer Space
    Cult Camp Classics, Vol. 2: Women In Peril: Trog / The Big Cube / Caged
    Cult Camp Classics, Vol. 3: Terrorized Travelers: Hot Rods To Hell /
    Skyjacked / Zero Hour
    Cult Camp Classics, Vol. 4: Historical Epics: Colossus Of Rhodes / The
    Prodigal / Land Of The Pharoahs
    Giant Behemoth
    Hot Rods To Hell
    Land Of The Pharoahs
    Queen Of Outer Space
    Zero Hour!

    Announced by the Weinstein Company.
    May 22nd:
    Mistress Of Spices

    June 5th:
    Hannibal Rising (Pan & Scan)
    Hannibal Rising (Widescreen)

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    Thank you.

    Doug MacLean
    Doug MacLean, Mar 20, 2007
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