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    A.D. Vision
    April 1st:
    Cutey Honey / Kekko Kame

    April 15th:
    Conduct Zero / Marrying The Mafia

    May 6th:
    Devil May Cry #2: Level 2
    Magikano #3: Witch's Flight
    Tokyo Majin #3: Bodhisattva Eye

    May 13th:
    Kanon #4
    Project Blue Earth SOS #3: Victory!
    Welcome To The NHK #4: 4th Conspiracy

    May 20th:
    Moonlight Mile (2007) #3: Conspiracy Of Honor
    Parasite Dolls / A.D. Police
    Shattered Angels #1: Kyoshiro & The Eternal Sky

    May 27:
    Nerima Daikon Brothers #1 - 3: Complete Collection
    Pumpkin Scissors #4: Inferno
    Wallflower Lesson 3: 10 Things I Hate About Yuki

    Alpha Video
    March 25th:
    Bob Steele Double Feature: Billy The Kid's Fighting Pals / Big Calibre
    Everyman's Law
    Golden Age Of Television, Vol. 3: None But My Foe / Trial Of Peter Zenger
    Grindhouse Horror Collection, Vol. 1: Carnival Of Blood / Undertaker And His
    Pals / Good Against Evil / The Severed Arm / ...
    Hoot Gibson Westerns Collection, Vol. 1: Boiling Point (1932) / Cowboy
    Counselor / Fighting Parson / Frontier Justice / ...
    Kid Sister
    Lost Crime Shows: The Shadow / Unsolved / Chicago 2-1-2 / The Bogus Green
    Lost TV Comedy: Dennis Day Show / Daddy-O / Little Amy / Time OutfFor Ginger
    Man From Headquarters
    Perfect Clue
    Pinky Lee Show, Vol. 1
    Texas Rangers: Collection, Vol. 1: Dead Or Alive (1944) / Enemy Of The Law /
    Guns Of The Law / Gunsmoke Mesa / ...
    Texas Rangers: Return Of The Rangers
    Zorro's Fighting Legion (Alpha Video): The Complete Serial

    Anchor Bay
    May 13th:
    Incredible Hulk Returns

    May 27th:
    Dario Argento Collection: Phenomena / Tenebre / Do You Like Hitchcock? / The
    Card Player / Trauma

    July 22nd:
    Henry & The Elephant

    Criterion Collection
    May 13th:
    Fire Within
    Lovers (1958)

    20th Century Fox
    April 29th:
    27 Dresses (Widescreen/ Blu-ray)

    June 3rd:
    Longest Day (Blu-ray)
    Patton (Blu-ray)
    Sand Pebbles (Blu-ray)

    June 10th:
    All The Right Moves / Lucas (Double Feature)
    Anna And The King (Widescreen/ Special Edition) / Anna And The King Of Siam
    Bachelor Party / Revenge Of The Nerds (Panty Raid Edition)
    Bedazzled (1967) / Bedazzled (2000/ Special Edition)
    Cheaper By The Dozen (1950) / Cheaper By The Dozen (2003)
    Doctor Dolittle (1967) / Dr. Dolittle (1998/ Widescreen)
    Fantastic Four (2006): Worlds Greatest Heroes: Complete Season 1
    Flight Of The Phoenix (1965) / Flight Of The Phoenix (2004/ Widescreen/
    Special Edition)
    Fly (1958) / The Fly (1986/ Collector's Edition)
    Good Son / The Other
    Less Than Zero / The Pick-Up Artist
    Moulin Rouge (1952) / Moulin Rouge (2001/ 1-Disc Special Edition)
    My Friend Flicka / Flicka (2006)
    Omen (1976) / Omen (2006/ Widescreen)
    Planet Of The Apes (1968/ Special Edition) / Planet Of The Apes (2001/
    1-Disc Special Edition)

    June 17th:
    Carmen Miranda Collection: Doll Face / Greenwich Village / If I'm Lucky /
    Something For The Boys / The Gang's All Here
    Doll Face
    Gang's All Here (1943/ Remastered)
    Greenwich Village
    If I'm Lucky
    Inspector Gadget: Big Little Problems
    Something For The Boys

    June 24th:
    Futurama: Best With A Billion Backs

    May 27th:
    Celebration: 40 Years Of Opera: Australia
    Churchill: The Life And Speeches
    Classical Images: Concert In Nature
    George Segal: American Still Life
    Hans Van Manen Festival
    James Galway: James Galway At The Waterfront In Belfast
    Magic In The Air And Bantry House Music
    Maxim Vengerov: Playing By Heart And Masterclass
    Puccini: Madama Butterfly
    Stravinsky: Once At A Border ...
    Titanic: Born In Belfast
    Verdi: Nabucco

    May 13th:
    Magnificent Seven Collection: Guns Of The Magnificent Seven / Magnificent
    Seven / Magnificent Seven Ride! / Return Of The ...

    June 3rd:
    City Slickers (Collector's Edition)

    June 10th:
    Eddie And The Cruisers / Eddie And The Cruisers II: Eddie Lives!

    New Line
    April 22nd:
    Orphanage (Blu-ray)

    April 22nd:
    Cloverfield (Special Edition)

    June 17th:
    Dynasty (1981): The 3rd Season, Vol. 1
    Naked Brothers Band: Polar Bears
    Sabrina, The Teenage Witch: The 1st - 4th Seasons
    Sabrina, The Teenage Witch: The 4th Season
    Transformers: Animated Movie

    June 24th:
    Tak & The Power Of Juju: Trouble With Magic

    Warner Brothers
    April 29th:
    Ocean's Eleven (2001/ Warner Brothers/ Widescreen/ Blu-ray)
    Ocean's Twelve (Blu-ray)

    May 6th:
    P.S. I Love You
    P.S. I Love You (Blu-ray)

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    Galatica s3, Bionic Woman s1, Sisters (2007), The Kill Point, Tin Man, Into
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    Doug MacLean
    Doug MacLean, Mar 11, 2008
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