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    Announced by Anchor Bay.
    June 5th:
    Inside Out

    June 12th:
    Masters Of Horror: Joe Dante: The Screwfly Solution

    June 26th:
    Four Last Songs

    Braun Media has some music titles due out on May 15th:
    Dean Martin: The Music Makers: Dean Martin The Magic Of The Music
    Elvis Presley: The Music Masters: Elvis Presley The Early Years
    Frank Sinatra: The Music Masters: Frank Sinatra The Magic Of The Music
    Johnny Cash: The Music Masters: Johnny Cash The Man In Black
    Judy Garland: The Music Masters: Judy Garland Quiet Please There's A Lady On
    Nat King Cole: The Music Masters: Nat King Cole The Magic Of The Music
    Sammy Davis Jr.: The Music Masters: Sammy Davis Jr. Mr. Wonderful
    Tony Bennett: The Music Masters: Tony Bennett The Sound Of Velvet

    Buena Vista has added a few new announcements.
    June 19th:
    Bridge To Terabithia (Pan & Scan)
    Bridge To Terabithia (Widescreen)
    Bridge To Terabithia (Widescreen/ Blu-ray)

    November 20th:
    My Friends Tigger & Pooh: Super Sleuth Christmas Movie
    Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (Blu-ray)

    Coming up from Columbia/Tri-Star.
    June 19th:
    Silver Spoons: The Complete 1st Season

    June 26th:
    Lives Of Others
    Lives Of Others (Blu-ray)
    Wedding Wars

    The Criterion Collection is added a few new titles.
    June 12th:
    Late Ozu: Early Spring / Tokyo Twilight / Equinox Flower / Late Autumn / The
    End Of Summer
    Two Of Us (1967)

    June 19th:
    If... (Special Edition)
    Sweet Movie
    WR: Mysteries Of The Organism

    June 26th:
    La Jetee / Sans Soleil

    On May 1st Fox has a few releases.
    Black Rose (Sensormatic)
    Captain From Castile (Sensormatic)
    Prince Of Foxes (Sensormatic)
    Son Of Fury (Sensormatic)

    Coming up from HBO.
    June 26th:
    Louis C.K.: Shameless

    July 3rd:
    George Lopez: America's Mexican

    July 17th:
    P. Diddy Presents The Bad Boys Of Comedy: Season 2

    Due out care of Kultur on June 26th:
    Ballet For Boys
    Dancing In The Light
    Divergence: Australian Ballet
    Famous Authors: George Eliot
    Famous Authors: Herman Melville
    Famous Authors: James Joyce
    Famous Authors: Jonathan Swift
    Famous Authors: Percy Bysshe Shelley
    Famous Authors: Victor Hugo
    Famous Authors: Virginia Woolf
    Famous Authors: Walt Whitman
    Famous Authors: William Wordsworth
    Fischer-Dieskau: Autumn Journey / Schubert Recital
    Franz Schubert: Winterreise / Over The Top
    Gary Puckett: Pop Legends Live
    Nunsensations! The Nunsense Vegas Revue
    Pinchas Zukerman: The Huberman Festival
    Sensual Salsa
    Ton Koopman: Bach Cantatas
    William Forsythe: From A Classical Position / Just Dancing Around

    Lion's Gate has announced some titles for release on June 26th:
    Grandes Compositores, Vol. 2: Alejandro Lora / Oscar Chavez
    Haunted Forest
    Hijas De Su Madre: Las Buenrostro
    Mujeres Revolucionarias: Elena Poniatowska / Frida Kahlo

    Coming soon from Paramount.
    June 5th:
    Hogan's Heroes: The Complete 1st - 6th Seasons

    June 19th:
    Noah's Arc (Paramount): The Complete 2nd Season

    June 26th:
    Reno 911!: The Complete 4th Season
    Street Anthology: Biker Boyz (Widescreen) / Four Brothers / Get Rich Or Die
    Trying / Hustle & Flow / Juice

    July 3rd:
    Blue's Clues: Blue's Room: Little Blue Riding Hood
    Dora The Explorer: Summer Explorer
    Go Diego Go!: Ready, Set, Go!

    July 10th:DVD_Title
    Epic Legends Collection: Braveheart (Special Edition) / Gladiator (2000/
    Special Edition/ / 1-Disc)
    My Super Sweet 16: Season 1 & 2
    My Super Sweet 16: The Movie

    July 24th:
    John Grisham's The Rainmaker (Special Collector's Edition)
    Star Trek: Fan Collective: Captain's Log

    Announced by Warner Brothers.
    May 15th:
    Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
    Batman (1989)
    Batman Returns
    Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie
    Caddyshack (20th Anniversary Edition)
    Cats & Dogs (Pan & Scan/ Special Edition)
    Cats & Dogs (Widescreen/ Special Edition)
    Chasing Liberty (Pan & Scan)
    Chasing Liberty (Widescreen)
    Clifford's Really Big Movie
    Color Purple (Movie-Only Edition)
    Full Metal Jacket
    Goonies (Special Edition)
    Green Mile
    Gremlins (Movie-Only Edition)
    Heat (1995)
    Matrix (Warner Brothers/ Special Edition)
    Natural Born Killers (Warner Brothers/ Theatrical Version/ Special Edition)
    Ocean's Eleven (2001/ Warner Brothers/ Special Edition/ Pan & Scan)
    Ocean's Eleven (2001/ Warner Brothers/ Special Edition/ Widescreen)
    Omega Man
    Perfect Storm (Warner Brothers/ Special Edition)
    See Spot Run (Special Edition)
    Shawshank Redemption (Movie-Only Edition)
    Sour Grapes
    True Romance (Director's Cut)
    Unforgiven (1992/ Movie-Only Edition)
    Walk To Remember (Widescreen/ Special Edition)

    May 22nd:
    Letters From Iwo Jima (Blu-ray/ Special Edition)
    Letters From Iwo Jima (Special Edition)
    Letters From Iwo Jima (Special Edtion) / Flags Of Our Fathers (5-Disc
    Commemorative Edition)
    Letters From Iwo Jima: Special Edition (Special Edition/ DVD/HD-DVD Combo)

    July 24th:
    Tales From The Crypt: The Complete 1st - 6th Seasons
    Tales From The Crypt: The Complete 6th Season

    July 31st:
    Popeye The Sailor: 1933-1938, Vol. 1

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    Thank you.

    Doug MacLean
    Doug MacLean, Apr 10, 2007
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