nasty little problem with an ATI card in a Dell

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Peter Huebner, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. Friend's video card went on the blink in his Dell Dimension 8300.
    Windows XP SP3m b.t.w. I got him another card, a Saphire HD 2400 AGP.
    Plugged the card in, installed all the drivers - install took simply
    forever, and the computer afterwards ran like a snail on sadatives (or,
    as he put it: back to the 386 days).
    After uninstalling first ATI Hypervision, then the .net 2.0 and C++
    runtimes the driver disk had installed things improved a little, but not
    much. Uninstalling Comodo yielded more improvement, but not all that
    good. I then used the ATI uninstaller (which crashed) but all the ati
    stuff was gone.

    Without a driver the computer ran at good speed. I could even change
    resolution in the display properties. Of course, the 'detected new
    hardware' thing came up, and this time I installed the barebones driver
    from the CD only - and yet again, a considerable performance hit.

    Does anybody know of a way of running the card either without a driver
    (without the hadware discovery kicking in every time) or of an
    alternative, or maybe there's some other knack that I hadn't heard of?

    The driver in question is dated 2007, b.t.w., but I haven't found any
    agp drivers on ATIs site for downloading.

    cheers, -Peter
    Peter Huebner, Aug 5, 2009
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  2. In article <4a7ab2e6$>, says...
    > Even though the old card died - did you get a chance to uninstall those ATI
    > drivers before you installed the new ones for the HD 2400?
    > There could be some driver mess that needs cleaning up - you could try
    > something like Driver Sweeper or attempt to manually check the status of the
    > drivers.

    I uninstalled the old Nvidia drivers.

    > The fact that the ATI Uninstaller crashed is concerning. I do know that ATI
    > aren't as good as Nvidia with their drivers but when I had an ATI card a few
    > years back it all seemed to work fine.

    It crashed, yet, it did in fact remove all the ati drivers and software
    that had been installed by the CD. Go figure.

    > The card should always perform and look better with the correct drivers so
    > it is worth perservering in my opinion.

    Generally I've never hesitated to put ati cards into any machine, my
    experience of them has consistently been extremely good. This is clearly
    a driver issue since the card worked very well in vga generic mode. I
    was wondering if something is known about a conflict between SP3 and AGP

    I have found a couple of AGP'hotfix' files on Sapphire's website and
    will attempt to apply these at the next opportunity. ATI don't have any
    agp drivers listed on their site at all - not so I can find them anyhow.

    cheers, -Peter
    Peter Huebner, Aug 7, 2009
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