Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Rob, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. Rob

    Rob Guest

    Anyone use this company for registering domain names through, and have had
    billing problems?
    I registered a few domains through them last year. Some of the domains I
    decided not to renew, and set them not to autorenew in the console, and the
    domains I wanted to keep I transferred to

    However when the domains came up for renewal names4ever/aplus decided to
    charge my credit card for the amounts, even though I had switched and
    renewed them through a new provider, or for the ones I didn't want, I had
    set them not to autorenew themselves.

    They actually have two totally different consoles, one for aplus, and one
    for names4ever, and each display conflicting information in them. Even
    though I had
    set them not to renew themselves in the names4ever console, they had been
    set to renew by the aplus system in the aplus console.

    This company keeps your credit card details on record, and doesn't appear to
    update their records when a domain is transferred.
    I have emailed them, and it is like talking to a brick wall, as they don't
    read the emails properly, and slow things down by asking stupid questions
    that were explained in the email. After a lot of hassle they finally
    agreed that they have made errors, and will look at refunding the amounts,
    but I will be out of pocket due to exchange rate differences when converting
    between US and NZ dollars.

    I was thinking about just issuing a chargeback on my credit card, as the
    company were charging my credit card without my permission, for stuff I
    hadn't purchased. Has anyone
    done this before and does it cost to do this with National bank visa? Does
    anyone know if it is possible to block a company using your credit card
    details that they have stored?
    Names4ever do have a warning on their website, that if an amount is charged
    back, that they will charge you a very large chargeback fee.

    This is a company won't be using again.
    Rob, Oct 19, 2004
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