My email Address being used by Spammer/Virus person

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by bobster, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. bobster

    bobster Guest

    I use Outlook Express for my email client (yeah, I know) and have for 6
    uneventful years. However, lately I have encountered some major
    problems. I need help!

    I recently downloaded a free 30 day trial of iHate Spam (Sun Coast
    software), software highly recommended by PC World and others. I
    decided not to buy the paid version and since then have been receiving
    40-50 spam messages per day. I can't say with certainty that iHateSpam
    is the culprit. Their EULA, which I foolishly didn't read until after I
    downloaded the free trial, says something to the effect that they may
    from time to time allow others to send messages/offers to me if they
    (Sun Coast) deem them to be of value to me. This seems to leave me open
    to anything they or any of their associates want to send.

    Now I can deal with the current level of spam, but in the last few
    weeks, I have received emails kicked back to me that used my email
    address but did not originate with me. Also received two messages from
    friends who said they received an email from me (that I didn't send)
    that their AV program said contained a virus. That really troubles me
    as not all of my email friends are knowledgeable enough to have a good
    AV program.

    I have considered changing my email address and notifying everyone in my
    address book not to open anything from my old address but this is messy
    as I use many online services that need to use my email address but
    which are not in my address book.

    My question:

    If I just changed my "from" name (It's now my own real name) to, say, my
    wife's name and informed my address book list to NEVER open email with
    my name in the "from" line, but that mail with my wife's name in the
    "from" line is good mail from us, would this protect my email friends
    from opening infected/bogus emails that appear to come from me?

    bobster, Apr 7, 2004
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  2. Gil

    Gil Guest

    "bobster" <> wrote in message
    > I use Outlook Express for my email client (yeah, I know) and have for 6
    > uneventful years. However, lately I have encountered some major
    > problems. I need help!

    I've been having the same problem. I got the following from my isp.

    Dear Insight Broadband Services Member<br><br>
    Thank you for contacting Insight Internet Investigations and Security
    Unfortunately, it appears that your E-mail address has been forged as the
    return address by a spammer sending Unsolicited Commercial E-mail
    (UCE).&nbsp; Junk mailers often will randomly select an E-mail address from
    their list and insert it as a forgery into the 'From' line in an effort to
    avoid detection.&nbsp; In some cases, bounce back messages and removal
    requests then go to the unfortunate owner of the forged E-mail
    address.&nbsp; <br><br>
    The majority of mail clients have filtering features that will enable you to
    filter out and auto delete any unwanted bounce back messages and/or removal
    requests.&nbsp; The WURD (WorldNet Users Reference Desk) has instructions
    for each mail program. The WURD is located at the following URL. If you
    click on the &quot;search&quot; feature and enter the word
    &quot;filter&quot;, a page with various ways to filter out junk mail for the
    different programs will display. Choose the one that applies to you and <br>
    follow the instructions.<br><br>
    <a href="">http</a>://www.wurd.<a
    </a>If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at
    &lt;&gt;.&nbsp; <br><br>
    Thank you for using Insight Broadband<br><br>
    Insight Internet Investigations and Security Services Team<br>
    Gil, Apr 7, 2004
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