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  1. The Library DVD Shelf

    Terry Pratchett's Discworld Collection: Wyrd Sisters & Soul Music
    Acorn Media Group
    8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 620, Silver Spring, MD 20910-3403
    DVD, $39.99 www.acornmedia.com

    Terry Pratchett's Discworld Collection: Wyrd Sisters & Soul Music
    collects the animated adaptions of two of Terry Pratchett's widely
    beloved Discworld fantasy series. Created by the award-winning
    animators of Cosgrove Hall Films, these DVDs faithfully bring both
    novels to life with their wit and wisdom intact - and even a little
    extra polish not possible on the printed page, such as the toe-tapping
    rock-and-roll pastiches in the "Soul Music" soundtrack. In "Wyrd
    Sisters", three witches have to confront a destructive king - but they
    cannot use their magic to overthrow him directly, because what magic
    rules, magic destroys. Only the true heir to the throne can set things
    right - or can he? In "Soul Music", Death literally takes a holiday,
    leaving his recently orphaned teenage granddaughter (the child of his
    adopted daughter and his former apprentice) to take over the Duty.
    It's a difficult enough job, but when she encounters a handsome young
    man possessed by the essence of rock-'n'-roll, she is determined to
    save him before the music burns out his life, Duty be damned! Suitable
    for viewers of all ages (though adults will more readily grasp the
    sophisticated dimensions of Pratchett's humor), Terry Pratchett's
    Discworld Collection is an absolute "must-have" for fans of humorous
    fantasy in general and Pratchett's work in particular. Special
    features such as storyboards, an interview with Terry Pratchett,
    character bios, and more round out this treasury, worthy of the
    absolute highest recommendation for both library and personal
    collections, as well as for birthday or holiday gift-giving.

    Faerie Tale Theatre
    Koch Vision
    c/o Koch Entertainment
    22 Harbor Park Drive, Port Washington, NY 11050
    Foundry Communications (publicity)
    KOC-DV-6544, $99.98

    Actress, producer and director Shelley Duvall created one of the most
    original and popular approaches to classic fairy tales with the
    creation of her 26 episode television series 'Faerie Tale Theatre'.
    Each week children and their parents were treated to live action
    performances of beloved fairy tales featuring headlines stars that
    included Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Helen Mirren, Susan Sarandon,
    James Earl Jones, Liza Minnelli, Eric Idle, Howie Mandell, Carrie
    Fisher, and so many more of Hollywood's best known. The roster of
    directors was equally prestigious and included Francis Ford Coppola,
    Peter Medak, Tim Burton, Roger Vadim, and others just as renowned.
    Great attention was given to costuming and set design in every episode
    that ranged across a spectrum of cultures to include such diverse
    stories as 'Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp', to 'Cinderella', to 'The
    Little Mermaid', to 'The Three Little Pigs', to The Pied Piper of
    Hamelin, and twenty-one others. A 7-disc boxed set of flawlessly
    recorded productions, the DVD format includes such bonus features as
    "Lost Episode: 'Faerie Tale Theatre's Greatest Moments'; Vintage
    Faerie Tale Theatre, Presentation Reel with Shelley Duvall, and B-Roll
    Promo Footage. The box set is enhanced with the inclusion of a photo-
    rich 112-page storybook featuring all 26 fairy tales, as well as a '3-
    in-1' Faerie Tale Theatre Game (custom playing cards, memory math and
    trivia). Ideal for both family and community library DVD collections,
    "Faerie Tale Theatre" will prove to be an enduringly popular treat for
    both children and adults!

    The Dali Dimension
    Joan Ubeda, et al.
    MVD Entertainment Group
    H-840 North Circle Drive, Oaks, PA 19456
    #1001DVD, $24.95, www.MVDb2b.com

    Most people know Salvador Dali as the peculiarly mustached surrealist
    painter of drooping clocks. "The Dali Dimension: Decoding The Mind Of
    A Genius" is an award-winning investigatory documentary that, through
    a series of rare film clips and interviews with the artist himself,
    delves into Dali's interest in psychoanalysis, relativity theory, and
    mathematics. Ably narrated by Joseph Nuzzolo, "The Dali Dimension" is
    the collaborative effort of documentarians Joan Ubeda, Susi Marques
    and Eli Pons. Of special note is the never previously available
    footage of Dali feverishly working on a series of drawings, using ink
    spread and splashed with a large a large palette knife. Students of
    Dali's work will find "The Dali Dimension" both informed and
    informative. Superbly produced and featuring leading experts in the
    fields of science talking about their personal experiences with
    Salvador Dali as a man of science as well as an artist, "The Dali
    Dimension: Decoding The Mind Of A Genius" is a compelling addition to
    personal, professional, academic, and community library DVD
    documentary collections.

    Meals In Minutes
    Stevie Ray
    Learning ZoneXPress
    PO Box 1022, Owatonna, MN 55060
    1571756949, $49.95, 1-888-455-7003

    Sooner or later, almost every one experiences an accident in the
    kitchen or a problem with poorly prepared and/or poorly stored foods.
    Laced with comedy but showcasing spot-on advice for safety in the
    kitchen, with the foods stored there, and with the meals prepared
    there, "Meals In Minutes: Kitchen & Food Safety" is a 19 minute DVD
    specifically designed to entertain and inform viewers from sixth grade
    Home Ec classes to young adults just starting their culinary careers
    as homemakers, to experienced adults in need of a refresher on food
    and kitchen safety. Featuring a split screen format illustrating both
    safe ('Do Stevie') and dangerous (Don't Stevie) practices in the
    kitchen, and using 'real world' examples such as making an apple
    crisp, spaghetti with meatballs, and a dinner salad, "Meals In
    Minutes" covers such issues as hand washing, knife safety, cross-
    contamination, burns and cuts, food storage, and more. The DVD format
    includes a closed caption feature for those that need it. "Meals In
    Minutes" is especially recommended for family, school, and community
    library instructional DVD collections.

    Dueling Guitars
    Paul Bollenback & John Hart
    Arkadia DVD
    34 East 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010
    V.I.E.W. Video (distribution)
    34 East 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010
    72021, $19.98, www.arkadiadvd.com www.view.com

    Whether acoustic or electric, the guitar is one of the most popular
    musical instruments. In the hands of a master performer, the guitar
    can evoke an enormous range of emotional responses. Now two masters of
    the guitar, Paul Bollenback and John Hart, team up to demonstrate what
    guitar duets can accomplish in creating original and memorable music
    in "Dueling Guitars", a flawlessly recorded DVD showcasing a total of
    78 minutes of performance and an additional 40 minutes of bonus
    features. The performances including Alone Together; Scenes from a
    Song; Superstition; I Mean You; Reflections of Jaco; From This Moment
    On; Double Gemini; But Not For Me, and Trio (Duo) Slant. "Dueling
    Guitar" bonus features include a performance clip of 'You Must Believe
    in Spring'; John Hart and Paul Bollenback biographies; John hart and
    Paul Bollenback interviews; 'instant access' to songs and solos; Dolby
    Digital 5.1 and Dolby Stero Audio; Digitally Mastered Audio & Video;
    and DVD Recommendations. A superbly produced performance DVD, "Dueling
    Guitars" is recommended for personal and community library
    collections, and should be considered a 'must' viewing experience by
    guitar enthusiasts and aspiring performers.

    The Sensation Of Sight
    Monterey Media Inc.
    566 St. Charles Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360-3901
    9781569946596, $24.95, www.montereymedia.com

    A multiple award winning independent film, "The Sensation Of Sight" is
    the story of Finn, a middle-aged English teacher entering a mid-life
    crisis precipitated by personal tragedy. Finn sells encyclopedias to
    town locals, as his anxieties mount and he finds himself pursued by an
    unrelenting ghost. This is the deftly portrayed story of loneliness
    and disconnection that in the end leads to an unanticipated awakening
    and personal redemption. Showcasing the talents of David Starthairn,
    Ian Somerhalder, Daniel Gillies, Jane Adams, Ann Cusack, Elisabeth
    Waterston, Joe Mazzello, and Scott Wilson, all under the direction of
    Aaron J. Wiederspahn, "The Sensation Of Sight" is an enthusiastically
    recommended addition to personal and community library DVD film

    Hot Body Boot Camp
    Amy Bento
    Anchor Bay Entertainment
    1699 Stutz Drive, Troy, MI 48084
    DV15557, $14.98, www.nrgfitness.net

    DVD technology has brought about a revolution in home-based fitness
    and exercise routines. The newest addition to the popular '10 Minute
    Solution' series, "Hot Body Boot Camp" is comprised of a series of ten-
    minute segments that enable the viewer to work out for as little as
    ten minutes or as long as an hour to condition the body while
    enhancing stamina, agility, coordination, and improving reaction time.
    The five segments comprising this outstanding DVD include Hot Body
    Cardio; Ab Assault; Rock Bottom Sculpt; Calorie Blasting Drills; and
    Better Body Stretch. With the step-by-step illustrated example of NASM
    certified group fitness instructor Amy Bento, the first four of these
    segments induce sweat, raise the heart rate, and challenge muscles to
    the point of fatigue. The final segment offers respite and recovery
    from the vigorous and effective workout. A DVD enabled bonus feature
    of the highly recommended and thoroughly 'user friendly' "10 Minute
    Solution: Hot body Boot Camp" is the ability to crate individualized
    and customized workouts by programming any of the five segments in
    what ever order the viewer wishes to work out to. Also very highly
    recommended for personal, professional, and community library exercise
    DVD collections are Leah Sarago's "10 Minute Solutions: Dance Off Fat
    Fast" (DV15959, $14.98); Suzanne Bowen's "10 Minute Solution: Pilates
    Perfect Body" (DV15957, $14.98); and Jessica Smith's "10 Minute
    Solution: Quick Tummy Toners" (DV15958, $14.98).

    Pure Barre
    Carrie Rezabek
    c/o 411 Video Information
    PO Box 1223, Pebble Beach, CA 93953
    DVD, $19.95, www.purebarre.com

    "Pure Barre" is an instructional DVD showcasing a specific series of
    exercises drawing upon ballet, pilates, and the Lotte Berk Method to
    assist viewers in developing and maintaining a superb physique. This
    series of exercises are the creations of dancer/choreographer/fitness
    guru Carrie Resabek whose Pure Barre Technique is ideal for both the
    home and the gym. Before beginning this unique system of exercises,
    viewers will need two sets of weights (one heavier set and one lighter
    set), a mat, a small towel or sock, and a sturdy support to hold onto
    such as a counter-top or a chair. "Pure Barre" begins with a light
    warm-up and arm work using light hand weights to increase the heart
    rate and tone the upper body. Then targeted and user friendly
    exercises are provided for the legs, sea and abs. Stretches throughout
    the workout help create dancer-quality slim, lean and flexible
    muscles. A superbly produced exercise DVD instructional, "Pure Barre"
    is a highly recommended addition to personal, professional, and
    community library Health & Exercise DVD collections and routines.

    Flying The Secret Sky
    WGBH Boston Video
    c/o SSA Public Relations
    15260 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 1730, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
    WG42679, $24.95, www.ssapr.com www.shop.wgbh.org

    "Flying The Secret Sky" is a 75-minute documentary showcasing The
    British RAF's little known activities in transporting military
    aircraft from North America to England before America's entrance into
    World War II. This hazardous and secretive aspect of military aviation
    in 1940 preceded America's entry into the war and was part of
    President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's assistance to Britain's efforts
    to defend themselves against Hitler's attacks. "Flying The Secret Sky"
    is the story of dedicated, risk-taking young pilots who flew across a
    wartime Atlantic in unarmed aircraft as told by the flyers in their
    own words. Of special note is the American civilian pilot who
    transported Winston Churchill. Enhanced with a profusion of previously
    unseen home movies and rare footage of Ferry Command aircraft and
    crews, "Flying The Secret Sky" is a welcome and enthusiastically
    recommended addition to personal, academic, and community library
    Aviation History and World War II European Theatre DVD collections.

    Backyard Lacrosse
    Marty Schupak
    Youth Sports Club
    9 Florence Court, Valley Cottage, NY 10989
    9780978945169, $24.95

    A Native American sport going back centuries, Lacrosse was introduced
    to Europeans and became on of the most popular sports world wide. It
    is currently the fastest growing team sport in America. "Backyard
    Lacrosse" is an instructional 38-minute DVD showcasing creative drills
    and fundamental techniques of interest to both novice and experienced
    lacrosse players. Each of these exercises can be down in an ordinary
    backyard, school playground, and either alone or with teammates.
    Appropriate for players ages 10 and older (especially the competitive
    high school player), "Backyard Lacrosse" covers stick control,
    scooping fundamentals, cradling, shooting techniques, creative drills,
    dodging, an equipment over view, and a wealth of practical tips that
    will enhance lacrosse player performance. "Backyard Lacrosse" is a
    strongly recommended addition to personal, school, community center,
    and community library Sports & Athletics instructional DVD

    The Gladys Aylward Story
    Vision Video
    PO Box 540, Worcester, PA 19490-0540
    501244D, $14.99, www.visionvideo.com 1-800-523-0226

    The newest addition to the outstanding Vision Video series 'The
    Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith', "The Gladys Aylward Story", a
    thirty-minute animated video for children ages 8 through 12 that
    presents a true account of a Christian missionary who helped more than
    one hundred Chinese orphans to escape the onslaught of the Japanese
    when they swept through China in 1940 massacring whole populations in
    their conquest. Glady's Aylward's embarked with the orphans upon a one
    hundred mile trek over the mountains of China to a safe haven. With
    only her determination, faith, and commitment to those children
    entrusted to her care, Gladys Aylward was able to accomplish one of
    the truly legendary rescues of World War II. This superbly recorded
    DVD is enhanced with English and Spanish languages with optional
    English subtitles, and is enhanced for the viewer with the additional
    inclusion of a documentary featuring biographer Carol Purves and
    Gladys' adopted son, Clifford Liu. A comprehensive leader's guide with
    lessons plans, background information, reproducible student handouts,
    and more make "The Gladys Aylward Story" ideal for home schooling and
    church schooling curriculums. Additional resources are available
    online at www.torchlighters.org. Also highly recommended from Vision
    Video (a premier publisher of DVDs for the Christian community) are
    their other new releases including "Reflections on the Lord's Prayer
    for People with Cancer" (501260D, $19.99); "Somebody's
    Daughter" (501284D, $19.99); and "Advent Calendar on DVD 2: Christmas
    Carol Edition" (501283D, $14.95, 25 segments, total running time of
    115 minutes).


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    accept no funds from authors or publishers. Full permission is given
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    newsletters, or to interested individuals. Please give the Midwest
    Book Review a credit line when doing so.

    The Midwest Book Review publishes the monthly book review magazines
    "California Bookwatch", "Internet Bookwatch", "Children's Bookwatch",
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    Frugalmuse (at) aol (dot) com (Be sure to include the book title,
    author, publisher, publisher address, publisher website/phone number,
    13-digit ISBN number, and list price).

    James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
    Midwest Book Review
    Midwest Book Review, Sep 5, 2008
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