Microsoft Supports Test Piracy

Discussion in 'MCSA' started by dz, Sep 12, 2004.

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    New to the MCSA/MCSE process but old to the Test Development Process, this is

    Microsoft states: "The Exam Development Process
    To ensure the validity and reliability of our certification exams, Microsoft
    adheres to a rigorous exam-development process, consisting of eight mandatory
    phases: "

    Phase 2: Objective Domain Definition
    "The results of the job analysis provide the framework used to develop
    objectives. "

    Phase 3:
    "The actual exam items are written according to the prioritized objectives."

    Phase 4: Item Development
    "A pool of items is developed to measure the blueprinted objective domain."

    Now if these statements are true, how can non-obective based questions
    appear on the exams?

    I'd like to point directly at the 70-290 & 70-291 exams. Both of these
    exams had numerous questions that did not pertain to the stated "objective

    Is it possible that Microsoft is getting a kick-back from some of the
    brain-dumpers or Test Pirates?

    Is it ethical for Microsoft to publically state it's policies and then not
    abid by them?

    Is this possibly false and misleading actions?

    Is this possibly FRAUD?

    The following was sent to me by a CTEC owner;

    "Never in our experience have we seen such a disconnect between the exams
    (only 70-290 and 70-291) and the curriculum. For these two exams, our
    teaching strategy had to change. We now try as best we can to prep the
    students for the test; as opposed to concentrating on developing a skill set
    that would enable a student to apply the most widely used aspects of MS
    technologies in the real world."

    "Make no mistake; Microsoft has had negative feedback from CTEC’s throughout
    the country. I have spoken with MCT’s from all over who agree that there is a
    problem. Microsoft is well aware of this condition."

    " ... don’t spend another minute talking to Microsoft about this. You will
    not receive an explanation from Microsoft; they will only waste your time. My
    best advice is to let my months of effort to resolve these same issues
    suffice. Advise your friends that these two exams will contain questions
    outside of the scope of the objective domain. The continuance of that
    unwritten policy will have the effect of increasing test revenue to Microsoft
    and controlling the growth rate of MCSA’s. I think both of these effects are
    desirable by Microsoft and that is why this problem persists."

    I think that Microsoft is so wrapped around the axle trying to be the Test
    Pirates that they are in fact pushing honest individuals that are trying to
    learn and get certified to turn to the Pirates.

    Oh and by the way, when I sent in a challege Michelle B. replied,

    "The fact that a particular question appeared on the exam cannot be
    challenged in itself."

    This inspite of the fact that I can prove that the question was a 70-291
    objective and it was on the 70-70-290 test and visa-versa.
    dz, Sep 12, 2004
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