Memory Speeds & Specs (Kodak DC280)

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Hugh Cowan, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. Hugh Cowan

    Hugh Cowan Guest


    I want to buy another memory card for my Kodak DC280 digital camera
    and I have a few questions. The Kodak DC280 uses Compact Flash memory

    The first thing that I noticed of course is that besides different
    sized capacities you can also get different speeds of Compact Flash
    cards. I have tried to get more specific information but I cannot
    find any.

    For example -- Lexar Media seems to rate their cards as 4x, 12x, 24x
    etc... While Sandisk will state that it has a write speed of 8 MB/s.
    Does anyone know where I can get information to compare the two (ie:
    how fast is 12x... etc...)

    Another question I have is about different brands. I have only ever
    bought Sandisk cards before and have never had any problems with them.
    I notice however that the Lexar cards seem to be quite a bit cheaper
    when you move past the 4x speed cards. Is Lexar a good brand?? Is
    there much difference between the two (ie: anyone had any bad
    experiences with Lexar cards)???

    My final question is -- I was in a Camera store and asked about the
    speed impact of gettting a fast memory card and my Kodak camera. The
    salesperson told me that whether I see any improvement in the shot to
    shot time really depends on the speed of the camera (ie: if the
    camera is slower than 4x memory card, then getting a faster card will
    not make any differece). I can of course understand this -- you are
    only as fast as the slowest component, whether it be your memory card,
    digital camera, etc...

    Does anyone know where, or how I can determine how fast my camera is
    -- so that I can determine whether I would see any speed improvement
    or not?? The sales guy said that there really is no way to tell -- I
    find that kinda hard to beleive (there must be a better way than
    simply trial and error -- not to mention a lot cheaper too).

    Thanks so much,


    P.S. I am also looking at getting a Camera for my daughter this
    Christmas -- the camera I have in mind used Secure Digital memory (SD)
    and not Compact Flash. Are there different speeds available for SD
    memory as well, or only for CF??
    Hugh Cowan, Dec 18, 2003
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