Mediacom Cable Internet problems... Anyone else???

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Scott Stock, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. Scott Stock

    Scott Stock Guest

    I've had horrible service this last month Feb/March/05. Constant
    disconnects, slow pings, slow speeds. There was a report of service being
    done in early February, didn't notice anything until my TV and Internet went
    out at the start of the 3rd-quarter during the superbowl! DOH!

    Haven't bothered calling support yet, they rarely know anything. Anyone
    else having similar problems?

    I'm in Minier, near Bloomington, IL.
    Scott Stock, Mar 10, 2005
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  2. Scott Stock wrote:

    > I've had horrible service this last month Feb/March/05. Constant
    > disconnects, slow pings, slow speeds. There was a report of service being
    > done in early February, didn't notice anything until my TV and Internet went
    > out at the start of the 3rd-quarter during the superbowl! DOH!
    > Haven't bothered calling support yet, they rarely know anything. Anyone
    > else having similar problems?
    > I'm in Minier, near Bloomington, IL.
    > Thanks!

    I'm fine here.

    Thanks for asking.
    =?ISO-8859-1?Q?R=F4g=EAr?=, Mar 10, 2005
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  3. Scott Stock


    Mine varies ALOT... Some days I'm going warp speed, other days nothing
    holds a connection very long. On average its "ok".

    I agree tech support is bad, but thats true with tech support most
    places (unfortunately).

    In my experience, the quality of your cable connection - alot depends
    on your local office. If your local office gives a damn and has a
    clue, things will work great... On the other hand, if your local office
    is ran by knuckle draggers or just dont give a damn, your
    service/support will be hell...

    Other than that, you know cable internet you're sharing your bandwidth
    with your neighbors... if they are like downloading hundreds of Gb's of
    movies / music / etc... it'll affect you. Or if you have alot of
    neighbors active on medicom broadband.... then maybe Mediacom should
    add some bandwidth for you local area.

    Some days its network wide or even the whole internet seems
    sluggish.... thats something you really cant do alot about.

    *somehwere in NW Ohio*
    , Mar 11, 2005
  4. Scott Stock


    Mar 13, 2009
    Mediacom Issues - FTP Times Out at Mediacom's Server!

    Yes, I'm very unhappy with Mediacom also.

    Customer service is terrible.

    Multiple times I was told someone would follow up by an email or phone call - I got neither. One time I can understand, sometimes things slip through the cracks. When you are told by employees of a multi million dollar company that they will call you back you tend to take them on their WORD.

    Mediacom's WORD is worthless and look forward to the day I can close the account.

    When businesses feel there is no competition they think they can continue to give terrible service and expect to maintain customers.

    Yes Mediacom I had a 600MB file i needed to transfer. That took 3-1/2 days at 5kbps average upload speed. My friend transferred the same file which took only 42 minutes with Comcast.

    I jumped through all the hoops for Mediacom. Went to their service center picked up a new modem. Installed alternate FTP software. Even installed a new operating system. Even had my friend bring over his computer to no avail.

    Ive been using FTP since 1995 and consider myself quite knowledgeable, but certainly not a network engineer. And its a real shame when a hack like myself knows more about networking then their level 2 technicians.

    Don't know how many levels of techs they have but I'm sure cheap ass Mediacom only has ONE top level tech for the entire country most likely overworked and underpaid and could give a sh*t less about anybody elses pain! Quite possibly my issue is something that would require Mediacom to replace some expensive router or server,(or just have it configured correctly) certainly if they need to open up their wallet I'll be waiting til the cows come home.

    ProfessorT, Mar 13, 2009
  5. Scott Stock


    Jul 4, 2009
    Mediacom making false billing to people who complain

    I had horrible sevice since I started an account with Mediacom in 2001. I was even being double billed for several months and found out they were sending me a bill from their billing in Minn. and another in Florida. They finally stopped sending me two bills, however they promised me four free months of service to make up for the billing problems. I was billed for the credits I was promised several months later and as usual my service was shut down until I paid in full for the months I was given credit for by the 800 phone number managers.

    I was barely able to go online for several years and each time I complained they sent out a new technician who would tell me things that were not true and each time I was given a free month of sevice when I proved I was only able to go online during the night which I needed to be able to transfer large files for my college assignments. I received at least three failing grades because I wasn't able to go online and turn in my assignments. Then after four years they tell me that the cable coming into my home that crossed several other properties was the wrong gauge and was an old wire someone used to be able to connect before I purchased the property.

    I wsa again promised two free months for the horrible connections I had for four years. Again, I was billed several months later for the months I was given credit for and shut down without notice.

    I never once received the money back for being double billed and Mediacon never once honored these but were eager to give them out in order to keep me as a customer. Once the found out I could use another service that finally came available, I paid my bill completley in full at the local office while turning in all the equipment. I then received a bill with no explination as to what I owed or why. I tried to go into the office to pay and each time they would say I was paid i full. The bill was only thirty dollars which after only two month turned into a three hundred and fifty dollar bill that went on my credit report.

    It turned out that when Mediacon ran the new wire across the highway to my property, one of the lineman who was new with the company came to my door and announced he was quitting his job becuase he just discovered Mediacon lied to him and he ran the cable across the highway without the proper permits and said he could recieve a huge fine and was really upset when he said he just had a new baby and his wife was ill and he couldn't afford the fine for doing the work without a permit. Apparently it turned out that according to the District Supervisor for Cal Trans told me that Mediacon had been caught on other occassions and warned after already being caught for doing the same thing in the past of not paying for the proper permits that cost a lot of money becuase it covers the insurance needed and Mediacon was also supposed to have a plan ahead of time and hire people to direct traffic. Then I found out that Mediacon has been for many years not paying for the proper permits they were supposed to have to run wire across the highways in Lake County for many years. From what I am told this is a very considerable amount of money that was supposed to go to the people through the District supervisor who had warned them in the past about not having the proper permits to run wire across the highways.

    I don't know about you all, but I told Mediacon that I am turning them in for not paying for the permits and in a way that would hopefully cause an audit to find out just how many times Mediacon dupped the People out fo the money that should have gone to the state for permits to run wire across highways that was never paid for most of the jobs. I believe this may run into many millions of dollars as well that was reported to stock holders as earnings. Does anyone have any ideas of how to expose them for this stealing from the people through Caltrans?


    filemaker, Jul 4, 2009
  6. Scott Stock


    Jul 4, 2009
    To make a long story short, Mediacon falsly billed me, refused to allow me to pay and then caused a huge much higher bill using the collection company for over three hundred dollars. The original bill was only thirty dollars that they refused to allow me to pay and then turned it over to collections because I discovered that Mediacon has been stealing money from the public by not paying for the proper permits they were supposed to have from Cal Trans in order to run cable across the highways in Lake County and possibly other places in California where it was required to have the permits for public safety and in advance in order to have all the proper employees in place to redirect traffic and keep the lineman safe while they do their job. I'm sorry to announce that a lot of lineman may find they were doing these jobs all along without the proper permits that were supposed to be purchased from Cal Trans. I am being targeted by Mediacon because I learned of this horrible fleecing of the people by Mediacon who purposely failed to pay for the permits they were suppose to have befoe running cable across the highways now for many years and I believe it adds up to a lot of money.

    I'm driving all around the Lake and highways in Lake County and writing down eveyr single cable we can find that is run across the highway and will compare each and every line we find with the records of Cal Trans, considering these are also public records. The Director of the districts involved with CalTrans admitted to me that Mediacon did in fact run the cable across the highway to my property without paying for the permits and bypassed all he requirements to do so.

    I also discovered that Mediacon also knew that the old cable running across several other properties was too old and the wrong gauge and type of wire so they lied to me and billed me stating they would fix the problem. SO what they really did was wait until I paid enough to pay the employees or lineman to run the cable but failed to purchase the proper permits. I swore I would never, every use this company again and I have not. Each time I call the 800 phone number, they fail to give me a reason why I was falsly billed and then they refused to allow me to pay in order to cause a three hundered dollar rise by the collection company they used as a way to get even with me for disovering the issues with them not paying for the permits and in retribution for turning them in.

    Don't believe me? If you see any cables running across the highways, write them down and send in the locations to see if Mediacon did in fact pay for the proper permits in order to run the cable legally. If I am correct in that if they did this to me then they did it before, and after what the District Supervisor told me from CalTrans, Mediacon had been caught and warned many times before about them failing to pay for the permits which if I am correct could add up to millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars or more over the years.

    filemaker, Jul 4, 2009
  7. Scott Stock


    Jul 4, 2009
    I strongly urge everyone who sees this message who has used Mediacon and where they ran the cable across the highway, to write downt he locations and then contact your district supervisor to see if Mediacon ran the cable across the highway with the proper permits from CalTrans.
    filemaker, Jul 4, 2009
  8. Scott Stock


    Mar 10, 2010

    Hi all,
    We are currently having the same fun with this totally inept company. After moving to our new home recently and realizing we aren't going to get DirecTV (which I miss!) because of trees, we are left with the option of this disgrace for a service.
    An installer was called out after they insisted we could get service only to find out thaat we need a cable ran from 3 houses down. They were going to give us a 'temp' tap until they could run across the alley to our home. This was five weeks ago! Since then, we have been told about 8 different stories about why they can or cannot get us cable. Another serviceman came out to tell us the same thing, "we need a driveway bore" which could supposedly be done in a few days. Well, now it's going on month 2 and still no cable. Yet they keep calling to do hookups they cannot perform. Then sometimes when we call, they say we are disconnected.... WE WERE NEVER CONNECTED!
    I'm eagerly awaiting a bill for never having thier service!!!! We will now call dish network!
    kevandkaye, Mar 10, 2010
  9. Scott Stock


    Oct 24, 2011
    Mediacom is horrible, period

    I am paying for 12Mbps service, I average about 2Mbps, and never get over 9. You call them and they double talk about your router or modem. Well, it's their modem and if I disconnect the router and go hardline, the speed doesn't increase. They are crap.
    NavarreRes, Oct 24, 2011
  10. Scott Stock


    Dec 19, 2011
    i am also paying for 12 mbps , and i also average about 1 mbps , and i lose connection frequently . they said it is a connectivity issue? , they said it is very expensive to fix so they will not fix it until more people in the area report the problem . are you serious ? it has been well over a month and i called today and they said there is still no appt to fix it ,sorry , call back in another month . if i could switch to another provider i would , but i will have to pay $250 for breaking contract . *&^% you mediacom
    mattcole54, Dec 20, 2011
  11. Scott Stock


    Dec 28, 2011
    ive noticed my internet connection download should read around 11.59 mbps and upload just under 1mbps. recently my intenet download has been dropping to anything below 3 mbps and at diffrent times of the day and evening and my upload never changes. ive checked my computer and my daughters laptop all settings are fine ive even checked my router and its settings are fine. if there is anykind of work been done to upgrade the system it would be nice to know. as this is a cable connection on busy days i kind of expect speeds to drop but when it comes to my speed dropping anything up to 9mbps it makes me think thank you

    this was there reply
    i apologize for problems with the connection. I have checked over your modem and the issue seems to be with the headend for your area. For a few hours every night the server utilization is hitting 80% or more which will start to slow down the connection. We are in the process of installing additional equipment at our headend, and the expected fix date is 1/15/2012
    so im going to see what happens if it stays the same i will drop them and they wont get any money. as i see it they are in breech of contact by not providing the service the offer
    this is in cental iowa
    inporto, Dec 28, 2011
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