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    mcjob: from
    In recent speeches, President Bush insists that our
    economy is creating jobs -- and let's assume he doesn't
    mean for export. One familiar protest is that while high-
    paying white-collar jobs head overseas, we're left with
    those low-paying jobs one might be tempted to sum up in a
    word: McJob.
    Traditionally, we resist for three reasons: First, why
    say anything with one word that you could say with 10?
    Second, that seems a bit unfair to Ronald and friends.
    More importantly, if it's not in Merriam-Webster, it
    doesn't get past Reggie -- our esteemed editor known
    affectionately as The Hammer.

    Well, you guessed it: The upcoming edition of Merriam's
    Collegiate Dictionary defines McJob as "a low-paying job
    that requires little skill and provides little
    opportunity for advancement." Needless to say, McDonald's
    is not amused.

    Plain , Nov 12, 2003
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