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    Pilates! A Gentle Formula to a Strong Body
    Risa Sheppard
    Sheppard Method
    2180 Westwood Blvd. # 2b, Los Angeles, CA 90025
    B003D1A3OG, $19.95 www.sheppardmethod.com

    Pilates! A Gentle Formula to a Strong Body is a fine pick covering the
    Sheppard Method of Pilates - a classic form here presented in two
    thirty-minute mat workout sessions, one for beginners, one for
    intermediates. Each workout provides flexibility and strength with all
    moves clearly explained and illustrated from a Pilates instructor who
    does personal training and private classes, and certifies instructors
    in The Sheppard Method. Any exercise DVD library will welcome this.

    Imagine This
    c/o SSA Public Relations
    15260 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 1730, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
    www.ssapr.com www.ImagineThisTheMusical.com
    9781608832170 $18.98 CD
    9781608832163 $24.99 DVD

    The profound new musical "Imagine This" (115 min.) is now available on
    DVD, and its soundtrack is available on CD. Set in the Warsaw Ghetto
    of Poland in the bleak year 1942, "Imagine This" follows a group of
    actors who seek to keep the dream of resistance and hope alive by
    performing the epic tale of "Masada", an ancient Judean mountain where
    a small band of rebels dared to hold back 10,000 Roman soldiers. The
    DVD of "Imagine This" records a memorable live performance from
    London's West End; special features include bonus songs "Salome's
    Lament" and "No More", printable educational materials, and a 35-
    minute panel discussion including cast members, the show's director,
    and Holocaust scholar Thane Rosenbaum. The CD of "Imagine This"
    contains virtually the entire soundtrack, vividly performed. Both are
    excellently performed, and deserve inclusion in the libraries of
    anyone who enjoys the power of a profound and serious musical. Also
    highly recommended from PBS are the documentaries "My
    Lai" (9781608832101, $24.99, 90 min.) and "Art & Copy" (9781608832255,

    c/o SSA Public Relations
    15260 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 1730, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

    Two new episodes of the award-winning science documentary "NOVA",
    originally broadcast on public television, are now available on DVD.
    "The Pluto Files" (9781608832040, $24.99, 56 min.) is based on Neil
    deGrasse Tyson's book of the same name, and features a commentary from
    Tyson himself. "The Pluto Files" explains the controversy about Pluto,
    and why the American Museum of Natural History's Hayden Planetarium
    ceased to call Pluto a planet. Yet the concept of Pluto as a planet
    has captured so many hearts and minds - why is Pluto so cherished in
    the public's imagination? Could more Pluto-like celestial bodies exist
    within the Kuiper belt? "Extreme Cave Diving" (9781608832019, $24.99,
    56 min.) features Dr. Kenny Broad as a guide to underwater caves that
    formed during the last ice age. With the aid of climatologists,
    paleontologists, and anthropologists, Broad guides the viewer in an
    extraordinary tour of some of the most remote, mysterious, and little-
    explored places left upon the earth. Both DVDs are superb additions to
    any school or public library collections, and enthusiastically
    recommended for their fascinating presentation as well as for their
    educational value.

    Crystal Productions
    PO Box 2159, Glenview, IL 60025-6159
    www.crystalproductions.com 1-800-255-8629

    Handcrafts expert Peggy Flores presents two more instructional DVD
    titles designed to teach viewers of all skill and experience levels
    how to make beautiful objects. "Creating Fiber Weavings and
    Baskets" (9781562906528, $29.95) reveals how to make yarn weavings
    with nothing more elaborate than a cardboard or coat hanger loom. Step-
    by-step demonstrations of the basic weaving process, as well as how
    coiling rope wrapped with yarn can shape practical baskets, make
    "Creating Fiber Weavings and Baskets" amazingly easy to follow, given
    the elaborate, colorful, and practical finished products. "Wire
    Sculpture" (9781562906542, $29.95) instructs viewers in the elements
    of line, space, and shape as well as the use of tools to cut and bend
    wire, when creating three-dimensional wire art. Demonstrations and
    examples abound in this amazing guideline to superlatively blending
    one's skill and creativity. Both DVDs are excellent additions to any
    art classroom's library, and choice picks for budding artists seeking
    to experiment in a variety of media.

    Bullfrog Films, Inc.
    PO Box 149, Oley, PA 19547
    1594589399 $295.00 www.bullfrogfilms.com

    An award-winning documentary on DVD from the producers of "Who Killed
    the Electric Car?", Tapped explores the dark side of the bottled water
    industry. Human beings need clean drinking water to live. It is legal
    in some states for gigantic bottled water companies to suck public tap
    water sources dry (even when shortages force residents to ration
    water) then repackage and resell it at a gigantic markup - with
    infinitely less regulatory oversight than there is for tap water (and
    bottled water sold in the same state as it is pumped is virtually
    unregulated) - but is it ethical? Is the plastic used to create the
    water bottles truly safe for humans to put in their mouths? Perhaps
    worst of all is America's catastrophic overall failure to recycle
    plastic water bottles, resulting in an avalanche of non-biodegradable
    waste being pitched into landfills, or even straight into the ocean,
    where plastic bottles form a large part of a floating ocean garbage
    mound hundreds of square miles large. The bottle deposit laws of some
    states have been a proven, highly effective method to promote
    recycling - but because it incurs a minor expense the enormously
    profitable bottled water industry (an expense otherwise borne by
    everyone who has to cope with improperly disposed plastic bottle),
    corporations fight such legislative measures tooth and nail. Corporate
    control over public water supply, and corporate refusal to help
    shoulder the burden of recycling the mounds of plastic trash that are
    the byproducts of its profit, can only be combated by political
    activism - ordinary citizens getting involved and laying claim to
    their water rights, as well as their rights to a clean environment. A
    must-see, highly recommended documentary guaranteed to make viewers
    think twice before paying through the nose for what is essentially
    bottled (and smartly advertised) tap water. 75 and 54 minute versions
    of Tapped are available on the same DVD. Two more highly recommended
    documentaries from Bullfrog Films are Megamall (159458916X, $295.00)
    and Dirt! The Movie (1594589402, $295.00).

    Liberty Fund, Inc.
    8335 Allison Pointe Trail, #300, Indianapolis, IN 46250-1684
    www.libertyfund.org 1-800-955-8335

    Liberty Fund presents two excellent DVD additions to their
    "Intellectual Potrait Series". "A Conversation with Forrest
    McDonald" (9780865978225, $22.00) presents the candid words of an
    expert historian known for his writings on the American founding
    period, including "We The People: The Economic Origins of the
    Constitution", which challenged the long-held theory proposed by
    Charles A. Beard. Forrest McDonald speaks on his perception of the
    American republic, the role of the Presidency, the current state of
    the Bill of Rights, how economics, politics and history continue to
    interleave with one another today, and much more. "A Conversation with
    Steve Pejovich" (9780865978218, $22.00) presents the expert and widely
    published economics professor, author of numerous books including
    "Economics Performance: The Case for Common Law". Pejovich talks about
    his life, shaped in the beginning by struggling to survive under the
    Nazis, and then the Communists, and how moving to and living in the
    United States transformed how he saw the world. The values of "life,
    liberty, and happiness", and the interplay of economic freedom,
    cultural vibrancy, and quality of life, are all topics of discussion
    in this superb profile. Both are insightful, scholarly, and worthy
    additions to public and college library DVD collections.

    Touching Evil: The Complete Collection
    Acorn Media Group
    8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 620, Silver Spring, MD 20910-3403
    9781598284393 $79.99 www.acornmedia.com

    Touching Evil: The Complete Collection gathers the award-winning
    British drama following the Organized and Serial Crime unit. As
    Detective Inspector Dave Creegan recuperates from a gunshot wound to
    the head, his personal life is in tatters, but he retains genius-level
    insight into the workings of the criminal mind. He becomes a crucial
    member of a highly skilled team of detectives that dedicate themselves
    to tracking and stopping the deadliest serial killers, psychopaths,
    and pedophiles of Britain. The Organized and Serial Crime unit relies
    on advanced police techniques, while Creegan prefers to fall back upon
    his instincts; together they will need every tool at their disposal to
    fight worst depredations of monsters in human flesh. Featuring a top-
    quality cast and gripping writing, Touching Evil is strongly
    recommended for fans of crime drama. It should be noted that Touching
    Evil contains violence, nudity, and disturbing images; this is not a
    DVD collection for the faint of heart. 8 episodes on 5 discs, 13
    hours, 4:3 full screen, SDH subtitles.

    The Real Story: Escape from Alcatraz
    Smithsonian Networks
    Infinity Entertainment Group
    c/o Greenleaf & Associates (publicity)
    $12.98 smithsonianchannel.com

    The Real Story: Escape from Alcatraz is a documentary originally shown
    on the Smithsonian Channel, about the daring escape of three convicted
    bank robbers from the infamous Alcatraz prison on June 11, 1962. When
    they were discovered to be missing, a massive attempt was launched to
    track them down, to no avail. Did they find freedom? Or did they lose
    their lives in an ultimately doomed attempt to flee their isolated
    prison? The Real Story: Escape from Alcatraz lives up to its title
    through interviews with people ranging from Darwin Coon, the inmate
    who assisted the escapees, to the wardens who realized they were
    missing, to the FBI agents assigned to track them down. Exciting and
    dramatic, The Real Story: Escape from Alcatraz is a worthy addition to
    public library DVD shelves. PG, 47 min. Also highly recommended from
    Smithsonian Networks is the DVD "Soul of a People: Writing America's
    Story" ($19.98, PG, 92 min.)

    You Really Got Me: The Story of The Kinks
    MVD Entertainment Group
    PO Box 280, Oaks, PA 19456
    $18.95 www.MVDvisual.com 1-800-888-0486

    You Really Got Me: The Story of The Kinks is a rousing DVD collection
    of footage from The Kinks, one of few British bands that has been
    commercially successful in America. Covering the band's career from
    the sixties to the nineties, You Really Got Me includes highlights
    from the band's greatest moments on stage; their most beloved songs;
    and comments from band members including Ray Davies, Dave Davies, and
    Mick Avory. "You Really Got Me" deserves the highest recommendation to
    fellow music lovers from all walks of life. 87 minutes, colour and
    black & white.

    World Class HiRail Layouts Part One
    TM Books & Video
    PO Box 279, New Buffalo, MI 49117
    9781932291940 $19.95 www.tmbv.com 1-800-892-2822

    World Class HiRail Layouts Part One is a DVD tour of the latest trend
    in O gauge layout building, focusing on three of the finest model
    railroads currently available to be seen. First is the largest model
    train exhibit in America, the New Jersey Hi-Railers' 185 X 45-foot
    layout operating 38 trains against museum quality scenery. Then it's
    off to the Train Masters of Babylon, including 3,000 square-feet of
    mainlines, subways, sidings and ten-foot trestle bridge painstakingly
    made to perfectly mimic an engineering landmark. Finally the viewer
    sees the Nassau Lionel Operating Engineers' layout, which spans 28
    square miles of track and showcases engines with diesel and steam
    power. This extraordinary tour of model railroads lovingly crafted
    with impeccable detail is sure to provide devoted hobbyists with
    catalysts of inspiration. World Class HiRail Layouts Part One lives up
    to its title as a thoroughly enjoyable treasury, highly recommended
    for model railroad enthusiasts. 60 minutes.

    Do It Yourself Natural FaceLift With Debbie Dawson
    Debbie Dawson
    411 Video Information
    PO Box 1223, Pebble Beach, CA 93953
    $19.95 www.411videoinfo.com www.Doityourselfnaturalfacelift.com

    Certified personal fitness trainer Debbie Dawson presents Do It
    Yourself Natural FaceLift With Debbie Dawson, a simple guide to
    improving the appearance of one's face and neck without resorting to
    expensive (and hazardous!) plastic surgery. The muscles of the face
    and neck can be exercised like any other part of the body, becoming
    firmer and more toned, promoting blood flow and collagen production.
    Do It Yourself Natural FaceLift is not only for those who wish to
    avoid a facelift, but also for those who have had one before and are
    struggling with ill effects, as well as those who are coping with
    Bell's Palsy. An easy-to-use instructional, with benefits that can
    quickly be felt in return for practicing its exercises for as little
    as twenty minutes a day - no injections, fillers, weights, glovers, or
    other gimmicks involved!

    Acorn Media Group
    8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 620, Silver Spring, MD 20910-3403
    9781598283891 $59.99 www.acornmedia.com

    Raffles: The Complete Collection is the four-disc DVD set collecting
    the entire television adaptation of the roguish adventures of Raffles
    (a character originally created by E.W. Hornung, brother-in-law of Sir
    Arthur Conan Doyle). By day, A.J. Raffles (played by Anthony
    Valentine) is a championship cricketer and gentleman of leisure; but
    when he isn't in the public eye, he pursues is other passion -
    surreptitiously plundering the fortunes of the wealthy! In addition to
    his extraordinary expertise with accents and disguises, Raffles also
    has the assistance of his easily perplexed friend "Bunny" Manders
    (played by Christopher Strauli). Their weaving through oft-deadly
    predicaments between a rock, a hard place, and the persistently
    hostile efforts of Inspector Mackenzie (played by Victor Carin) makes
    for a grand adventure. Raffles consists of fourteen episodes,
    including the never-before-released pilot episode, as well as a
    biography of author E.W. Hornung and production notes. An absolute
    treat for anyone who loves British drama! 4 DVDs, 726 min., 4:3 full
    screen, color. Also highly recommended for fans of British drama is
    the PBS series "Jennie: Lady Randolph Churchill" (9781598284140,
    $49.99, 361 min.) an award-winning miniseries about the life of an
    extraordinary American woman and her contribution to history.

    Forever Young
    John Humble
    411 Video Information
    PO Box 1223, Pebble Beach, CA 93953
    $24.95 www.411videoinfo.com www.humblefitness.net

    Forever Young is a nutrition, exercise, and general wellness guide for
    viewers over 50 who seek to keep themselves in optimal physical
    condition. John Humble, an expert personal trainer of 35 years'
    experience, presents a "Fountain of Youth" prescription for healthy
    living to combat common ailments among those over 50. Medical advice
    from guest experts enhance the four-step program, based around the key
    of "It is not about you" - that it's important stay healthy not only
    for one's own sake, but also for the sake of friends, family, and
    loved ones. The four keystones to better health and better living are
    resistance training (not bodybuilding, but a form of exercise that can
    be easily performed with low cost resistance bands), cardio training,
    good nutrition (especially lean meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts),
    and one thing more (the viewer is asked to take in the beginning of
    the DVD and the first three elements before learning about and
    focusing on the fourth). An excellent guide to staying young in body
    as well as young at heart, Forever Young lives up to its title and is
    a highly recommended addition to DVD wellness libraries. 70 minutes.

    Offensive Basketball Moves
    Marty Schupak
    Youth Sports Club
    9 Florence Court, Valley Cottage, New York 10989
    9780978945183 $24.95 www.YouthSportsClub.com

    Marty Schupak, an expert in Physical Education and a youth sports
    coach of 21 years' experience, presents Offensive Basketball Moves, an
    instructional DVD for basketball players of all ages. Step-by-step
    instructions reveal how to teach and practice a wide variety of
    basketball moves, including the jab step, shot fakes, power dribble,
    hesitation move, form shooting, fade away shooting, pivot moves,
    shoulder shimmy, and much more. A superb teaching and reference guide
    ideal for enhancing skills, whether for coaching a youth league or
    even self-improvement in private basketball games one plays for fun,
    Offensive Basketball Moves deserves the highest recommendation for its
    quality presentation and ease of use. 34 minutes.

    Schlessinger Media
    7 East Wynnewood Road, Wynnewood, PA 19096-0580
    www.schlessinger.com www.LibraryVideo.com 1-800-843-3620

    Schlessinger's "Holidays for Children" ($29.95 each) DVD series
    spotlights special days of the year set aside to remember, honor, and
    celebrate. These installments, suitable for young people in grades
    K-4, are part of an educational 26-volume set ideal for classroom
    viewing. "Columbus Day" (9781417109432, 12 min.) reminds viewers of
    the extraordinary contributions of Christopher Columbus to European
    science, knowledge, and prosperity - as well as the tremendous toll
    his expeditions took upon the native peoples living within the
    landmass he discovered. Offering a balanced viewpoint, including
    reflections from a descendant of the Taino (one of the first native
    people whom Columbus encountered), "Columbus Day" is an invaluable and
    educational resource that encourages viewers to think for themselves
    rather than blindly accept positive or negative propaganda about this
    holiday. "Constitution Day" (9781417109449, 12 min.) emphasizes the
    rights and responsibilities of American citizenship, and even includes
    a field trip to the National Constitution Center. "Earth
    Day" (9781417109456, 12 min.) not only traces the history of Earth Day
    since its inception in 1970 as the idea of U.S. Senator Gaylord
    Nelson, but also encourages its celebration through recycling,
    composting, planting trees, and doing whatever one can do to conserve
    energy and natural resources. "The 100th Day of
    School" (9781417109425, 12 min.) encourages young people to think
    about the number 100 - from counting to 100 to pondering how
    drastically society has changed in the last 100 years, to what can be
    accomplished in 100 seconds, to imagining what one might buy with
    $100. The result is a bright and cheerful way to commemorate progress
    through the school year. All four DVDs are closed captioned and sold
    with limited public performance rights to be shown to any group in a
    school, public library, prison or military base without further
    written permission.

    Roads to Memphis
    PBS Home Video
    c/o SSA Public Relations
    15260 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 1730, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
    9781608832118 $24.99 www.shopPBS.org

    Part of the "American Experience" PBS DVD series, Roads to Memphis:
    The Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. is a compelling
    documentary on DVD from Emmy Award-winning director Stephen Ives.
    Portraying the setting, historical events, and societal forces in
    motion up to the fateful day when James Earl Ray killed the widely
    beloved Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Road to Memphis features testimony
    from people close to King as well as the officials who took part in
    Ray's capture and prosecution, and a guest appearance by Hampton
    sides, the award-winning author of a forthcoming book about the
    assassination ("Hellhound on His Trail: The Stalking of martin Luther
    King, Jr. and the International Hunt for His Assassin"). An
    extraordinarily vivid saga of true-life bloodshed and its
    repercussions, Roads to Memphis is powerful, unforgettable, and a
    choice pick for public library DVD collections. 90 minutes,
    widescreen, closed captioned. Also highly recommended is the award-
    winning PBS DVD presenting the next chapter of history, "A Ripple of
    Hope" (9781608832064, $24.99, 60 min., widescreen, closed captioned)
    chronicling the inspirational speech presidential candidate Robert
    Kennedy's subsequently dared to deliver to inner city Indianapolis
    despite the very real threat of violence, for riots and arson scarred
    America in the wake of King's murder.


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    accept no funds from authors or publishers. Full permission is given
    to post any of these reviews on thematically appropriate websites,
    newsgroups, listserves, internet discussion groups, organizational
    newsletters, or to interested individuals. Please give the Midwest
    Book Review a credit line when doing so.

    The Midwest Book Review publishes the monthly book review magazines
    "California Bookwatch", "Internet Bookwatch", "Children's Bookwatch",
    "MBR Bookwatch", "Reviewer's Bookwatch", and "Small Press Bookwatch".
    All are available for free on the Midwest Book Review website at www
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    Anyone wanting to submit books for review consideration can send them

    James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
    Midwest Book Review
    278 Orchard Drive
    Oregon, WI 53575-1129

    To submit reviews of any fiction or non-fiction books, email them to
    Frugalmuse (at) aol (dot) com (Be sure to include the book title,
    author, publisher, publisher address, publisher website/phone number,
    13-digit ISBN number, and list price).

    James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
    Midwest Book Review
    Midwest Book Review, Jun 30, 2010
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