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  1. The Library DVD Shelf

    The Prehistoric Collection
    A&E Entertainment
    235 E. 45th St., New York NY 10017
    1422938255, $59.95 www.history.com

    four releases under one package: JURASSIC FIGHT CLUB, PREHISTORIC
    creations of prehistoric atmosphere and the latest archaeological and
    anthropological research lend to a collection packed with vivid scenes
    and real history in 8 DVDs perfect for home and lending libraries

    Ripped Off: Madoff and Scamming of America
    A&E Home Entertainment
    235 East 45th St., New York NY 10017
    1422945235, $19.95 www.history.com

    The 2008 collapse of the U.S. economy is still being felt today, and
    RIPPED OFF examines some of the causes, examining the, $65 billion
    Ponzi scam by a trusted investor from New York. Firsthand accounts
    from Madoff's victims are included in a documentary considering this
    and other scams throughout history.

    Angry Monk: Reflections on Tibet
    a film by Luc Schaedler
    Icarus Films
    c/o First Run Features
    630 Ninth Avenue, Suite 1213, New York, NY 10036
    $24.95 www.firstrunfeatures.com

    Angry Monk: Reflections on Tibet is a DVD documentary and portrait of
    Gendun Choephel, a monk who chose to refute monastic life and spoke
    out severely against the extreme religious conservatism and cultural
    isolationist attitude permeating the government of his nation. After
    he left the monastery in 1934, he traveled through Tibet and India to
    better understand the history of Tibet and Buddhism. Angry Monk:
    Reflections on Tibet includes rare archival footage, Choephel's
    paintings, modern-day scenes of sites he traveled to, and above all,
    the wisdom and insight of an outcast critic, whose determination has
    made him an immortal symbol of political and spiritual reform in
    Tibet. Highly recommended. Bonus features include a director interview
    and biography, writing extracts by Gendun Choephel, and a Tibetan film

    The Bible Unearthed: The Making of a Religion
    First Run Features
    630 Ninth Avenue, Suite 1213, New York, NY 10036
    $29.95 www.firstrunfeatures.com

    Based on the book "The Bible Unearthed" by Israel Finkelstein and Neil
    Silberman, The Bible Unearthed: The Making of a Religion is a
    captivating examination of the origins of the Bible, offering
    firsthand visits to archaeological digs in Egypt, Jordan, and Israel
    (including Megiddo, one of the most fundamental sites of Biblical
    archaeology known). Computer simulations and rare archival footage
    bring to life the wisdom of world-renowned archaeologists and biblical
    scholars, including experts from the Louvre, the British Museum, and
    the museums of Cairo and Jerusalem. Our body of knowledge today about
    the society and history of the men who wrote the Bible continues to
    evolve with new discoveries; The Bible Unearthed: The Making of a
    Religion is sure to fascinate casual viewers and religious scholars
    alike. Highly recommended, especially for public library DVD
    collections. Four episodes, 208 minutes.

    11783 Borman Drive, St. Louis, MO 63146
    $24.95 www.Vat19.com

    Undeliver@ble: E-mail Etiquette for Today's Workplace is a simple and
    straightforward training DVD ideal for teaching one's employees how to
    professionally handle customer service issues via e-mail. Topics
    covered range from sending attachments to addressing recipients,
    inappropriate content, proofreading, professional signatures, the
    value of clarity and brevity, issues to watch out for when writing e-
    mails that contain good or bad news, and much more. Real-life re-
    enactments and easy-to-see graphical animations help drive home the
    solid lessons on formatting and phrasing quality business e-mails.
    Four interactive quizzes and printable certificates of completion
    round out this easy-to-use resource. An absolute must-have for
    businesses in today's modern world, where e-mail is a more important
    tool for communication than ever before! 40 minutes.

    Beethoven's Guitar Shred
    Music Video Distributors (distribution)
    Thomas Public Relations, Inc.
    734 Walt Whitman Rd., Suite 206, Melville, NY 11747
    $9.95 www.greatkat.com

    Beethoven's Guitar Shred carries a parental advisory warning with
    regard to explicit content - specifically, graphic references to
    torture, including torture devices, blood and playacting victims - as
    guitar performer Kat (aka Katherine Thomas) refuses to let America
    indulge in forgetfulness about the human right abuses at Abu Ghraib.
    "The Great Kat" is shocking to behold regardless, wantonly discarding
    all cultural preconceptions of female behavior to dress in bloody
    leather wear and crucifix tattoos. Her guitar performance is beyond
    energetic, transcending to the level of mania, as she shreds a
    ferocious medley of Beethoven, Bach, and raw fervor. The seven shred
    videos share a raucous blend of classical music, heavy metal, and
    stinging social commentary. Bonus features include a cartoon and hot
    photos of Kat at her finest (or wildest)! Beethoven's Guitar Shred is
    truly unforgettable, and especially recommended for metal fans.

    America's Test Kitchen Season Nine
    WGBH Boston Video
    c/o SSA Public Relations
    15260 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 1730, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
    9781593758851 $39.99 www.ssapr.com

    America's Test Kitchen Season Nine is DVD thinpack set collecting the
    latest season of the most-watched cooking show on public television. A
    great way to learn delicious home cooking, America's Test Kitchen
    Season Nine guides viewers step-by-step through such recipes as French
    Chicken in a Pot, Almost No-Knead Bread, Crispy Breaded Pork Chops,
    Blueberry Pie, and much more. Also present are no-nonsense taste tests
    of supermarket ingredients, ratings of kitchen equipment, and handy
    shopping tips for the smart consumer. Cooking enthusiasts of all skill
    and experience levels are sure to enjoy this excellent compendium,
    which includes printable versions of each of its fifty-two recipes! 4
    DVDs, 26 episodes, 11.5 hours.

    Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska
    Janson Media
    88 Semmens Road, Harrington Park, NJ 07640
    $24.95 www.simplelivingtv.net www.janson.com

    Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska presents five episodes of the
    popular public television series designed to teach the viewer about
    ways for more cost-effective, conscientious, and sustainable living.
    The first nationally syndicated series of this kind, Simple Living
    shows ways ordinary people everywhere can be better stewards of the
    environment and more informed consumers, while promoting a strong,
    positive message of fiscal responsibility and community involvement.
    From reducing one's carbon footprint to doing a "green remodel" of
    one's home to enjoying the pastime of gardening, Simple Living with
    Wanda Urbanska is a wonderful and refreshing show - the frugality and
    energy-saving tips especially are and more valuable than ever during
    tough economic times. Highly recommended. 135 minutes.

    The Beatles: Rare and Unseen
    MVD Entertainment Group
    PO Box 280, Oaks, PA 19456
    $14.95 www.MVDb2b.com 1-800-888-0486

    The Beatles: Rare and Unseen is a DVD packed with long-hidden
    treasures concerning one of the most popular and beloved bands in the
    world: previously unseen home movies, personal photographs, recently
    rediscovered film, and true stories related firsthand from the
    witnesses who were there. From the earliest known footage of the
    Beatles on stage (Liverpool, Feb. 1962), to the one existing film of
    their Scotland tour (Caird Hall Dundee, Oct. 1964) to highlights of an
    interview with John Lennon (recorded in New York for French TV), The
    Beatles: Rare and Unseen is an absolute "must-have" for Beatles fans
    everywhere. Highly recommended. 90 minutes.

    Menopause Illustrated
    Jan Brehm
    Planet Sweet Pea
    c/o 411 Video Information
    PO Box 1223, Pebble Beach, CA 93953
    $19.99 www.411videoinfo.com

    Menopause Illustrated is a brief, lighthearted and witty DVD and
    accompanying booklet created especially to for men in need of advice
    to help their wives or significant others through the devastating
    change that is menopause. Created by Jan Brehm, a wife whose loving
    husband had the best of intentions but nearly drove her off the wall
    during the change of life, Menopause Illustrated lays out just how men
    everywhere can deal with this difficult time - and why a woman's
    issues with and feelings about menopause can't simply be "fixed" the
    way one might fix a leaky faucet. The wry humor permeating Menopause
    Illustrated is what distinguishes it as something that men will find
    not only enlightening but also thoroughly entertaining. Highly

    Pilates Power Ball Sculpt
    Bernadette Giorgi
    c/o 411 Video Information (publicity)
    PO Box 1223, Pebble Beach, CA 93953
    $19.98 www.justbmethod.com www.411videoinfo.com

    Pilates expert Bernadette Giorgi presents Pilates Power Ball Sculpt,
    an exercise DVD featuring Pilates-style mat work that incorporates an
    inexpensive sculpting ball or hand weight to enhance effectiveness. An
    exercise program designed to promote a lean physique, Pilates Power
    Ball Sculpt includes classic Pilates-based exercises such as "The
    Hundred", "Teaser", and "Mermaid" incorporating the sculpting ball for
    a new experience. Pilates Power Ball Sculpt features one complete
    workout, and three options for quick workouts: Lower Abs & Butt
    Express, "Pilates Style Magazine" Power Sculpt, and Recovery Stretch.
    A user-friendly, easy-to-follow regimen perfect for helping to develop
    the strength and physique of an expert dancer, Pilates Power Ball
    Sculpt is enthusiastically recommended. 52 minutes.

    Yoga for the Rest of Us: Heart Healthy Yoga with Peggy Cappy
    WGBH Boston Video
    c/o SSA Public Relations
    15260 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 1730, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
    $24.99 www.ssapr.com

    As seen on public television, Yoga for the Rest of Us: Heart Healthy
    Yoga with Peggy Cappy is an exercise DVD focusing upon yoga sun
    salutations that work the entire body, and that can be performed by
    viewers of all skill and experience levels. Movements for the spine,
    lunges, side stretches, breathing techniques, leg stretches,
    relaxation poses, and more make for an easy-to-follow yoga workout at
    home perfect for viewers age nine to ninety. Host Peggy Cappy, a yoga
    instructor of 30 years' experience, guides the viewer through this
    solid workout perfect for easing stress and improving balance, joint
    flexibility, and endurance. Yoga for the Rest of Us: Heart Healthy
    Yoga with Peggy Cappy is especially recommended for anyone who is new
    to Yoga and wants to learn what all the positive word of mouth is
    about! Closed-captioned, 100 minutes.

    Breaking the Bank
    c/o SSA Public Relations
    15260 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 1730, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
    079367090X $24.99 www.ssapr.com

    Breaking the Bank is an episode of the award-winning "Frontline"
    television series, now available on DVD. The true-life story of Bank
    of America CEO Ken Lewis and former Merrill CEO Jon Thain and the
    risks they took amid a financial crisis threatening to destroy the
    American economy, Breaking the Bank presents a dramatic yet unbiased
    accounting of the facts as the federal government was forced to
    seriously consider nationalizing the banking industry - or risking
    nationwide economic collapse. Readers of all backgrounds will
    appreciate this riveting glimpse into the inner workings of economic
    titans with glass ankles; Breaking the Bank is especially recommended
    for public library DVD collections - the modern economic morass is one
    piece of history that everyone needs to learn about, because no one
    can afford to repeat it!

    Learning ZoneXPress
    PO Box 1022, Owatonna, MN 55060
    $79.95 each www.learningzoneexpress.com 1-888-455-7003

    Two closed-captioned DVDs from Learning ZoneXpress continue to uphold
    the excellent, educational tradition of the publisher on timely and
    important topics. It cannot be overstated how important the financial
    management basics of "Cash, Credit and Your Future" (1571757317, 23
    min.) are for teens (and adults!) to know, particularly in today's
    economy which is still reeling an excess of consumer debt and shady
    monetary practices. Some debt may be necessary to pursue dreams such
    as a college diploma or one's own car; "Cash, Credit and Your Future"
    outlines one's options and warns against common mistakes while
    planning for the financial future. "Easy Being Green" (1571758429, 20
    min.) offers basic, easy-to-follow tips that viewers of all ages
    should know in order to not only help protect the planet, but also
    conserve energy and money. Starting with a brief overview of the
    environmental issues that affect all of humanity, how driving habits
    impact the environment (with a demonstration on how to properly
    inflate one's car tires), to things one can do around the house to
    conserve energy, to which electronic items are the worst energy hogs
    and why it's important to look for the Energy Star logo when
    purchasing new electronics. Both DVDs are particularly recommended for
    public library collections and classroom viewing, and have invaluable
    insights for viewers of all ages.

    Anchor Bay Entertainment
    2401 West Big Beaver road, Suite 200, Troy, MI 48084-3304

    These fine new fitness DVDs are top picks for any seeking to lose
    weight. CRUNCH LATIN RHYTHMS: FAT BLASTING DANCE ($14.98) is from
    Crunch Fitness and advocates a fun dance routine that doesn't feel
    like work. Hot Latin dance draws on several kinds of Latin dance from
    mambo to cha cha and samba and provides an easy, equipment-free
    DANCER'S BODY ($14.98) offers a ballroom routine designed to be a
    workout. Ballroom dancer Kristina Milova has created mini dance
    routines for the workout - and no partner's needed. DANCE OFF BELLY
    FAT ($14.98) joins other '10 Minute Solutions' workouts designed to
    shape abs. These 10-minute routines are for any busy person and focus
    on belly-blasting dance workouts to release stress and burn calories.
    The hefty 10 MINUTE SOLUTION: KNOCKOUT BODY ($24.97) workouts pairs a
    DVD with five workouts with weighted gloves and ten-minute routines
    designed for those who have 'no time to exercise'. The kickboxing mix
    promotes all-body toning, from abs to upper body workouts and cross-
    training cardio routines, and offers routines that can even be split
    into 5 separate workouts to fit any schedule. These are fine fitness
    additions for any workout collection.

    2700 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90404

    Two new Kathy Smith workout routines are powerful dance-inspired
    workouts. TOTAL BODY LIFT ($14.98) shows how to develop a leaner,
    younger-looking body through upper body, leg, butt and tummy lifts.
    Floor exercises, light weights, and lifts using chairs are all
    featured. DANCE YOUR BODY SLIM: 6 HOT DANCE ROUTINES! ($14.98)
    features a 2-disc set of routines for belly dance and Latin rhythms.
    They work both with and without partners and offers stretches and
    dance routines perfect for trimming inches. All are top

    The Round Up
    The Line King
    Line King Productions
    $19.95 www.worldstages.biz

    The Line King appoints his leader, Harvis Williams to involve five
    ordinary people to complete the challenge of three stages of line
    dance. The result is a fine video consisting of three instructional
    dance videos, King's Dance, and deleted scenes which will both
    entertain and educate any interested in dance.

    Cardio for Beginners
    Petra Kolber
    c/o Acorn Media Group
    8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 620, Silver Spring, MD 20910-3403
    $14.99 www.acacialifestyle.com

    If you're new to exercise, CARDIO FOR BEGINNERS is the perfect program
    to begin with. It offers a range of easy mix-and-match workouts and
    blends easy dance moves with athletic-based cardio workouts in 10- and
    20-minute segments. A top pick for beginners new to cardio workouts
    who want a gentle, easy yet effective introduction.


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    The Midwest Book Review publishes the monthly book review magazines
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    author, publisher, publisher address, publisher website/phone number,
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    James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
    Midwest Book Review
    Midwest Book Review, Sep 30, 2009
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