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  1. The Library DVD Shelf

    Depeche Mode: The Dark Progression, limited collector's edition
    Sexy Intellectual
    c/o MVD Entertainment Group (distribution)
    PO Box 280, Oaks, PA 19456
    $19.95 www.MVDb2b.com 1-800-888-0486

    Unauthorized by (and therefore completely independent from) Depeche
    Mode themselves or their record company, Depeche Mode: The Dark
    Progression is a new documentary following the development and career
    of popular electronic band Depeche Mode, from their interest in New
    Romanticism at the start of their career through the darkness and
    urban industrial themes that permeated their albums, to the departure
    of Alan Wilder in 1995 and more. Packed with interviews with all the
    band members, contributions from their friends, colleagues, and
    contemporaries (including Gary Numan, Thomas Dolby, band biographer
    Jonathan Miller, and many more), rare performances by Depeche Mode,
    archive footage, video clips, location shots, and news reports,
    Depeche Mode: The Dark Progression is a "must-have" for Depeche Mode
    fans. Some tracks are also included, such as "Just Can't Get Enough",
    "People Are People", "Stripped", "Never Let Me Down Again",
    "Strangelove", "Personal Jesus", "Enjoy the Silence", "Walking In My
    Shoes", "I Feel You", and more. Highly recommended. 97 minutes, 4:3
    screen format, stereo.

    Life on Mars Series 1
    Acorn Media Group
    8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 620, Silver Spring, MD 20910-3403
    $59.99 www.acornmedia.com

    Life on Mars Series 1 is a four-DVD thinpack set collects the first
    season of the exciting time-bending detective series originally shown
    on BBC America. Police detective Sam Tyler (played by John Simm) was
    closing in on a murderer when he was struck by a passing car. He wakes
    up in the past, in 1973; the procedural tools he is used to have
    disappeared, and he finds himself on a near-alcoholic homicide squad
    where forensics takes weeks and his boss has no compunctions against
    using violence on his subjects - or his workers! Sam does his best to
    solve crimes in the past while searching for a way back to his home
    time; yet he is also increasingly intrigued by sympathetic policewoman
    Annie Cartwright (played by Liz White). An enthralling saga
    recommended for mystery and time-travel fans alike! DVD bonus features
    include audio commentaries for every episode with cast and crew, a
    "Take a Look at the Lawman" hour-long documentary with cast and crew
    interviews as well as behind-the-scenes footage, an interview clip
    with director Bharat Nalluri, a "The Music of Life on Mars"
    featurette, a "Get Sykes" featurette, and an outtakes reel. 4 DVDs,
    466 minutes, widescreen.

    Agatha Christie's Poirot Set 4: The Movie Collection
    Acorn Media Group
    8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 620, Silver Spring, MD 20910-3403
    $49.99 www.acornmedia.com

    Poirot Set 4: The Movie Collection is a three-DVD thinpack set of two
    feature-length mystery adventures starring Agatha Christie's
    legendarily fastidious Belgian detective, plus a bonus DVD documentary
    "Super Sleuths" about the Poirot series featuring its stars, producer,
    and director. The DVD movie adaptations of classic Christie novels are
    "Mrs. McGinty's Dead", in which Poirot teams up a mystery novelist
    colleague to save a man from hanging for a murder he may not have
    committed, and "Cat Among the Pigeons", in which Poirot must
    investigate murders among the Meadowbank School for Girls, which has
    recently become embroiled in turmoil since once of its new students is
    a princess and a political refugee hiding from revolutionaries in her
    homeland! An excellent gift especially for mystery lovers;,Agatha
    Christie's Poirot Set 4: The Movie Collection makes for a superb
    introduction to Christie's brilliantly crafted mysteries. 3 DVDs, 186
    minutes plus 47 minutes bonus program, widescreen, color.

    Mazda Motivations
    c/o Wendy Brickman (publicity)

    Three fitness DVDs created and hosted by exercise physiologist Debra
    Mazda prove that women of all shapes and sizes can enjoy the benefits
    of a good workout. Mazda once weighed over three hundred pounds;
    deciding that diets were not the answer, she devised a fitness regimen
    and succeeded in losing one hundred forty pounds. She remains
    curvaceously shapely (with noticeably more meat on her bones than a
    rail-thin Hollywood model), yet immensely improved and healthy, and
    her workout DVDs are sure to appeal to viewers of all backgrounds and
    body sizes. "Let's Get Moving! Low-Impact Cardio" ($19.95, 52 min.) is
    a beginner to intermediate exercise DVD featuring a basic warm up, a
    solid cardio routine, and cool down exercises, with a bonus floorwork
    track. "Let's Get Moving! 2: Cardio Toning With Weights" ($19.95, 56
    min.) incorporates simple weights into its cardiovascular routine and
    rates the viewer's progress with the "ShapelyGirl Intensity Scale". In
    "Let's Get Stepping! Beginner Step-Cardio" ($19.95, 82 min.) viewers
    are introduced into a step-cardio workout suitable for beginners,
    complete with a toning bonus track and step tutorial. All three DVDs
    have the bonus special feature "Debra Mazda's Circle Time", which is
    all about working out when one is a plus-sized woman. An excellent DVD
    set for anyone, female or male, interested in beginning a fitness
    regimen - especially those who are new to regular physical workouts
    and need a user-friendly start.

    Home: A Film by Mary Haverstick
    Monterey Video
    566 St. Charles Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360-3901
    9781569946633 $26.95 www.montereymedia.com 1-800-424-2593

    Starring Academy Award winning actress Marcia Gay Harden in the role
    of Inga, Home: A Film by Mary Haverstick follows Inga, a mother with
    the soul of a poet at a crossroads. Her estranged husband Hermann
    (played by Michael Gaston) is bereft of emotional support for her in
    the wake of her recovery from breast cancer, let alone her passion for
    buying and restoring and house that reminds her of her childhood home.
    She shares a close bond with her eight-year-old daughter, and though
    she is troubled by her decaying marriage, she retains a strong spirit
    of optimism, as expressed in her own writing. A dramatic and moving
    saga, highly recommended; bonus features include deleted scenes,
    storyboards, and poems. 84 minutes.

    The Art of Block Printing
    Larry Withers
    On Air Video Inc.
    8203 Westminster Rd., Elkins Park, PA 19027
    $14.95 www.onairvideo.com

    Hosted by expert fine arts instructor Larry Withers, The Art of Block
    Printing is a DVD how-to guide to partaking in the centuries-old art
    of block printing. From the necessary materials and tools, to creating
    one's design, carving a printing block, producing one-color or two-
    color prints, to appropriate color registration, safety tips for block
    cutting, an introduction to various techniques, and much more, The Art
    of Block Printing walks viewers of all backgrounds and skill levels
    through the process. A back-cover checklist of the inexpensive tools
    one needs to get started rounds out this user-friendly teaching guide,
    enthusiastically recommended for anyone intrigued to dabble in this
    art form to create distinctive artworks, handmade cards, or other
    beautiful projects. 42 minutes.

    Ana Brett & Ravi Singh
    411 Video Information
    PO Box 1223, Pebble Beach, CA 93953
    $15.95 each www.411videoinfo.com

    New DVDs from fitness teachers Ana Brett and Ravi Singh - whose
    clients include Olympic athletes and celebrities such as Madonna,
    Sting, and The Red Hot Chile Peppers - guide the viewer through easy-
    to-follow, yoga-based workouts. "Yoga for Beginners & Beyond" (90
    minutes, $15.95) includes strengthening techniques to improve one's
    total fitness, chair exercises, a posture primer, and much more. The
    segments guide one through using Yoga to promote flexibility in one's
    entire body as well as build up muscle tone. In "Kundalini Yoga
    Cardio, Stretch, & Strengthen" (90 minutes, $15.95) viewers experience
    a more high-energy style of Yoga along with catchy music to go along
    with the cardio. Both DVDs have a special "Matrix menu" option that
    allows the viewer to customize his or her workout, and make excellent,
    long-lasting additions to physical fitness and flexibility DVD

    We Shall Remain
    PBS Home Video
    c/o SSA Public Relations (publicity)
    15260 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 1730, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
    0793670268 $49.99 www.ssapr.com shopPBS.org

    We Shall Remain is a three-DVD thinpack set collecting five
    documentaries from the acclaimed PBS history series "American
    Experience", about Native American leaders including Massasoit,
    Tecumseh, Tenskwatawa, Major Ridge, Geronimo, and Fools Crow, all who
    did everything they could to resist being forcibly removed from their
    land and preserve their culture. Their strategies ranged from military
    action to diplomacy, spirituality, or even legal and political means.
    The stories of these individual leaders span four hundred years;
    collectively, they give a portrait of an oft-overlooked yet crucial
    side of American history, and carry the highest recommendation for
    public library as well as home DVD collections. Special features
    include behind-the-scenes footage, a thirty-minute preview film,
    materials for educators and librarians, four ReelNative films of
    Native Americans sharing their personal stories, and three Native Now
    films about modern-day issues facing Native Americans. 7 hours.

    Murdoch Mysteries Season One
    Acorn Media Group
    8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 620, Silver Spring, MD 20910-3403
    $59.99 www.acornmedia.com www.murdochmysteries.com

    Set in 1890's Canada, Murdoch Mysteries Season One is a four-DVD
    thinpack set collecting the first thirteen episodes of this popular
    mystery series following Detective William Murdoch (played by Yannick
    Bisson), a sleuth whose genius leads him to discover and use modern
    techniques such as "finger marks" to catch criminals. His antagonistic
    boss (Thomas Craig) derides his methods at every turn, but he has
    willing allies in a beautiful pathologist (Gemini-winner Helene Joy)
    and an intrepidly inquisitive constable (Johnny Harris). Famous
    brilliant minds of the era also make appearances, such as Nikola
    Tesla, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Prince Alfred. Based on the hero of the
    enjoyable and widely beloved Murdoch novels, Murdoch Mysteries Season
    One is an excellent adventure sure to please mystery fans, and is
    especially notable for winning two Geminis and being nominated for
    twelve more. Special features include episode commentary by stars
    Yannick Bisson and Jonny Harris, production designer Sandra Kybartas,
    and executive feature Cal Coons; interviews with the author and cast;
    a photographic gallery; cast filmographies; and brief cast
    biographies. 598 minutes, 16:9 widescreen, subtitles.

    Inside the Meltdown
    PBS Home Video
    0793670659 $24.99

    Inside the Meltdown is an episode of the popular "Frontline"
    television series, giving the behind-the-scenes stories of the Bear
    Stearns and Lehman Brothers business collapses that kicked off the
    present day economic crisis, followed by efforts to support insurance
    giant AIG and a 700 billion dollar bailout. Inside the Meltdown
    especially focuses upon the sudden, catastrophic dilemma thrust upon
    Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben
    Bernanke, whose fear of "moral hazard" - the concept that bailing out
    a failing business will only promote and encourage more failure on
    their part - had to give way to the larger, possibly economy-
    destroying threat of a resounding ripple effect stemming from the
    collapse of giants. An absorbing documentary that presents the
    downfall of multigenerational institutions in plain terms for viewers
    of all backgrounds, Inside the Meltdown is especially recommended to
    public library DVD collections. 60 minutes, color.

    Combat Knife Throwing
    Ralph Thorn
    Paladin Press
    7077 Winchester Circle, Boulder, CO 80301
    CKTDVD, $49.95, 1-800-392-2400

    Thanks to television and the movies, we've all seen that knives and
    other hand weapons can be thrown with deadly accuracy and effective in
    personal combat. Ralph Thorn is an expert in this area and with his
    step-by-step instructional video "Combat Knife Throwing: The Video",
    demonstrates a combative style of weapons throwing that showcases a
    'no spin' knife throw that is practical, effective, and something
    anyone can learn how to do given a few knives and some practice.
    Utilizing computer graphics, slow-motion videography, and clear
    instructions, "Combat Knife Throwing" demonstrates the sidearm throw,
    the shuriken throw for long-distance attacks, the underhand half-spin
    throw, blindfolded throwing, behind-the-back throws, and throwing a
    knife accurately while running. With a total running time of 100
    minutes, "Combat Knife Throwing" is a very highly recommended
    instructional video suitable for personal and professional Martial
    Arts reference collections and personal combat training programs.


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    James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
    Midwest Book Review
    Midwest Book Review, Jun 30, 2009
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