Make £3000 from just £3 in 4 weeks

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    In order to trade with an unseen person on the internet you also have to
    have a degree of trust & a positive outlook. Entering this money making
    opportunity is also about having trust & being confident enough to send £3
    to an unseen, unknown person. But we only talking about a measly £3, so what
    have you got to lose? You could stand to gain £££££THOUSANDS!!!!

    I'm thinking about this as a bit of fun, a tiny gamble & WHAT IF IT
    WORKS???? I spend most of the day at my PC anyway so here goes........
    The following extraction is not me and there is a lot of selling the idea
    b*llsh*t....but the basic idea is simple and effective. I would like to
    think that I am a naturally sceptical person but as you can see below it
    really works. The best bit about this money making scheme, is that it only
    costs £3 and 30 minutes of your time to set up - that's it !!
    Turn £3 ($5) into £10,000 ($18,000) This really does Work - Just try it for

    ACCOUNT." - It can work for you too!

    I turned £3 ($5) into £14,706 ($27,000) within the first 30 days of
    operating the business plan that I am about to reveal to you free of charge.
    If you decide to take action on the following instructions, I will GUARANTEE
    that you will enjoy a similar return!

    Please do not be sceptical about this program. At least think about it for a
    few days. Otherwise you will be throwing away over £10,000 ($18,000) in
    cash! This system has been working for 2 years and thousands of people have
    joined and they have been amazed by the results of a little time and
    £3.00!($5.00) You will too!

    In March of 2002, I received a short and simple email telling me how to make
    over £10,000 ($18,000) at a time. I ignored it because of course, I was
    sceptical. However, I didn't delete that email because something about it
    rang true to me, and I was desperate to know whether it was possible to make
    that amount of money in such a short space of time. I was at that time
    getting deep in debt. I finally realized that I had absolutely nothing to
    lose by having a go at the plan offered to me in that email. And apart from
    that, I just couldn't stop myself from thinking "What if it actually works?"

    Therefore, I put my doubts to one side and I went ahead and followed the
    simple instructions given in that email. It took me less than 30 minutes to
    complete and it cost me no more than £3 ($5). And yet, by the end of 2002, I
    was able to book the family holiday of a lifetime in Miami, and I bought a
    brand new Audi A8 with hard cash. And in the autumn of 2003, I purchased a
    tidy semi-detached home for no less than £125,000 ($230,000). And yet, I
    owe a single penny to anyone!

    To date, I have made exactly £392,718 ($720,000). My accountant has drawn up
    a cash-flow forecast in which he predicts that, within the next 24 months, I
    will become a Millionaire just through this one business alone. Even now as
    I write this, I find it strange to come to terms with the fact that, like
    most people, I've worked hard and struggled all my life just to 'get by' and
    then something ridiculously simple drops into my lap and immediately turns
    my life around completely. When I think back to all the similar emails I had
    previously deleted, it makes me shudder, because now I know just how close I
    came to missing out completely.

    What did it say in that email? Well, if you'll read on, all will be

    The business plan I am about to share with you works perfectly every single
    time. I've never made less than £10,000 ($18,000) from it on each occasion.
    Let me assure you that this is a LEGITIMATE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY, a
    perfectly legal moneymaking enterprise. It does not require you to sell
    anything. It does not require you to speak to your friends, family or
    anybody else (unless you want to). In fact, you do not need to come into
    contact with any people whatsoever. Anyone with a pulse can become
    successful and make their fortune with this system. If you believe that
    'every dog has its day', then follow the simple step-by-step plan exactly as
    it is set out below. If you do this and this alone, I GUARANTEE that within
    the next 30 days you will receive over £10,000 ($18,000) in cash via your
    PayPal account. I know that this must sound like an outrageous claim,
    particularly if you've never had possession of this sort of money before,
    but believe me, this business works like nothing else you may have seen
    before in your life! By following the simple 3-step plan set out below,
    within a few short weeks your life will be transformed beyond all
    recognition! Please do not allow your initial scepticism to deprive you of
    certain financial success.

    If you decide not to take advantage of this life-changing opportunity, I
    would like you to know that I sincerely respect your decision and I
    understand that you will have your reasons. I therefore wish you the very
    best of luck for the future. I am able to say this with absolute sincerity
    because, as you will see, if you decide to work this plan, I will not
    receive any financial compensation from you whatsoever. After all, I am
    sharing this system with you for free. However, remember life is short.
    Nobody has ever said that you can't have the financial freedom to do what
    you want to do, when you want to do it. But you must first pay the price.
    The price here is action; it's as simple as that! I'm very proud to be able
    to say that I've fulfilled my duty to my wife and children by securing their
    financial future in a very uncertain world, and I don't believe that any
    price is too great to pay for such peace of mind.

    This is the CHEAPEST, FASTEST and EASIEST way to make serious money online -

    There are a lot of companies out there offering to put you in your own
    business, but I'm so certain you will make a SERIOUS INCOME with what I am
    going to tell you that I'm willing to roll up my sleeves and help you
    begin - RIGHT NOW!!

    Remember, I am not asking you to send me a single penny for the lucrative
    business project I am about to share with you. In addition, you will not be
    asked to buy anything or sacrifice your free time. You will make some fast
    and easy cash, using just a copy of this page and the simplest and most
    popular Internet payment system in existence!

    You have most likely seen or heard about this project on TV programs such as
    20/20 and Oprah Winfrey, or you may have read about it in the Wall Street
    Journal. If not, here it is below - revealed to you in step-by-step detail.
    This program is by no means new. It has been in existence in many forms for
    at least a decade. But in the early days, it required a lot more time and
    effort, as well as an outlay of a few hundred pounds. However, thanks to
    PayPal and the Internet, the outlay is now virtually ZERO! And what's more,
    the entire process is FASTER, EASIER, and MORE LUCRATIVE than it has EVER

    If you're already running a home business, you can easily do this one along
    with it. If not, this is the FASTEST and EASIEST way to earn serious money
    online that you've ever seen so far in the history of the Internet! This
    program works no matter what country you are in, or what currency you use.
    It doesn't matter how old or how young you are. And you certainly won't need
    any special knowledge or talent. You won't need to run a website, or make
    phone calls, or make photocopies, or send out letters through the mail, or
    pay for advertising, etc.

    * An email address * A Premier or Business PayPal account with at least £3
    ($5) deposited in it * 30 minutes of your time

    This program takes just half an hour to set up. After that, there is
    absolutely no work whatsoever to do on your part. And yet, you will stand to
    gain many thousands of pounds within the next few weeks from those 30
    minutes of easy work! Yes, I know, it sounds too good to be true! I thought
    exactly the same thing myself until I actually tried it out!

    Even if you are already involved in another program, stay with it, but do
    yourself a big favour and DO THIS ONE as well. You have absolutely NOTHING
    to lose, but you stand to gain a LIFE-CHANGING amount of money within the
    next few weeks! In fact, there is NO LIMIT to the amount of income you can
    generate from this one single business program!!

    The facts are simple: If you need to make a few thousand pounds REALLY FAST,
    then this program is the way to do it! It's the CHEAPEST, FASTEST, EASIEST,
    and MOST LUCRATIVE program you will ever participate in! Please be sure to
    read all of this page . . . take your time, come back to it . . . go over
    and over it, you won't be sorry, I can certainly promise you that! If you
    don't have time to read all of this now, then save this page, or add it to
    your Favourites list, so you can come back to it later.

    All you need is a PayPal account and an email address!

    Just about everyone has heard about "PayPal" (if you haven't you will soon!)
    and when I came across this concept I knew it would work because, as a
    member of PayPal, I had already experienced their efficiency and excellent
    standing. PayPal is the simplest method of making and receiving payments
    online that anyone has ever seen! Anyone with an email address can join for
    FREE! Once you have a PayPal account, you can send and receive credit card
    payments to or from anyone - anywhere in the world! Please read further
    before you go there... You can complete this whole process within just half
    an hour and you will NEVER forget the day you decided to do so!!!

    NEED PROOF? Here are just 3 testimonials from the countless individuals who
    decided to invest nothing more than £3 ($5) and half an hour of their time
    to participate in this program:

    "What an amazing plan! I followed your instructions just 3 weeks ago, and
    although I haven't made 10 grand yet, I'm already up to £6,135 ($11,000).
    I'm absolutely gob smacked. Alan H , Leicester

    "Well, what can I say?... THANK YOU SO MUCH! I sent 40 e-mail's out like you
    said and then I just forgot about the whole thing. To be honest, I didn't
    really think anything would come of it. But when I checked my paypal account
    a week later, there was over £3,000 ($5,000) in it! After 30 days I now have
    over £11,000 ($20,000) to spend! I can't thank you enough!" G McDonald,

    "I was shocked when I saw how much money came flooding into my paypal
    account. Within 3 weeks my account balance has ballooned to £7,449
    ($13,000). At first I thought there had been some sort of error with my
    account!" D Barrie , Cirencester

    Just a few months ago, each of these people were doing the same thing as you
    are at this very moment - reading this! But because they decided to follow
    the simple instructions given below, they are now considerably better off as
    a result. And there's no reason whatsoever why you can't share in this
    success. You've got nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain!

    Let's get started, just follow the instructions exactly as set out below and
    then prepare yourself for a HUGE influx of cash over the next 30 days!

    Here's what you need to do. . .

    STEP 1 Ok, if you're not already a PayPal user, the very first thing you
    need to do is click on the PayPal link below and SIGN UP. It takes just 2

    Here's the link: Be sure to use this link so you can
    sign up for a free Premier or Business account. You'll need to have a
    Premier or Business account (and not a PERSONAL account) otherwise you won't
    be able to receive credit card payments from other people.

    STEP 2 It is an undeniable law of the universe that we must first give in
    order to receive. So the first thing to do when you have your Business
    PayPal account is to IMMEDIATELY send a £3 ($5) payment from your PayPal
    account to the FIRST email address in the list below, along with a note

    " Please add me to your mailing list. "

    Be certain to add this note, as this is what KEEPS THIS PROGRAM LEGAL.
    Instructions on how to send a payment are under "SEND MONEY" at the Paypal
    site. It's so easy!!

    When you send your £3 ($5) payment to the first address in the list, do it
    with a great big smile on your face because "as you sow, so shall you reap!"

    Here's the current list:


    After you have transferred a £3 ($5) payment to the email address at the top
    of the list, something very eerie happens. It gives you an indescribable,
    overwhelming sense of certainty, belief and conviction in the system. You've
    just proved to yourself that, because you have done it, there must be a
    great number of other people ready to do exactly the same. Thus you have now
    seen for yourself, first hand, that this business actually works!

    STEP 3 Once you've sent a £3 ($5) payment to the address at the top of the
    list (along with your note - this is VERY important!), the next thing you
    need to do is to obtain a copy of the contents of this page, as you'll be
    sending it out (as an email message or by advertising your page, like I have
    done) to at least 40 people (keep in mind that 40 is a good number of people
    to reach, but with all the different ways of advertising for free on the
    internet the amount of views and signups under you could well exceed into
    the hundreds or thousands if you wish....the more people who join the more
    profitable for everyone on the list, including you). The copy that you will
    send out will contain

    YOUR email address at number 5 in the list - having deleted the address at
    Number 1 in the list, and moving the others up a position.

    The best way to do this is you can copy and paste into emails to your family
    and friends. You can copy and paste it and put ad's on the internet on
    message boards etc. Or you can create your own free website, by copying and
    pasting. There are many free webpages you can build on the web. For example
    2 good ones are or Both of these are
    simple to use. And the best part of having this info on a website for people
    to follow is you can post links to your site on paid to click websites or
    paid to read email sites, for great advertising. There are countless ways to
    get more people like me and you involved in this amazing program.

    A. Go to the toolbar at the top of the window and select "Edit" and then
    "Select All".

    B. Go to the toolbar again and select "Edit" and then "Copy".

    C. Start (compose) a new email message (PLAIN TEXT so everyone can view

    D. Fill in your email address and subject line, and then click in the main
    message area.

    E. Go to "Edit" and "Paste" to paste the text into your new email message.
    Now you can edit and format the message text in any way you want! However,
    it's best to just leave the text as it is because you want your email to be
    read by everyone who receives it! The only thing you need to make sure of is
    that YOUR email address is at Number 5 in the list in STEP 2. Of course, the
    address that was previously at Number 1 should have been removed, and the
    other email addresses should have been moved up a position to accommodate
    yours at Number 5. As long as you have done this correctly, your email is
    ready for sending!

    A word of warning! Don't be tempted to add your email address to position 1
    in order to earn money fast! It doesn't work like that! If you do that, you
    will ONLY reach the people you directly send emails to, and then your
    address will be immediately removed from the Number 1 place and you won't
    reach thousands of people! But, if you add your name to the Number 5
    position, there will be literally tens of thousands of people receiving and
    sending e-mail's later - when your name is at the Number 1 spot!!!

    F. Once you've got your email message ready, send out a minimum of 40 copies
    of the email - but only to people you know, or to people who respond to MLM
    offers, or to people who've sent YOU offers. By sending this letter and the
    payment via EMAIL, the response time is EXTREMELY fast.......... ELECTRONIC
    TRANSFER INTERNET FAST!!! That's why it takes only a few days for those £3
    ($5) payments to start flooding into your PayPal account!

    THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO IT! The whole process should take you about 30
    minutes to complete.

    easy work is all that's needed - no capital outlay, no postage stamps, no
    printing, copying or waiting, and the concept is 100% legal.

    Within 30 days, over £10,000 ($18,000) cash will pass through your PayPal
    account. And that's GUARANTEED. In fact, you can expect to receive a
    substantial number of £3 ($5) payments within the first few days! Keep a
    copy of your email safe so that you can use it again whenever you need more

    Here's how it works:

    When you send out your emails, your email address will initially be at
    Number 5 in the list. That's the best position it can be in at this stage if
    you want to make serious money. The response-rate for this program is much
    higher than any typical email marketing campaign for a number of reasons,
    which are explained later. As long as you send your emails to people who are
    likely to be interested in this program, on average, you can expect a
    response from about 25% of the people you send to. But let's be extremely
    conservative here and assume that you receive an average response rate of
    only 12.5%. . .

    If you send out your email to 40 different people, you can expect at least 5
    of those people to do exactly what you did (12.5% of 40 = 5). By this time,
    your email address will have moved up to Number 4 in the list, and this list
    will now have reached around 200 people (5 x 40).

    Out of those 200 people, you can expect at least 25 of them to participate
    (12.5% of 200 = 25), so that's a further 1,000 emails (25 x 40) being sent
    out and your email address will have risen to Number 3 in the list.

    Out of those 1,000 people, you can expect at least 125 of them to
    participate (12.5% of 1,000 = 125), so that's a further 5,000 emails (125 x
    40) being sent out with you now at the Number 2 position.

    Out of those 5,000 people, you can expect at least 625 of them to respond
    (12.5% of 5,000 = 625), so that's 25,000 emails (625 x 40) being sent out
    with YOUR ADDRESS at the Number 1 spot!

    Now, out of those 25,000 people, you can expect around 3,125 of them to
    respond (12.5% of 25,000 = 3,125). And since you will now be at NUMBER 1 in
    the list, you will receive: £9,375 ($17,300)(3,125 x £3($5)).

    So, when your name starts to hit the Number 1 position within the next few
    days, it will be YOUR turn to collect the money! Over the course of 30 days,
    this money will be sent to you by a few thousand people just like yourself -
    who are willing to invest half an hour to receive around £10,000 ($18,000)
    or more in cash! The first payments will arrive within a few days, and they
    will continue at the rate of about 100 payments per day for about 30 days.
    After that time, the volume of payments begins to taper off as your email
    address vacates the Number 1 position.

    That's all you need to do! There will be around £10,000 ($18,000) in £3 ($5)
    payments waiting for you in your PayPal account within the next few weeks.
    £10,000 ($18,000) for just 30 minutes work! This is real money that you can
    spend on anything you wish! Just deposit it to your own bank account or
    spend it directly from your PayPal account!!! It's just that easy!!! I think
    it's WORTH IT, don't you?

    Remember, the 12.5% example above is assuming that 35 out of the 40 people
    you send your email to will do absolutely nothing except delete your email.
    However, if you follow the plan correctly and send your emails only to
    people who are likely to want to participate, you can expect a typical
    response-rate of around 25%. Hence, the 12.5% example is only given as a
    worst-case-scenario. Additionally, the above example assumes that each
    participant will only send out 40 emails. Imagine what would happen if each
    participant sent out 1,000 emails instead of just 40! Believe me, many
    people will do this and much more!

    Consider this! Millions of people surf the Internet every single day, all
    over the world! Plus there are 50,000 new people who get on the Internet
    every month! The people who send you offers by email can provide you with an
    excellent source of bulk email addresses to send to. You can also send out
    emails to all of your family, friends, and to anyone who you think would
    want to invest £3 ($5) and 30 minutes of their time to make a substantial
    lump sum within a month. If you want to operate this business continuously,
    you should consider obtaining bulk lists of email addresses from a reputable
    mailing list company. That's how I've managed to stay in business for the
    last 2 years! If you already have a legitimate mailing list, then this
    program would be the most profitable way to make use of it. There are many
    websites that sell thousands of fresh opt-in email addresses of people who
    have subscribed to receive exactly this type of program. For example, visit:, and The possibilities
    are endless, and it's so easy!

    Unlike many other MLM programs, this 5-LEVEL PROGRAM costs you only £3 ($5).
    That's right, only £3 ($5) ONCE, which is much more realistic and provides
    much, much faster results. Only the first person on the list gets your £3
    ($5) gift, but everyone in the list will rise to that Number 1 position as
    thousands of emails are being sent out. No cheating can occur (don't be
    fooled by claims that this system can be cheated) as Paypal only allows one
    account per person. Because it is so easy, the response rate is VERY HIGH
    and VERY FAST - Internet email FAST, and you will start seeing dramatic
    results in less than one week! JUST IN TIME FOR NEXT MONTH'S BILLS!

    Remember, you need only mail out 40 copies to start with. This will be
    enough to generate a substantial lump sum within 30 days. For example, send
    to personal contacts and reply to people who send their programs to you, as
    they are already working on the web. They know these programs work and they
    are already believers in the system! This is NOT considered SPAM if you are
    responding to other people's offers, or sending to friends, family and
    contacts, or if you are using a legitimate mailing list.

    So, email your letters out today, and then prepare yourself for a huge
    influx of cash within the next 30 days!!!

    4 factors that make this program so successful. . .


    this program has a VERY HIGH RESPONSE RATE! And all from just a simple email
    and one simple £3 ($5) PayPal transaction! In fact, this program has faster
    results and a higher response rate than any other Internet program you could
    possibly participate in! For most email marketing campaigns, the average
    response rate is between 0.5% and 5%. However, this particular program
    typically generates a response rate of between 20% and 30%. This is because
    this program is so easy to implement, it costs next to nothing, it takes
    just 30 minutes to implement, and the results can be seen within days. I've
    been watching this type of MLM program for years and this is about as easy
    and fast as you can get it. No stamps, no envelopes, no printed copies to be
    made - just a little effort and faith!!! This program really keeps it "short
    and simple"!

    UNLIMITED income potential!

    This program is structured for everyone to send only 40 emails each to
    start. However, you are certainly not limited to 40. Send out as many emails
    as you want. Every 40 emails you send has a return of AT LEAST £10,000
    ($18,000) WITHIN 30 DAYS. So, if you can email 50, or 100, or whatever, GO

    However, you MUST remember that sneaking your name higher up on the list
    will NOT produce the results you think, and it only cheats the other people
    who have put in the effort and have earned the right to be there. So please,
    play by the rules and the serious money will come to you!

    You are probably sceptical of this, especially with all the different
    programs out there on the Web, but if you don't try this you will never
    know. I felt exactly the same as you probably do right now. I wanted to
    believe but i just couldn't help thinking that there was some sort of catch.
    But then I realized that I had absolutely nothing to lose. After all, I was
    only being asked to invest a measly £3 ($5), and yet I could earn many
    thousands of pounds (dollars) within a month. And all for just half an hour
    of my time! Therefore I went ahead and did exactly as the email requested.
    This took me around 30 minutes in total, and I'm so, so, glad I did that!

    To get started, just click on the link below:

    But please play by the rules! This program doesn't cost anything but £3 ($5)
    and about half an hour of your time, and if everyone plays fair, everyone

    So there it is. You now have the knowledge that will enable you to make over
    £10,000 ($18,000) within the next few weeks. The only thing that can hold
    you back now is a lack of faith or a lack of self-belief. However, any
    doubts you may currently have will disappear within a few days of putting
    this plan into practice. Trust me on this! You certainly won't regret it.

    Some notes from the PayPal site which you may find useful

    PayPal lets you pay anyone with an email address and is the world's Number 1
    online payment service. PayPal is accepted on over 3 million eBay auctions
    as well as a countless number of online shops. You can also use PayPal to
    pay your friends - for example, it's a convenient way to split the phone
    bill with your room-mate, send cash to your kids in college, or send cash to
    someone in another country.

    When you send money through PayPal, you can fund your payments with your
    credit card or cheque account. You won't have to worry about your privacy,
    because PayPal keeps your accounting information safe and secure. Making a
    purchase with PayPal is far more secure than mailing a cheque or giving your
    credit card number to a stranger. That's why over 9 MILLION people from
    around the world use PayPal to move money. Signing up for a PayPal account
    is free, easy, and it takes only a couple of minutes.

    Thank you, and good luck in your ventures

    P.S. Does this sound too good? Well maybe to some sceptics it is. But it
    actually works, and is worth the 30 minutes of your time now. So, just make
    a nice cup of tea and get started on it now. After all, you can't lose, but
    you stand to gain more in the next few weeks than many people earn in a

    Good luck and don't spend all your money at once
    Mark, Mar 2, 2005
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  2. Mark

    trout Guest

    Mark wrote:

    <snip pyramid scam>

    And, the Jackass of the Day is:

    > 5..

    "Yappy little spammer, ain't he?"
    trout, Mar 2, 2005
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