Major Series of Computer Problems...

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ROTY, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. ROTY


    Jun 15, 2007
    Here is the time line of my problems, and where they stand now. If anyone can help me figure out what is going on (my friend suggested a corrupted hard drive, but he is not firm enough on his stance to go all the way and aid me in replacing it yet) it would be much appreciated.

    May 25th-My computer became infected with a SmitFraud virus.

    May 26th-I ran Norton and Spybot only to find that neither could remove the virus.

    May 27th-After garnering aid from online communities, I discovered, I thought, how to remove the virus. It worked.

    May 30th-My computer began exhibiting strange actions including shutting down and restarting without notice, and stating that files had become corrupted.

    May 31st-My computer shut down and could no longer make it back to Windows. It would occassionally get me as far as the log in screen, but would then shut down and restart a few second later.

    June 1st-My friend, who is a computer tech, came and looked at the computer. He suggested first that I attempt to restore the computer to an older setting just to make sure. That did not work.

    Safe mode options and attempts at locating corrupted files also failed. He finally said that we would need to run the recovery program from HP.

    June 2nd-I ran the recovery program from HP, but it did nothing more than bring me back to my 2004 settings. Anytime I attempted to download or load up a new program it registered that the files (which were brand new in many cases) had been corrupted.

    June 4th-My friend diagnosed that problem as having corrupted recovery partitions that would require new recovery discs being sent from Microsoft or HP.

    June 8th-The discs arrive and I ran the recovery. Things seemed to work perfectly. The only problem I had was trying to reload Norton Anti-Virus but that seemed more in Norton than the computer. Things worked fine otherwise.

    June 13th-My computer, again, began to act strangely refusing to open programs. I attempted to restart it only to go through the same problem I encountered the previous week with constant restarts and never letting me get close to the Windows desktop.

    Attempts at recovery and safe mode again went without aid, and safe mode would not even open this time around. So I ran the recovery discs immediatly after saving as many files as I could to disc. During recovery I began getting dozens of errors reporting that certain files could not transfer or were corrupted. After recovery had finished, my computer again refused to restart.

    So today I have been scouring the internet looking for anything that might be of assistance.

    A virus has all but been ruled out at this point unless it managed to follow me through two system recoveries (technically 3 I suppose.)

    The only thing I have been suggested to is a corrupted hard drive. I will be running a diagnostics test on the system in the morning, and after that I will bring more information. In the meantime any help would be wonderful.
    ROTY, Jun 15, 2007
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