Made my own USB angled Plug

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Frank Williams, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Like all ? Dell monitors they come fitted with a 4 port hub, but 2 of
    the ports are on the left side of the monitor, I contacted and the came back with a PDF file of one of there
    cables, the back dimension of the angled plus looks like 13mm, the make
    a big range of special cables and a custom service.

    The Down Angled A to B cost from $12.50 to $16us that is for the 6'
    one 1.8mm, the metal sleeve looks like gold plated..

    They do make sort extension cable 4" one is $12.78us

    But I found this article on how to make your own.

    I did a similar job but I did not reverse the metal shield and my plug
    was not constructed the same way.

    The Dell monitor has a gap of around 11mm on each side but the USB
    sockets are mounted a few mm in.

    so with the help of a metal nibbler and some hot glue I did the job, no
    wire soldering at all I cut away some of the plastic that was part of
    the internal construction, and sawed a cut on the other side and just
    bent it 90ยบ .

    The whole plug cover was totally remove with side cutters.

    This was from a 4" extension cable that just lying in my draw, came with
    some thing but I do not remember.

    Mind you it does not look as nice as a Molded one but in my case it cant
    really be seen.

    Then bending was a totally guess as I did not know if it would fit plus
    double checking that I was bending it the right way.
    Frank Williams, Aug 13, 2011
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