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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Murgi, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. Murgi

    Murgi Guest

    Using this NG after having zero success in a Macintosh newsgroup:

    My son presented me with his MacBook since I needed a laptop computer.
    However, up to now I have been using PCs only, therefore he installed
    Windows XP on my new machine.
    Initially the desktop looked sharp and bright, but some days later, the
    desktop looked rather dim. All attempts to bring the standard brightness
    back failed.

    Soon I realized that the built-in keyboard functions a bit different
    than the keyboards connected to PCs. Somehow I found the following on
    the Internet:

    Computer Functions keys
    MacBook Pro Shift-Control-F1 & Shift-Control-F2
    iMac F14 & F15
    Mac mini Not supported.

    Shift-Control-F1 & Shift-Control-F2 doesn't work! The same goes for the
    volume settings. [fn] plus F1 or F2 didn’t do the trick either.I have a

    "MacBook" (not MacBook Pro)...

    Then I was told by somebody that I needed the right driver for the
    built-in keyboard. I installed the “Input Remapper 1.0.04” which can be
    found here:\Shell\Open\Command

    The initial brightness returned immediately, but some key combinations
    got crazy! For example: Pressing the [fn] and the [delete] key functions
    in the same way as if I press the [delete] key only! Both will start
    erasing a word from the end to front…
    Or pressing [fn] and [home, end, page up, page down] will advance the
    cursor one step only (like using these keys without [fn]).

    I uninstalled the Input Remapper and also removed 3 remaining
    associated files by using the internal Search function, rebooted the
    computer, and found the following:

    The desktop looks dim again as before. However, using [fn] plus [delete]
    or [fn] plus [home, end, page up, page down] still advances the cursor
    one step only! I am completely puzzled…

    What keys do I need to use for the MacBook? Where can I get the
    appropriate keyboard driver? My son, who is no Mac guru either, won’t be
    available for the next two weeks.
    Meanwhile I am even willing to upgrade to Leopard although I only run
    Windows XP and PC software. However, I don't know whether this will
    remedy my present problems...

    Can somebody please help out?

    S. R.

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    Murgi, Oct 31, 2007
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  2. Guest

    , Oct 31, 2007
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