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  1. What do the Legendary Pink Dots, big-league producer Bill Laswell, Pink
    Floyd remix artist Floydhead and New World Tango specialists Gotan Project
    have in common? They all had their latest albums promoted by members of
    Massive Music's staff.

    And you know what? We can work with you, too. Our only criteria is that you
    have great music, recorded and manufactured or ready for manufacture. And
    that you pay us. And speaking of paying us, we actually list our rates on
    our website. How swell is that? Go check them out, and then come back and
    see what we did for the Dots, Laswell and others:
    www.massivemusicamerica.com. And if you don't think our prices are great,
    then just trying calling or emailing another promotions company and see if
    they'll give you their rates. They won't, but don't take our word for it, go
    call some.

    Legendary Pink Dots/Whispering Wall
    At their final show on the 2004 American tour in Denver, Edward told us
    "This was the most successful tour and album we've had in 18 years."
    Features and interviews in the Los Angeles Weekly, The Miami New Times,
    Slug, Gothic Beauty, charting on CMJ's Top 200 and RPM charts, 10 radio
    interviews - that's the definition of a successful tour and album promotion!

    Bill Laswell/Version 2 Version
    When Bill's not busy discovering Whitney Houston or producing Motorhead,
    he's reinventing the bass-heavy reggae style known as Dub. "Version 2
    Version" went huge with spins on over 220 stations! Hey, this wasn't a
    "gotta play" hot indie band CD. We pushed like crazy to get it on 220
    stations. Unheard of. And reviews in Billboard, Bass Player and the Beat,
    just to name a few. Again, that's the definition of a successful promotion!

    Pink Floyd remix artist Floydhead/The Floydian Propulsion Project
    OK, so we have Led Zeppelin remixes, Miles Davis remixes and tons of Pink
    Floyd remix albums. Pink Floyd blue grass, Pink Floyd reggae, Pink Floyd...
    But you haven't heard Floyd re-mixed until you've heard it done by
    Floydhead! We had to think creatively and work hard to pull this promotion
    off. But Radio loved this one and media did, too! On CMJ's RPM chart,
    featured CD on over 15 stations, reviews in CMJ, Sci-Fi Magazine, Popmatters
    and tons more. A great promotion on a really cool album.

    Gotan Project/Inspiracion-Espiracion Remix
    #5 on CMJ's New World Chart and over 200 spins on World and RPM programs.
    These guys are the kings of the new hip style of tango. Very cool sound,
    virtuoso musicianship and cutting-edge technology combine to create an
    atmosphere of old-world opulence with new-world decadence. Radio and media
    love and respect a company that sends them cool stuff to spin and review
    like this one. Radio and media loves Massive Music.

    Massive's staff members helped more than 70 artists and labels in 2004.
    Here's a small list of some of the clients with whom we worked.

    Paco De Lucia/Cositas Buenas
    Spins on over 200 stations. #8 on CMJ's New World Chart.

    Johannes Linstead/Mediterranea
    "#1 World Fusion Album for 2004" New Age Reporter.

    Sons of Armageddon/The Softest Touch
    "The Best Jazz Release of 2004" All About Jazz Senior Editor, Chris
    Slawecki. Reviews in Down Beat, JazzImprov, more.

    Virginia Rodriguez/Mares Profundos
    Simultaneously charted at #1 on CMJ's ñ-Alternative chart and #2 on CMJ's
    New World chart.

    For more information on Massive Music, please see our website at
    Massive Music, Mar 2, 2005
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